ALIEN 1: We’re from Outer Space. We’re here to help.

ALIEN 1: We’re from Outer Space. We’re here to help.

November 17, 2017

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

If I were to provide you with a factual summary involving outer space aliens, WikiLeaks, an Apollo 14 astronaut who was the sixth man to walk on the Moon, a guitarist from a Grammy-nominated rock group, a former Democratic campaign chief and presidential chief of staff, several U.S. Presidents, Area 51, the Vatican, and Jimmy Kimmel, would I have your attention? Good.  Now, sit back and fasten your seat belts. This will be quite the ride.

What has become known as the Podesta Files were revealed on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 when Wikileaks released 7,000 e-mails sent and received by John Podesta, then the Campaign Chairman for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.  Within the information dump, correspondence was discovered from former Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, who cited an “impending space war and the Vatican’s knowledge of alien life”.

Also referred to in the e-mails as Mitchell’s “Catholic colleague”, was a lady by the name of Terri Mansfield, a self-proclaimed Director of the ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force who, according to her website, considers the “contiguous universe ETI” to be “nonviolent, obedient to God, and superior to all celestials in our universe” .  Evidently, the ETI Peace Task Force believes extraterrestrial intelligence has evolved to the point of being one-hundred percent obedient to God, with a desire for justice and a steadfast commitment to non-violence:




Did you catch that? About extraterrestrial intelligence and God? More on that later.

Also included in the Podesta Files were e-mails from Tom DeLonge, the guitarist and vocalist for the pop-rock group Blink 182 who reached out to Podesta in 2015 to try and connect “important people” with information regarding secret government programs:


I would like to bring two very important people out to meet you in DC,’ the musician wrote in an October 2015 email. ‘I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way to you.’


Obviously, the reason the musician Tom DeLonge, the astronaut Ed Mitchell, and the justice-seeking earthling Terri Mansfield were e-mailing John Podesta was because they believed him to be a key component in the battle to unveil the U.S. Government’s classified UFO files. In fact, as far back as 2002, Podesta, who was once the former White House Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton, actually petitioned the Pentagon to declassify its UFO records. Additionally, in February 2015, as an advisor to President Obama, Podesta tweeted regarding his “biggest failure”:


Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files. #thetruthisstilloutthere cc: @NYTimesDowd

— John Podesta (@Podesta44) February 13, 2015


Furthermore, Podesta wrote the forward for Leslie Kean’s 2010 book, “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” and he influenced Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton into promising to reveal the truth about UFOS and a mysterious U.S. Air Force facility in Nevada named Area 51:


Referring to Podesta, Hillary said, ‘He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out. One way or another. Maybe we could have a task force go to Area 51.



In March of 2016, Hillary, on the Jimmy Kimmel show, also reaffirmed her pledge to make the UFO files public.

Surely, given the level of interest in UFO’s, there must be some truth behind it all, right? In fact, just this week the Drudge Report featured one article about an orb over Phoenix as well as another, separate post linking to a map of all of the reported sightings of UFOs from 1995-2014. According to the latter article’s description of UFO sightings:


The data also reveals that more and more have been reported since 2009 – perhaps suggesting a new interstellar bypass has been built that brings alien aircraft closer to Earth.


So, what is it about this phenomenon that prompted author, pastor, and UFO chaser, L.A. Marzulli, to  designate it as “real, burgeoning, and not going away” while at the same time, along with others, claiming it could be the forthcoming “powerful delusion” as described in the Bible?


The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

– 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12


In order to better understand, we must first bridge the gap between Science Fiction and Ufology.


I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north—an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal

 – Ezekiel 1:4


I thought that they were angels but to my surprise

They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies

Singing come sail away come sail away

Come sail away with me

Come sail away come sail away

Come sail away with me


– Dennis De Young / Styx


If, for the sake of brevity, we disregard the Nephilim as mentioned in the book Genesis, the fallen angels as described in the apocryphal Book of Enoch (also referred to in the Book of Jude), prehistoric cave drawings of aircraft, the Anunnaki of ancient Sumeria, Greek Mythology, and the mathematical precision of the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the first men to combine science and fiction was a German mathematician and astronomer by the name of Johannes Kepler.  Kepler (1571-1630), a devout Christian, defined three scientific laws of planetary motion which later provided the basis for Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of universal gravitation. In his spare time he also wrote a science fiction story, called Sominium, about demons that flew people to the Moon.

