<strong>Caught in a Trap: We Can’t Go On Together With Suspicious Minds</strong>

Caught in a Trap: We Can’t Go On Together With Suspicious Minds

September 7, 2022

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

A few months ago, one of my offspring texted and asked if I had read or heard anything about the new Elvis movie that was playing in theaters at the time. When I said “no”, they responded back that they had seen the film, that it was very good, and these words: “I didn’t know Elvis was that big of deal back then”.

So allow me some latitude as I’m going somewhere with this…

In my mind, I thought: “Really? How could my kid not know? Elvis Presley was considered the “king of rock and roll”.

On the other hand, maybe it wasn’t so odd. After all, Elvis music was not played around my kids when they were growing up; and I, personally, have only considered the man, vaguely, as an American historical icon.

I considered my own cognitive associations involving Elvis:

– My dad had some Elvis gospel and Christmas albums.

– I have heard most of Elvis Presley’s songs at one time or another.

–  I eventually learned that many Elvis songs were first performed by other musicians and blues singers.

– I had seen portions of various Elvis movies while surfing through TV channels, as well as some segments of an early 1980s (or late 1970s?) documentary which ran years later on HBO (or another premium cable TV channel like HBO).

– My sister-in-law was always a huge Elvis fan, even to the point of placing Elvis figurines and pictures in her home. She is fifteen years older than me and once when the topic came up, I asked her if she had ever seen the aforementioned documentary and the segment where Elvis was in the back of a limousine referencing his after-show “adventures” with a female fan the night before.  My sister-in-law replied:  “Yeah, I saw that too. I know he was like that but I don’t choose to remember him that way”.

– When I was in my early teens I would sometimes stay at my cousin’s house. He was my age and lived in a large American city. One day, during a week I was there, his older sister (i.e. my female cousin) and her two teenage girlfriends had tickets to attend an Elvis concert. They spent most of the day getting ready, trying on outfits, putting on make-up, and monopolizing the bathrooms. I remember my Aunt giving me a wide-eyed look of exasperation and exclaiming: “It mystifies me how those girls can spend seven hours getting ready for a two-hour concert!”   And I’m fairly certain that was the first time I had ever heard the word “mystifies” spoken in a sentence.

– Then the relatively large impact on American society after Elvis died in 1977.

– And, finally, the bizarre performances of Elvis impersonators. I can understand why cover singers would perform some of the Elvis songs, but do they really need to dress, talk, and act like him too?

If that’s all that came to my mind when I thought of Elvis, then I suppose it is understandable that today’s young adults might not fully realize the emotional impact Elvis made on the generation(s) preceding mine.

A short time after the text exchange with my kid, I read that Elvis Presley’s previous wife, Pricilla, and his daughter, Lisa Marie, liked the film. I found that interesting and was actually a little surprised.  In fact, I was now somewhat curious about the movie knowing it was produced and filmed in such a way that it earned the endorsement of Presley’s ex-wife and daughter.

After doing some cursory research on the film, I learned it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2022, it was released in the U.S. the following month, and was said to be a critical and financial success.

Knowing all that, but primarily upon the recommendation of my progeny, I decided I would see the film and asked my wife to join me when we found the time.  Unfortunately, we never did find the time to see the movie in our local theater before Elvis had left the building, so to speak. 

As luck would have it, however, National Cinema Day occurred over this past Labor Day weekend and a nearby theater was playing a re-release of the film.  Even better, the tickets were only $3 each.

Sold. We saw the show. 

However, I never expected the movie to be an ominous morality tale that is particularly pertinent to our current life and times.

The opening scenes showcased the sexual carnality of a couple dirty dancing to blues music and contrasted with the rapturous emotionalism at a gospel tent revival.  In my view, the comparison was a metaphor demonstrating the duality dividing through the heart of not just young Elvis Presley, but within all individuals and societies.

Colonel Tom Parker was played by Tom Hanks who creepily performed the role of a parasitical carnival barker slowly draining the vitality of Elvis, who Parker perceived as the “Greatest Show on Earth”.  Overall, however, the film portrayed Parker as a cleverly clownish carny milking the “marks” of their money at every opportunity.  

