Coronavirus Killed the Constitution Star

Coronavirus Killed the Constitution Star

March 28, 2020

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:


Video killed the radio star
Pictures came and broke your heart
Oh ah-ah-ah oh
And now we meet in an abandoned studio
We hear the playback and it seems so long ago
…. Video killed the radio star
Video killed the radio star
In my mind and in my car
We can’t rewind we’ve gone too far

The Buggles (1979)


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

– George Orwell


Social Distance® is just. Flatten the Curve® is safety. Self-Quarantine® is fair.



Since the advent and spread of COVID-19, we’ve been presented with “new and improved” Orwellian terminology every week. Designations such as “flatten the curve“, “community spread”, “social distancing” and, even, “density mitigation” have become part of our collective vocabulary.  And just as new forms of thought control were introduced by the globalists via Political Correctness, so, too, have terms like “social distancing”, “sheltering in place”, and “self-quarantine” launched virtue signaling to entirely new levels.  It has been stunning to watch.

And what is even more amazing is the sheer power of electronic media’s imprint upon the collective psyche.  Six feet of separation or six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Because five is not enough and seven is overkill, right?

It appears the same organizations that brought us the Magic Bullet Theory®, 911®, the Patriot Act®, Weapons of Mass Destruction®, and Shock and Awe®,  have, once again, delivered another grand coup de grace to the nation.   This time, however, a large percentage of the Alternative Internet has (generally) accepted the premises of the Powers That Be; to wit, the presumptions regarding The Kung Flu’s infectivity and mortality rates.  Perhaps this was because of a readiness to acknowledge the inevitability of prophesied plagues, societal Fourth Turnings, and/or secret bioweapon programs. Or maybe because COVID-19 actually IS a bona fide plague of Biblical proportions, a catalyst of Strauss & Howe’s “Winter” season, and the common cold souped-up with a dash of AIDS.

But whether real or hyped, it does appear Coronavirus® was a PLANdemic from the start; if only for the reasons as described in my previous articles entitled:  “Six Reasons Why Covid-19 Fails The Sniff Test”   and They Should Have Called it CONTROLavirus.

Go ahead and call me a conspiracy theorist.  You wouldn’t be the first one. In fact, recently, when I posited the theory of Kung Flu as a cover story for the controlled demolition of the Everything Bubble, a woman I was speaking with exclaimed (in no uncertain terms) that our leaders “would never do such a thing!”

I asked her if she knew that the real rulers of the world were Luciferian murderers and pedophiles whose ultimate goals were to depopulate the earth and achieve immortality through technology.

She had no idea.

In any event, it’s not hard to imagine how it might have transpired:

CONTROLLER # 1: “Hey listen up everybody. Upstairs Downstairs needs plan. We need a catalyst that will simultaneously crash the economy…, make paper cash seem dirty…, and provide a means for authorities to override the U.S. Constitution…. , but all with the support of the American public. The plan must also cause people to isolate themselves from each other as society breaks down. In other words, we can’t have large groups of people congregating in the public square, in churches, meeting halls, schools, or college campuses.

CONTROLLER # 666: (from way of the back of the room): “I know! How about a virus?”

CONTROLLER # 1: “A what? What did you say?”

CONTROLLER # 666: “A VIRUS! A pandemic”

CONTROLLER # 1 (amidst excited murmurs throughout the room): “Ah, yes! A VIRUS! Puuuurfect….. a PLANdemic , if you will…”

(Laughter erupts)

THE GROUP: “Bwwwaaaahaaahaaahaa….”

And we’re supposed to believe our globalist benefactors care about old people dying?  Honestly, it’s laughable.

COVID-19 is a perfect means for a global reset – and in the United States, it had to happen under a Republican president. Why? Because conservative Americans own the guns.

If all this was happening under Hillary, Biden, Sanders, et al, there would be politicians hanging from street lights in Washington DC. But Trump is the great anesthetizer. For the past couple of years I’ve been writing article after article on how everything we’ve been watching has seemed like a reality TV show; a movie in our mind’s eye.

So I ask you this: What if Hillary, Trump, Russiagate, Mueller, Ukrainegate, impeachment … all of it… was part of the plan; distractions and cover stories for the build-up to what is happening now?

It’s perfect. Too perfect.  And the timing was impeccable.

Even more than that:  It’s too insane not to be on purpose.

But that doesn’t mean COVID-19 isn’t a wicked killer of those with underlying issues. It is. And whether or not COVID-19 is being hyped for political reasons FAR more than the Swine Flu was over a decade ago, OR whether it is naturally occurring, or is a bona fide bioweapon – all that matters is what has happened; and what is happening now.