Years later other writers like Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shelly, although not scientists per se, infused their stories with scientific concepts.  In the example of Shelly, she based her tale of Frankenstein on Luigi Galvani’s experiments where he used electricity to animate the amputated legs of frogs.  However, it was the sci-fi writing Frenchman, Jules Verne (1828 – 1925), who lamented Edgar Allen Poe’s lack of attention to scientific detail and decided to spin tales based on actual science:


Writing to his father in 1862 about Poe’s story ‘The Balloon Hoax’, Verne noted that he would strive to use realistic characters and a plausible use of science to impact his stories, rather than in fantasy constructs.


Accordingly, Verne, the author of Journey to the Center of the Earth, From Earth to the Moon, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in 80 Days, dedicated himself to the methodical study of science in order to make his tales seem realistic.



Nonetheless, it was Herbert George Wells (1866-1946), the author of War of the Worlds and The Time Machine who took science fiction authorship to entirely new levels.  H.G. Wells actually studied biology and the Theory of Evolution under the tutelage of Aldous Huxley’s father, Thomas Huxley, at the Normal School of Science in London, England.  During his day, Thomas Huxley was such a fierce advocate of evolution that he became known as “Darwin’s Bulldog”. Be that as it may, Wells was a Fabian socialist who believed the science of evolution had collapsed the teachings of Christianity “like a house of cards”.

A prolific writer and visionary, Wells wrote over 100 books and, although many of his predictions never came to pass, he did foreshadow the airplane, the atomic bomb, the tank, bustling superhighways, and he prognosticated World War II.  Consequently, the reality of H.G. Wells’ writing inspired the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast by Orson Welles in 1938 which unconditionally demonstrated the public’s overall susceptibility to alien beliefs.  And so began the twentieth-century’s far-reaching foray into the prolific propagation of science fiction and its ensuing electronic media onslaught.

What began as a trickle by mid-century became a flood in the latter 25 years leading up to the new millennium. After the year 2000 however, it grew into an all-consuming tidal-wave of unbridled artistic expression.  As the writings of Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, and others, paved the way for television series and films such as Star Trek2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Alien, E.T. the Extraterrestrial, Cocoon , Contact, Dune, Battlestar Galactica, The Time Machine, The Fifth Element, Lost in Space, The X Files, Men In Black, Independence Day ,and far, far too many more to mention here; the imaginings of aliens from outer space was, eventually, branded indelibly onto the collective psyche of earthlings worldwide.

Paradoxically, over the same time period, the fiction of the science became increasingly sustained by real-life phenomena. Indeed, strange happenings were appearing on a global basis; seemingly everywhere, within and beyond the ethereal atmosphere of our blue planet.

This is where science fiction meets science fact.

The study of unidentified flying objects is called Ufology. Obviously, this is independent from science fiction because it is not fiction at all; it is instead based on actual observation. Again for the sake of brevity, I will not catalog here the entire history of life-forms viewing mysterious lights and objects in the sky, which has occurred from when the original anaerobic prokaryotes first oozed from the primordial swamp. My point is this: UFO’s, and their corresponding implication of life beyond earth, have grown into a worldwide phenomenon. If you don’t believe me, just read the news headlines on any given day.

At this point, and for the purposes of transparency, I must tell the readers the following fact: I have had my own, personal, close encounter.  It’s true. On Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 11:46 PM, while standing on my back deck looking up at the stars, I saw an orb of light that looked very much like the photo below. Appearing to defy gravity, I watched it descend less than a quarter mile from where I was standing.  It was like nothing I had ever, personally, witnessed before.  There was no way to explain its presence other than as being unidentified and having the appearance of flying; although I will concede it seemed more light than object. In any case, it fell in the dark, with no other lights in near proximity, and it appeared to enter a pond located in the field behind my home.


