Cruel to be Kind, in the Wrong Measure

Cruel to be Kind, in the Wrong Measure

August 8, 2016

by Uncola:

 For years now, we have seen political correctness pervade into every facet of our existence. Ostensibly, being presented as “kindness”, it has now progressed into full frontal attacks daily on our First Amendment rights here in the U.S. and the complete abandonment of common sense throughout Europe.

In the workplace today, diversity quite often supersedes competence. And, at colleges, where free thinking should most be cultivated, students turned snowflakes, are now encouraged to shelter in place within pre-ordained safe spaces that are apparently guarded by thought police.

What happened? Because I am beginning to believe that political correctness has become more of a death wish as opposed to kindness.

The Dalai Lama has stated: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Is it really always possible? And even if it was: Is it advisable? Is it wise?

William Shakespeare wrote the following in “Hamlet”: “I must be cruel only to be kind. Thus bad begins and worse remains behind.”

So who is right?

The Modern Progressives in Western Nations are allowing political correctness to not only support, but even encourage, illegal immigration even if it means allowing Islamic terrorists to harm their fellow citizens and neighbors. Why? How is this kindness? How can Social Justice Warriors not recognize the reality of what is happening in cities like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, Nice and London?

Moreover, why do the Establishment and Mainstream Media downplay, or even whitewash, the actual Islamic Jihadist motive that is behind these attacks?

In contemplating these questions, I have been inspired to write the following fable:


 After an Islamic suicide bomber caused a plane to crash, the only survivor’s remaining were three men who were previously traveling alone. The three men consisted of an Alt-right Blogger, a Muslim and a Modern Progressive.

As all three were walking in the desert, the Alt-right Blogger found a bottle. Immediately, he picked it up, removed the cork and rubbed it vigorously.

A giant Genie appeared and hovered over the three men and said: “I will grant each of you one wish and one wish only”.

In his haste and excitement, the Alt-Right blogger spoke first. He said: “I wish for liberty, morality and justice to reign throughout all nations of the world!’

The Genie said: “Your wish has been granted”.

Next, the Muslim speaks. He said: “I wish for a worldwide caliphate to administer Sharia Law instead”.

The Genie said: “Your wish has been granted”.

And finally, it is the Modern Progressive’s turn. At first he appeared undecided and, after much consternation and hand-wringing, he said (as the Muslim stared at him with angry eyes): “I wish for three more wishes”:

“First, please behead the Alt-right Conservative Terrorist for his cold-hearted insensitivity”.

“Next, since I am now a Kafir, please allow me Dhimmi status so that I may live.”

“And finally, may I please have burkas for my wife and daughters.”

And the Genie said: “All your wishes have been granted”.


 In closing, I leave you with one final question as paraphrased from the words of William Butler Yeats:

And what Rough Beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Kind Nations to be born?


4 thoughts on “Cruel to be Kind, in the Wrong Measure

  1. Slowly but surely I’ve been perusing your various postings, both on “The Burning Platform” and your own excellent blog. That you are a superb wordsmith is without dispute. But even more important is your deep-
    rooted ability to fashion arguments that generate consideration by your readers of alternative ways to see real life as opposed to the fantasy creations most often triggered by the mainstream press.

    We are kindred spirits, you and I – not so much that we think alike politically as that we see agreed-upon reality in clear and unambiguous terms. Your writings cause me constantly nod my head in agreement as I read your thoughts and digest your opinions. Thank you most kindly for your efforts on behalf of those who possess the “eyes to see and the ears to hear.”

    agreed upon reality in clear terms.


    1. Wow. Thank you. I very much appreciate your kind words and complements. I agree, it is good to understand we are not alone and I, personally, feel gratified in knowing the words we read, type and post are more like “ripples in the pond” as opposed to being “lost in space”. Keep checking in. I have a strong feeling things are about to get even more interesting.


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