China has the largest population on earth. And the United States has the most advanced healthcare system in the world. Do you know why the U.S. now has more cases of COVID-19 than any other nation currently? It’s because America was always the target. The U.S. Constitution, and in particular the Second Amendment, is the last obstacle before One World under Power.

America was sold out by the Global Corporatocracy long ago. Either by design or by never letting a crisis go to waste, it is the psychopaths in power who are now using COVID-19 as the means to lock down the world and avoid economic blame in one fell swoop. Just in time, too.

Observing the hidden lunatics in power is like studying the gravitational pull of unseen planets through a telescope. The time-stamped effects prove the source. Fear is a powerful emotion and advertising works. It’s hard to imagine something more frightful than a malevolent virus causing people to drown in their own fluids; and in a way the medical profession can’t address surgically or with effective, proven medications.

The fear will overwhelm the system to the point it will break. Then the system will be nationalized which will, in turn, require mandatory healthcare which will, in turn, demand vaccinations. Of course, some vaccinations will be more equal than others.

Furthermore, the recently passed $2.2 trillion Cornonavirus Relief Bill®, the largest aid package in U.S. history, is just another massive bailout for The Corporatocracy; as the plebeians receive $1,200 bowls of pottage and small businesses are allowed to sink even deeper in debt via government “secured” loans.  What a deal!  It means the global distribution networks will consolidate power and centralize supply lines as Main Street withers on the vine.

Sadly, it all happened as hypnotized sheep cowered in their homes, peering out the windows and staring at their neighbors with suspicion and disdain for not wearing masks and standing six feet apart. It is, after all, very scary out there.

COVID-19 Map Brought to You Courtesy of George Orwell

To be sure, it is one thing to have a stock market crash and it’s quite another to have a stock market crash and businesses nationwide simultaneously shuttered, manufacturing shutdown, and the travel industry collapsed in one shot.

Think of the ramifications: Airlines, hotels, restaurants, bars, automotive, and their suppliers, vendors, etc,- shut down all at once, as entire workforces shelter-in-place.

Truly, we are floating on the fumes of the good ole days. We’re traveling toward a time when toilet-paper will have more value than our Benjamins.  The entire nation has suffered a psychological and economic shock that won’t heal anytime soon, if ever.

The tide has receded and the larger tsunamis are yet to hit.

In trying to conjure some mental images to describe what has happened… a few visions came to mind – of supply-chains as card-houses…, chainsaws hacking a forest full of treehousessandcastles in a hurricane… or paper airplanes sailing into a burning house.

But the analogy that would be, perhaps, the most appropriate is a large comet zooming past the moon and sucking earth’s atmosphere into its tail. The result would be the people of the world suffocating as they concurrently froze and burned to death while floating weightlessly in the void.

In other words, from an economic standpoint, the world has not seen anything like this. Ever. Until now.

And when the bond market blows, say goodbye to the USD.

It’s amazing how so many waves and cycles were coinciding anyway – and then along comes a novel virus. Just in time. Right on schedule. Like clockwork.

And the following headlines are disturbing indeed:

DOJ seeks new emergency powers amid coronavirus pandemic


Trump eyes two-week quarantine, only drug and grocery stores open


Lakewood Police Arrest Homeowner For Hosting Pop-up Wedding With More Than 50 People


As stated before: It’s real because it’s happening.

It also appears the inter “net”, or the worldwide “web”, is tightening at ever accelerating speeds since COVID-19.

The following message was sent by my local financial institution regarding the new Orwellian “social distancing” mandates and the usage of old-fashioned filthy cash:

As your trusted financial partner, it’s important that we remind you of the variety of ways you can access your accounts while social distancing is required:

– We strongly encourage you to use online banking and our mobile app. If you haven’t already, register for online banking now. You can also access help with online and mobile banking, including resetting your username and password.

– When possible, use your debit card, credit card or mobile wallet in lieu of cash. The use of digital payments is encouraged, as the World Health Organization notes that the Coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces (like coins) for days.

– You can also call, chat or send us an email.

– If your transaction must take place in person, visit one of our drive-ups or ATMs.

And another was sent from a national financial company, truncated for brevity, but notice how if I didn’t “agree” to their new “paperless terms” I could lose access to my accounts or even be subject to “account termination”.

Electronic Communication Consent Policy

By acknowledging receipt of this disclosure through [REDACTED’s] online access (“Consent”), you are agreeing and consenting that we will provide you with any disclosures, communications and documents related to your Account(s) in electronic form, and that we will not provide paper disclosures, communications and documents to you….