(Photo of an orb very similar to what I witnessed)


The experience reminded me of a story my mother told me one time when I was young.  Before I was born, Mom was upstairs in a house where my family resided before my time. She saw what she described as a “fireball” enter through an open window in my brother’s bedroom and float down the hallway in slow-motion. Too stunned to speak, she was, unfortunately, the only one to see it and had long since quit telling others about it because no one believed it could have been anything other than a mere reflection or similar.  I do wonder sometimes if the fireball my mother saw was like what I witnessed.  Notwithstanding, many others have also had experiences of this type; including none other than former U.S. President Jimmy Carter:


During the presidential campaign of 1976, Democratic challenger Carter was forthcoming about his belief that he had seen a UFO. He described waiting outside for a Lion’s Club Meeting in Leary, Georgia, to begin, at about 7:30 p.m., when he spotted what he called ‘the darndest thing I’ve ever seen’ in the sky. Carter, as well as 10 to 12 other people who witnessed the same event, described the object as ‘very bright [with] changing colors and about the size of the moon.’  Carter reported that ‘the object hovered about 30 degrees above the horizon and moved in toward the earth and away before disappearing into the distance.’  He later told a reporter that, after the experience, he vowed never again to ridicule anyone who claimed to have seen a UFO.

During the presidential campaign of 1976, Carter promised that, if elected president, he would encourage the government release ‘every piece of information’ about UFOs available to the public and to scientists. After winning the presidency, though, Carter backed away from this pledge, saying that the release of some information might have ‘defense implications’ and pose a threat to national security.


Ooooooh. The intrigue. What is it about the U.S. Presidency, their advisors, and secret UFO files?  It seems to be trending.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Yet, today, it seems more and more people want to believe; even to the point of combining what they’ve imbibed from science fiction books, television programming, and films, with the mysterious objects and lights viewed in the surrounding air.  And why not?  There is a certain comfort in appreciating the continuity of mankind as delineated by Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series; the Federation of  Star Trek going where no man has gone before;  the Federal Republic of Star Wars, the existence of interplanetary Trade Federations and a New Galactic Order of Socialist governments, evil intergalactic corporations, and lovable little E.T. phoning “home”.

Besides all that, it appears there are other patterns and seductions at play here: The black and white simplicity of good aliens and bad aliens, a predominant theme in most modern science fiction media; the evolution of mankind as compared to advanced, more evolved, races from distant star systems; and Superman, who was Jor-El’s only son, sent to earth from the Planet Krypton.  It all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Isn’t Elohim one of the names for God in the Bible? Very strange, indeed.

As a matter of fact, for many citizens of planet Earth, science fiction and ufology has blended and grown into a type of hybridized global religion. Set aside, for the time being, the Star Trekkies and devotees of the Force consecrated by the Star Wars films, and consider the Raelians who believe extraterrestrials cloned humans for life on earth over 25,000 years ago. Some call this the Alien Gospel whereby Adam and Eve are now considered to have been seeded by extraterrestrials; a very common motif in modern films like Prometheus (2012), directed by acclaimed Hollywood director, Ridley Scott. Mr. Scott also directed the original Alien (1979), starring Sigourney Weaver .

Think about it. If aliens created man, maybe they might one day send a savior, or at the very least, an acid salivating predator back to Jerusalem.  In the video below, take a good look at the :55 second mark to see the supernatural ascension of an orb rising from the Dome of the Rock:



What better way to unite all of the world’s religions? Can you imagine the ramifications?  I will testify that my own UFO experience shocked and rendered me speechless in the moment. Moreover, my worldview instantly changed.  But, at the same time, what seems stranger than science fiction to me is how UFOs often appear to defy physics.  In other words, they don’t move like “crafts” per se.  Instead, like in the above video, they often appear to travel at speeds which would create g-forces that no physical entity imaginable could withstand; with pinpoint turns and extreme rates of acceleration.  Also, how did they get here?  It is difficult to imagine, especially, when considering the extent of the damage done to the Hubble Telescope by space particles:


In Hubble’s lifetime, the solar panels have been replaced several times, and the old panels brought down to Earth. Close inspection of these shows small cracks and chips on the surface caused by tiny particles that have hit Hubble. There is also a small hole (around a centimetre in diameter) on one of the high-gain dish antennas on the telescope, caused by an unknown object hitting it!