Furthermore, if the revelations in the movie are accurate, then Parker was an indebted grifter operating under a false identity and, therefore, easily blackmailed by government agents and gangsters. As a result, he, in turn, gaslighted Elvis into becoming a never-ending meal ticket, first, as a controversial rock singer, later as a B-movie star and, eventually, as an overweight, burnt-out Vegas showman.

Elvis wanted to innovate and grow and make his own decisions, but Parker didn’t think these would be in his (Parker’s) best interests, so security dangers were manufactured. The threats allowed Elvis to be easily gaslighted into choosing safety over his own freedom; and all the while being drugged to mitigate his ever-increasing mental anguish.

The movie addressed the early childhood of Elvis through his death in 1977 and the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were sympathetically addressed in the film, but NOT the murder of President John F. Kennedy.  It wasn’t even mentioned once; neither was the controversy surrounding Presley’s courtship of Priscilla Beaulieu when she was only 14 years old; in spite of their relationship being a main element of the film.

Peculiar? Perhaps.

Regardless, throughout his career, Elvis lacked the insight and courage to free himself from Parker’s spell until, in time, the singer was transitioned into an obese and befuddled puppet caught in Parker’s financial trap.

Sound familiar?

In the same manner as Tom Hank’s portrayal of Colonel Tom Parker, establishment authoritarians around the globe have indebted themselves to central banking gangsters and have, in turn, gaslighted naive citizens into becoming drug-addled wage slaves lacking both the insight and courage to break free from their mental chains. 

As a result, and similar to the Shakespearian tragedy of Elvis Presley’s life and death, it appears the direction and momentum of current world events are speeding toward a conclusion as inevitable as any snuff film.

For more than a century now, Americans have been gaslighted by materialistic carnival barkers into accepting all that glitters.  And every Big Show must have a grand finale. Accordingly, since 2016, we seem to have entered America’s sordid Vegas years and just prior to the tragic ending.

The dreamweavers continually cast spells; and, for us, it is like watching a movie but with genuine consequences. Indeed, we have witnessed continuous gaslighting over the past several years: Russiagate, Ukrainegate, banana republic impeachment trials, Covid, the 2020 Presidential Election as the “most secure election in American history”, and the ensuing January 6th “insurrection”.

Now, American law enforcement institutions have been weaponized to the point of raiding the home of a former U.S. president.

The FBI invasion into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort occurred on August 8, 2022.  Three days later, a suspect was shot dead after attempting to break into a Cincinnati FBI field office. According to the news headlines, the suspect’s name was Ricky Shiffer and, he definitely appeared to hit all of the right notes:

Officials are investigating Shiffer’s ties to the US Capitol riot and right wing extremism as he appears to have claimed that he was present in Washington on 6 January on Truth Social, a pro-Trump social media site.

Federal agents were already looking into Shiffer’s ties to the Capitol attack before the FBI standoff, the New York Times reports.

Shiffer also appeared to support Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of a stolen election in 2020 and responded to social media posts by pro-Trump figures such as congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump Jr.

His social media posts made reference to the FBI’s search at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida on Monday.


A few days afterward, I posted an article that stated “everything seen or heard in The Really Big Show® is a lie”. 

The next day, in the thread of that post on another website, I speculated  on the real reason behind the Trump raid as follows:

The FBI and DHS have observed since the Aug. 8 raid an increase in threats posted online that include a “threat to place a so-called dirty bomb in front of FBI Headquarters and issuing general calls for ‘civil war’ and ‘armed rebellion.’”


So, it appears, after the Covid deception and the 2020 election debacle, increasing internet censorship, the re-energizing of the liberal base by SCOTUS reopening the abortion debate, rising inflation, billions to Ukraine, blue-collar workers taxed to pay for the gender studies degrees of woke Snowflakes, the Afghanistan debacle, invasion at the southern border, and MAGA candidates winning election primaries…. it has become quite clear as to why “Dark Brandon” officially declared war on 70+ million MAGA voters in his “red rant” address to the nation on Thursday, September 1, 2022:

The day after Biden’s diatribe, the propaganda machines were set for maximum output:

By Friday afternoon, posts on forums popular among white supremacists and far-right extremists called for the assassination of Biden, and named Jewish administration officials including Attorney General Merrick Garland, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as potential targets. Declarations of civil war were also appearing, according to documents detailing some of the threats.

