No Time For Losers.

No Time For Losers.

September 19, 2016,

by Uncola:

At any given social gathering when an argument erupts between two people, there is usually one individual who exits the situation in a huff leaving the other involved party to eat their dust. This is when the remaining opposing party begins pleading in earnest with the onlookers, asking: “What happened? What did I do? Why are they upset?”

And so it is with battered women and their abusive partners; long suffering husbands and their wicked wives; the Alt-right movement against the Mainstream Right; Trump supporters versus the Establishment and the New Media Vanguards against the old, outdated and abrogated Fourth Estate.

In my own experience, more often than not, the one left behind who is feigning innocence and making ignorant inquiries is the guilty party. And, in most of these circumstances, over and above their specific culpabilities, the questions I more want to understand are as follows:

1.) Do the Guilty Ones truly not know the damage they have caused, or may still be causing?

2.) Or, is there deceit involved? Or, more accurately, does the guilty party fully appreciate what they have done, including the magnitude and consequences of their actions and now are choosing to lie for cover? In this scenario, I consider the lying party’s obvious lack of remorse as proof of their guilt.

So, on Sunday, September 18, 2016, I found these questions running through my mind as I read about Rotten Apple Bombs in the Big Dumpster . This was a piece from the New York Times and posted by MSN on the day after the bombing. Here are a few statements that were included within:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking at a news conference at Police Headquarters later on Sunday, said that while the bombing was clearly an intentional act, the motivation remained a mystery.”


“We don’t understand the target or the significance of it,” the police official said. “It’s by a pile of Dumpsters on a random sidewalk.”

According to Pew Research,  MSN is the third most popular news website on the interwebs. Even when considering news aggregate sites like Drudge, MSN still obtains several times the page views in a given time period, although as Politico has reported in 2015: “The Drudge Report is the leading source of referral traffic for many of the top news organizations in the country and the number one site of referral traffic” for many of them.

Interestingly enough, on the same day while the trolls behind were disseminating inane quotes from Mayor DuhBlabbio and alluding to the mysterious wonders of random dumpsters self-immolating in New York City: The Drudge Report was detonating the following headlines in bold bright red and flaming font:




So, once again, we see another mile wide canyon centered between the distant hills of The Independent Online Media and the Main Stream Mountains where the Corporate Advertisers abide. So looking back on the trails we have left behind, where do we go now?

For Matt Drudge, his journey started when his little website went viral first exposing ignominiously lascivious presidential indiscretions which later led to semen-splattered incriminations on a blue dress. After the Lewinsky story broke, another impeached president became history and the hits for Drudge just kept on a coming.

Unsurprisingly, if we use that first, now infamous, example and the following 18 years as a road map, we will notice verifiable patterns at play regarding the twisted paths surrounding any given scandal:

First, the Mainstream Media feigns ignorance and fans the flames of doubt because: “We just don’t have all the details yet”. Then, like an IV drip set at its lowest setting, the media will ever so patiently release information drop by drop along with opposing facts and details in order to reach just the right pharmaceutical blend of media chaos and confusion. Then, eventually, they will admit Matt Drudge’s aggregating was right all along or they will bury the story deep into the remote desert sands away from where the low information Sheeple reside. And, even when any definitive final verdicts are rendered, they will be encrypted back onto page six of any newspaper or given a brief mention on the nightly news prior to moving onward with the more important chaos of the day.

So, back to my original questions above, do the guilty ones not understand the damage they have caused, or may still be causing?   Or, is there deceit involved?  And, to add a few more considerations: If there is deceit involved, why? Towards what end? Why give people “lost in the wilderness” bad directions or even worse, act as Pied Pipers leading the children astray?

Are these random acts like Forest Gump’s feather twisting in the breeze? Or, is there some unseen master planner manipulating an overall master plan? The Christian Bible claims there is an evil Prince of the Air in charge of world affairs. It also speaks regarding a world spirit consisting of a Jezebellian Queen of Babylon riding upon a baleful Beast.

I don’t know about all that, but what I do know is that I feel evil in the air. And it feels like an illogical, devious, scorned and spiteful woman staring at the back of my head. Even more disturbing, I am now sensing this wicked entity does not feel the need to hide anymore. Everything has come out into the open and worse than that, I fear resistance may soon be futile.

Are you like me and sense an overriding, powerful presence influencing world affairs these last several years? Do the invisible forces seem to be working in cohesion and leading us, like sheep, towards a terrible slaughter? Do you constantly feel a sense of doom coming your way? If you are like me then you are also most likely viewing the Modern McWorld as did Chief Bromden in Ken Kesey’s book “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”:  That is, with sadness at how far the “combine” has advanced.

Yes, the hour feels late and deep down, part of me believes that even with a Trump Presidency there will be no light shed upon the nefarious deeds of the Clinton Foundation. There will be no reexamining of the lawless positions taken by the U.S. Justice Department under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. There will be no public records release for Fast and Furious, NSA overreach, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, presidential orders via executive fiat, veteran death panels, the Bowe Bergdahl trade with America’s sworn enemies, or Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server as Secretary of State.

Furthermore, there will be no restoration of our Fourth Amendment rights or repeal of the secretive surveillance society in its current form.  And, there will be no audit of the Federal Reserve.

Yes. It seems a rough beast has slouched our way. It is already here. It is watching us now. Although I have not seen it up close with my own eyes yet, I imagine it might look like the giant robot on the cover of Queen’s “News of the World” album. This record was released on October 28, 1977. It went 4 times platinum in the United States, sold over 6 million copies and still remains Queen’s highest selling album to date. Next month it turns 39 years old.

As would be typical in our Sequel World, I believe a new release might be coming out soon. The newer edition will be called the “News of the NEW World” and its final track will include in its lyrics all of the names of the original songs from the original album as follows:

We Will Rock You” because “We Are the Champions”… We are the Champions…no time for losers… ‘cuz we are the Champions of the World.   And when we reveal ourselves, you will have a “Sheer Heart Attack” and be “All Dead, All Dead”. So just try to “Spread Your Wings” and “Fight From the Inside”. We will “Get Down, Make Love”. But first, you will all be “Sleeping On The Sidewalk”. After all, “Who Needs You”? “It’s Late” and time for you to sing “My Melancholy Blues”.

Or, perhaps Trump will win and America will become great again for a while. One can only dream because a President Trump would most likely delay the next Radioactive Platinum Release from the Queen.

Otherwise, realize that a Woman on a Beast draws nigh and she is playing a Pied Piper’s tune.

In your worst nightmares, if the beast is not a giant murderous Tinman with no brain and set upon the earth by the Wizard behind the Curtain; then it might more resemble the reincarnated ghost of Freddie Mercury tripping on some bad acid.

Regardless, in the words of the late Casey Kasem, the Queen’s next tune could soon be heading to Number One with a Bullet.

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