Think about that. What damage would even an infinitesimal-sized particle drifting in outer space do to a craft traveling at the speed of light?  It takes quite a leap of faith to believe that in-flight force-fields could generate sufficient energy to deflect that kind of impact.  And, even if the aliens traveled here via wormholes, how could their physical crafts withstand gravitational dynamism so powerful that it bends light and space-time?

I suppose anything is possible.  Or is it?

Either way, if extraterrestrial beings from outer space did exist and are now present in our solar system, what would explain the peculiar behavior of the bad entities? Perhaps the most contentious facet of ufology, and the extraterrestrial phenomenon in general, are assertions that humans are being abducted by aliens.  That is kidnapping and it’s against the law.  Regardless, for many sci-fi buffs and UFO enthusiasts it is a bridge too far. Even the famous cosmologist, Carl Sagan, who embraced the concept of life beyond earth, spent much his time and effort to debunk the idea of alien abductions.

But even Sagan could not adequately explain why abduction experiences are so similar for varying people all around the globe; across generational and cultural lines; and so much so that these experiences now have their own psychological designation entitled Classic Abduction Syndrome (CAS). Moreover, the UFO folklorist, Thomas Bullard, has categorized eight specific types of abduction experiences including:  Capture, Examination, Conference, Tour, Otherworldly Journey, Theophany, Return, and Aftermath.

But, Houston, we have a problem. After much study, it appears the adducting aliens are evil; and, their depredations are not simply in the minds of the beholder. The late Dr. Karla Turner, who some believe was murdered because of her revelations into the phenomenon of alien abductions, gleaned several significant observations from her research.  Here are just a few:



  • Aliens can alter our perceptions of our surroundings.


  • Abductees receive marks on their bodies…, including punctures, large bruises, three and four-fingered claw marks and triangles of every possible sort.


  • Female abductees often suffer gynecological problems after their alien encounters and sometimes these problems lead to cysts, tumors, cancer of the breast and uterus, and to hysterectomies.


  • A surprising number of abductees suffer from serious illnesses they did not have before there encounters…


  • Abductees report being scoffed at, jeered at, and threatened by their alien captors… Unknown fluids are injected into some abductees.


  • Aliens perform extremely painful experiments or procedures on abductees… Painful genital and anal probes are performed on children as well as adults.


  • Aliens make predictions of an imminent period of global chaos and destruction.


– Bates, Gary. (2004). “Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection”, Master Books, Green Forest, Arkansas, December, 2004, Chapter 7, pages 241-242




Whatever these aliens are, they don’t seem very friendly.  Although claims of abduction have uncanny similarities and are universal among Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, agnostics, and professing believers in God, new revelations have emerged.  Professor Richard McNally from Harvard University observed that most of the abductees had:


…pre-existing new age beliefs – they were into bio-energetic therapies, past lives, astral projection, tarot cards, and so on.

– Bates, “Alien Intrusion”, Chapter 7, pg. 255


In other words, objective analysis revealed that most abductees had, in the past, experimented with the occult.  According to Joe Jordan and Wes Clark, the co-founders of CE4 Research Group, an Alien Abduction investigation firm based out of Cocoa, Florida, their team noticed another pattern which in turn, raised another question:


The Christians reporting the abductions experiences tended to be people who intellectually espoused the existence of God, but didn’t apply it personally.  But there seemed to be an obvious absence of devout, Bible-believing, ‘walk the walk’ Christians. Where were they in this equation?

– Bates, “Alien Intrusion”, Chapter 7, pg. 257


After some more research, Jordan and Clark made an astonishing discovery:


As the number of cases mounted, the data showed that in every instance where the victim knew to invoke the name of Jesus Christ, the event stopped. Period. The evidence was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

– Bates, “Alien Intrusion”, Chapter 7, pg. 259


So what does it all mean?  Are outer space aliens actually demons? Fallen angels?  I have no clue.  And don’t get frustrated with me as I am only a messenger here relating what I have read. However, I will say, according to the research I have seen to date, I tend to believe the alien phenomenon is not only bifurcated by the psychological imprinting of science fiction and ufology, but, possibly, by the material and metaphysical realms as well.