“On Gab, one user posted a series of violent threats accusing Biden of stealing the election,” according to a threat alert from Site Intelligence Group sent to law enforcement agencies and others on Friday. Trump and many of his supporters have long claimed, without evidence, that the 2020 presidential election won by Biden was stolen from Trump due to widespread voter fraud.

Site Intelligence Group, which tracks online extremism activity, issued several threat alerts detailing calls for violence in response to Biden’s speech. The potential threats were posted in online forums tied to the Proud Boys, neo-Nazis and other extremist groups.


As I have previously posted, and as others out here on the free internet have also speculated, it appears the groundwork for a big fat false flag has been laid – quite possibly, even a hit on Dark Brandon himself.

Or perhaps the FBI planted plans for a dirty bomb at Mar-a-Lago.

Whatever the false flag, would you be surprised if one (or more) took place soon? Me neither. The blame, of course, would be placed on MAGA “extremists” and it would simultaneously address multiple current problems for the globalist carnival barkers – especially if the psyop occurred prior to the U.S. Midterm Elections this fall.


In the end, the Greatest Show on Earth is not the one we see. It is, in fact, the gaslighting that emanates from behind the stage. Just as Colonial Tom Parker tricked Elvis into choosing safety over the singer’s better judgment, so, too, do modern-day carnies deceive the “marks” into playing their fool’s game. 

In the latest film version of Elvis Presley’s life, and, seemingly, in reality, Elvis and Colonel Parker had a mutually dependent relationship rooted in the materialistic desires of greed and security.  Parker gave himself credit for the success of Elvis and the singer, in response, considered the Colonel as a protector, of sorts, overseeing the minutia of the daily grind; and the devil was always in the details. In a twisted fashion, the two even appeared to have an affection for each other as Parker parasitically profited from the relationship and as Presley was “protected” (wink, wink) from threats near and far.

And when Elvis grew suspicious of Parker, that’s when the king of rock and roll fully realized exactly how owned he was: and the more Presley tried to pull away, the more Parker gaslighted. Of course, the gaslighting was only necessary because Elvis had free will; but the singer chose not to reclaim his surrendered natural rights out of fear, or complacency, or both. 

In like fashion, American’s have experienced safety over freedom gaslighting on many occasions:  In the last quarter-century alone, we’ve seen 911 and the War on Terrorists, Saddam and Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Evil Trump against Progressive America, mandates versus the COVID virus, the bully Putin invading Ukraine, and, now, the New Normal Americans against MAGA extremists.

Over and over, it’s always the same old trick dialectic: Love Big Brother and accept his protection from the imaginary Emmanuel Goldstein that is sneaking up from behind, or hiding just ahead, and around every corner, near and far, at home and abroad.

We’re caught in a trap. We can’t get out. And we can’t go on together with suspicious minds.

8 thoughts on “Caught in a Trap: We Can’t Go On Together With Suspicious Minds

  1. Everything Uncola EVER said:

    Thank You! Took me a minute to locate the bookmark link that i made for this site. Eureka! Renamed too include Your ‘Uncola’. Memory issues, but even i can remember Uncola. Fondly. And with Prayers/Best Wishes. For You And Yours specifically. And ALL of Us in general.

    Your “God” views, opinions, etc? Unknown and immaterial to me.

    Fisher. Of Men. You be.

    In my eyes. Thank You for Your WORK to date, And future EFFORTS as Permitted. “Long As Possible”. This ‘Reply’ driven by Your article just read on TBP. my Initial exposure to You. MAYBE ZH? Link ‘There’ how i ‘discovered’ TBP. i Think. 🤣 Can’t remember. Did i perchance mention ‘Memory Issues’?

    Unsure. If ‘This’ will post, ‘HERE’ ‘Looks’ like a WordPress© site. Gonna attempt “anon also”. “Wilder” sole other site post on where “info” IS required. Brief correspondences with John@Wilder, May Be Able to post with NO ‘Info’ there. Can’t Remember. Did i mention ‘Memory Issues’? No Problem with ‘Admin’ seeing my real email, Would Not say anything, anywhere, i would not say face-to-Face.