….Withdrawing Your Consent. You can withdraw your consent to receive electronic disclosures, communications and documents by calling us toll-free at [REDACTED] to request our Withdrawal of Electronic Communication Consent form. Revocation of consent for such Account(s) may result in Account termination and you may not be able to access your Account(s). If you withdraw your consent, it will become effective only after a reasonable period of time has passed to allow us to process such requests.

Yes, we must continually “agree” to enter through the online gates; especially, after COVID-19.  Interesting timing, when considering an initiative named the ID2020 Digital Identity Alliance has launched the “Technical Certification Mark”:

Our Certification Mark is the first step in a long process towards achieving “good” digital identity for all. It aims to give companies that go above and beyond to implement “good” approaches to digital identity a way to demonstrate that they do, incentivizing a race to the top. We are hoping that our Certification Mark will not only play a market-shaping role, but a market-making one; we not only want to give visibility to digital identity systems that currently meet our requirements, but incentivize the creation of new ones that do.

That being said, the Certification Mark should be seen as a mark of distinction, an indication that a technology meets our technical requirements…

The “Certification Mark should be seen as a mark of distinction”?  An interesting play on words.

So even if the COVID-19 PLANdemic was caused by a real killer virus – the fake economy remains in free fall, but with the virus as the scapegoat. It means the same principals who engineered the collapse of the currently-cascading Bretton Woods II system will now oversee the rise of the new cashless economy.

Ordo ab chao.

How many wedding plans, proms, anniversaries, sporting events, vacations, and other life celebrations have been demolished by Coronavirus?  Obviously, too many to count.  Therefore, if the lockdown ended too soon, heads would roll and that is, perhaps, why it won’t end for some time. Because, if more people die then we’ll know how serious it was. This way, when it does finally somewhat subside in the summer sun, people can pat themselves on the back for the honorable efforts they took to self-quarantine. They will, in fact, be proud of their success. They did it. They flattened the curve, banked some digital cash as payment, and all on the way toward a brighter future devoid of dirty money.

But what if we, instead, turned off our TVs and went about the dignified work of becoming self-sufficient? What if we loved our families and lived healthily, and when we became sick we rested, and if we died we died? What if we gathered with our friends and neighbors and lived free and when any “authorities” sought to limit our liberties, we moved to stop them in their tracks – and if we died we died?

Since the rise of COVID-19, the collapse of the U.S. markets, and the ensuing lockdown, I’ve seen neighbors take flyers door to door asking if anyone needed assistance.  I’ve witnessed entire families picking up trash along main roads and highways. In my capacity as a county mentor, I took a gentleman to his local food bank where we pulled up between some traffic cones and waited.  I popped the trunk as volunteers, a mother and her young daughters, wheeled out a shopping cart with two large boxes of food.

There are church members who have telephoned entire communities to see if anything was needed; and a distant relative forwarded to me an e-mail sent by local teachers (to parents), that said:

We miss our students! So on [date)] and [time] teachers and staff from [school] will drive their cars in a short parade through the neighborhoods of students: [neighborhood list]. We are practicing social distancing, so we will not get out of our cars, but hopefully we will see a few of your faces in the window, doorway, or out in the yard. Listen for the sound of cars honking and wave as we go by!!

A female friend also recently e-mailed to me a personal benediction accompanied by an excerpt from a Katheleen O’Meara poem:

 “And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.

And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed….”

Many of us wonder how it’s going to end. Perhaps all that will really matter by then is what we did along the way.


9 thoughts on “Coronavirus Killed the Constitution Star

  1. Thanks, Doug. It’s important to me to read something that doesn’t slavishly follow the propaganda line on the “pandemic”. Unz review writers are mostly onboard with the propaganda line that there is a killer virus sweeping the world, while posting minor quibbles about where the plague originated, how far apart people should stand or how long the “crisis” should last.

    My view is that there is no pandemic, except a pandemic of panic sweeping through the ranks of TV addicts, and being spread by politicians and news media talking heads. Immunity appears to be common among those who refuse to watch TV.


    1. I’m a pastor of a tiny Christian church in a college town and it seems now is the time the idea of a barter exchange and guerrilla gardening might be welcomed… I’m so thankful for your comment about the alternative media even succumbing to the rhetoric as I thought I was the only one noticing that.


  2. Hi, Unc! Here’s what we’ve been calling it over here: Scamdemic // The Crony Virus // You Have Been Plagued — Thanks must go to Amazing Polly on yooboob for that one; It’s good and accurate enough that we’re helping put it out there, too. THANK YOU for your work also, Unc. Stay safe and watch your 6.
    Busta Speeker
    Bear Bones Productions


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