In the case of material UFO sightings, or actual objects, it is possible there are existing manmade technologies the average person has not yet seen.  There are those who claim Project Blue Beam is the means by which world leaders, through NASA, might one day project simulations in the sky, including a faux second coming of Christ,  using “3D holographic images, lasers and sounds to seduce people into believing in the new god” (gods?).

Even if all that was a crazy conspiracy theory, have you seen in your day-to-day experience a multitude of new technologies since the 1960’s? The microchip was invented in 1959 and the internet, microwaves, cell phones, computers, trains, planes, and automobiles have all been around for some time. Sure, the new I-phone is pretty cool and the CERN-collider is kind of impressive, but the internal combustion engine? Really? It is so eighteenth-century.  Perhaps, then, it is possible there are advancements, military and otherwise, which we’ve not seen?  If so, wouldn’t they appear quite “alien” to the average person?

And when considering the metaphysical aspects implied within science, science fiction, and ufology, as well my, my mother’s, and former president Jimmy Carter’s, experiences as previously described, could these be, perhaps, interdimensional? Actually, this construct would, in fact, explain much of the UFO phenomenon.

In the appendix of the book previously referenced above, “Alien Intrusion”, the author, Gary Bates, provides a fascinating and thought-provoking illustration of which I have also viewed elsewhere, and for the sake of explanation will now describe.

Imagine, if you will, a two-dimensional world named Flatland. Flatland, as one would expect, is populated by a race of beings called Flatlanders:



Now, dear reader, imagine if I, a three-dimensional being, stepped into the world of Flatland like Daniel Day-Lewis with My Left Foot.  Since the Flatlanders are only two-dimensional entities, all they could see would be the outline of my foot. With no comprehension of height or depth, the Flatlanders could not conceive of where the footprint’s outline came from or how it appeared.



In an effort to capture this strange appearance, let’s say the Flatlanders constructed a cage around the footprint’s outline in order to secure it.  In this illustration, the cage would represent what is called an event horizon:



Then if I removed my foot, and if the Flatlanders removed the event horizon, they would be amazed at the phenomenon; how something appeared from nowhere and then disappeared without a trace.



To the two-dimensional Flatlanders who had no comprehension of height or depth, the footprint presented a three-fold conundrum:


1.)  The shape seemed to appear and disappear without cause.


2.) The Shape was not limited to, or impeded by, an event horizon.


3.) The same event horizon completely blocked the Flatlanders.


Bates, “Alien Intrusion”,  Appendix, pg. 371


So what is the point of all this? What is the moral of the story?  Here it is:  In the days ahead, be sure to look up and all around. No matter what, consider very carefully what you think you see.  And most of all, be careful of what you believe.

5 thoughts on “ALIEN 1: We’re from Outer Space. We’re here to help.

    1. I was reading this article on TBP and you described something in the article that was EXACTLY what my grandmother told me in the 1980s. They had a house in Maine and the had a living room the length of the house with Windows on both ends. She said a glowing ball came in through the open window rolled across the floor and went out the other window. it was so odd I remembered it to this day.


  1. Well, this is interesting. Some of the aliums are Democrats and they are assholes who grab people up and treat them harble. The rest are these rock-rubbing bliss bunnies who teach people all kinds of useful stuff and otherwise try to just be nice.

    The only trouble is that there don’t seem to be any Republican aliums. Republican aliums would be real dumb and would try to act like assholes while totally flubbing everything mean that they try to do to humans. They would still manage to inadvertantly treat humans harble, though, in an imiitation of the Democrat aliums.

    There also seem to be no Libertarian aliums who would try to convince humans to embrace some kinda interstellar NAP, and to privatize highways. I think that there is a political side of all this UFO issue that you haven’t yet gotten around to considering


  2. I search the web from time to time for images of what a coworker and I saw in 1990. We were working on a military base in the South Pacific. The photo you posted of what you had seen Is almost Identical to what we saw descending into the ocean. At first we thought a tsunami would occur because of its size but quickly realized it was moving to slow.
    Had never found anything that came close to what we saw until now.


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