    Again. i CAN NOT Thank You enough for Your Work/Efforts to Date. Really appreciated You taking the time to explain to me…Your ‘Take’ on the ‘Forensic Analysis’ of the Trucker Death/Train Wreck…Based on Your Extensive Personal Experience.
    Thanks again!

    Sincerely, willy

    P.S. Fairly certain the ONLY thing i Can’t Do @Wilder without some ‘official’ B.S.?

    “★ LIKE” Will try ‘here’


  2. Excellent Article! On the $$$…for sure!!! We “older generation people” ( I was born in 1953) have seen all this firsthand, having lived it. May the “Normies” awaken pronto….


  3. Interesting insight as usual, Uncola.

    I saw, or should I say, partly saw the Elvis movie. I found it to be unwatchable; did not appreciate any of the production values nor the story line (because there was a whole lotta bs going on) and really was turned off by Tom Hanks as he is about as creepy as creepy can be – in real life, not in this role.

    I tried and tried but when I saw there was still 30 minutes to go, I said “enough” and gladly left the building.

    Hollywood is something else these days, something vile and unholy. I’d rather watch re-runs of classic movies then watch anything out of Hollywood these days.

    As to Elvis, he was probably the first where the dark and nasties realized what potential they had in people who wanted to be stars. Now celebrities even talk about “signing a deal with the devil” in order to become famous.

    Things are escalating to a prophetic conclusion. A good time for us all to get our spiritual house in order.


    1. “is about as creepy as creepy can be”

      Handful of times, i have been to the ‘Movies’ since teenage/Early 20’s yrs. Just turned 60 last week. Relevance? Saw https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0257044/ prolly 5-6 years ago, ‘Regular’ cable TV.

      ‘TOTALLY’ outta character for t.h. , what i was familiar with. ‘WHAT an EXCEPTIONAL Actor!’, i thought to myself.

      “Hollywood is something else these days”

      Made me think of something i had heard/regurgitated myself MANY times and didn’t KNOW the ACTUAL source ’til fairly recently…little over 2 yrs. coincidentally.

      Ecclesiastes 1:9
      “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” King James Version (KJV)

      “Nothing New Under The Sun” all i ‘Knew’.

      WHEN i saw/read/heard him (t.h.) and his ‘Role’ with his Corona™ typewriter ?, (eponymous in more ways than 1).

      ??? He wasn’t ACTING. BELIEVE ALL the ‘Rumors’ ’bout him. Spawn of his Father, The Father of Lies, Satan.

      ‘Road To Perdition’ AND Follyweird hollywood? ‘Politics’, And many other facets of daily life. Throughout ‘History’. In General. KEY Players since inception. NOT a ‘Road’ per se, MORE like a Railroad. Pickin’ up Passengers AND Steam. “Knows His Time IS Short”.

      ‘Newbie’ to the bible. Believe there is ONLY One TRULY Unpardonable SIN actually NAMED in The Bible. KJV what i be studying but not gonna go off on another tangent.

      Big Shout-Out to algore for HIS invention…”The English poet Alexander Pope wrote, “Hope springs eternal…”

      But if You enter THAT phrase and “Bible” ? Many, Many, passages/Various “Books” in The Bible supporting the premise.

      Been scratchin’ my head for a number of Years on a Variety of Subjects.

      In Closing? TOTALLY into anything/everything ‘Politics’ since A few yrs. BEFORE i was ‘eligible’ *, Vote-wise.

      NEVER ever gonna remember another November. As ANYTHING but the Month DEER Gun Season Starts, Most places far as i know. And i don’t even Hunt anymore.

      🤣 Do spend a fair amt. o’ $$$ on Corn, Salt Blocks, Birdseed/Cakes, Etc.

      Do Honk if You see me? i’ll be wearing a mask, With the windows rolled up, in my Battery powered vehicle. ‘See’ Me in the Store? (Any) KEEP Your Distance!!! OR i will wish ya dead. Say so in any number of public Forums. Eventually? KILL Ya.

      * SHOULD have been RAISED to 35 INSTEAD of being LOWERED to 18. Things prolly would not have been so (Too many Words to list). YET.


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