Entertain a Clown and You Become Part of the Circus

Entertain a Clown and You Become Part of the Circus

April 26, 2018

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

If I were the devil, I would desire the most efficient system of governance whereby maximum control could be exerted over the greatest amount of people at any given time. I would identify those who stood in my way and take them down either by force or subversion.  There would be no room in my world for individuality, free thought, or vain imaginings of anything, or anyone, more powerful than me.  As an orchestrator of chaos, the only unity I could tolerate would be that which served both my means and ends.

Without a doubt, divide and conquer would be my means and one world under me would be my objective.

I would use my power to threaten, coerce, blackmail, and subjugate those under my command; to harness them on the way toward my ultimate goal of total world dominion. The loyal ones would reap rewards of preeminent prestige, privilege, and perverted pleasures. The traitors to my cause would suffer lawsuits, investigations, poverty, public humiliations, torture, or death. Deception would be my modus operandi and confusion would serve me well; as long as I remained ever in the know with billions of eyes continually watching and one eye always on the final destination.

I would stamp out truth and label it by other names. Facts would become fake and vice versa.  I would cover the eyes and ears of my minions to shield them from all except my own reality; until their collective voices became one with mine. Comprehensive consensus would appear universal as dissent would be quelled and free speech quashed.  Language would be utilized to affect thought and to establish the ideological premises for whatever conclusions I required.

Soon, words and concepts would come to mean the very opposite of what they once meant.

Thus, diversity would actually mean unity, tolerance would manifest as intolerance, affordable would become expensive, and Departments of War would be transformed into Departments of Defense that would make military strikes labeled as surgical and causing damage that was collateral.

Of course any newly-spawned and continuously altered ideologies would, in turn, be utilized to inaugurate mandated orthodoxies intended to benefit me first and foremost.

Like a snake swallowing itself, I would feed my people and they would feed me.  All for one and one for all. From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.



In a realm of electronic lights and sparkling colors, optics would become paramount; smoke and mirrors, imperative.  These would be utilized, like holographic clowns, to guide humanity into my funhouse where they would all righteously point their fingers at illusory scapegoats for things they, themselves, have done; or not done.  The people would encircle each other in a maze of bubbles and distorted visions, while snarling and cursing one another.

All of the fresh frontiers would be closed and gutted like anchor stores in a death mall.

It would be my way or no way at all.

In the end, however, my people would find my gift shop and beyond that, the circus; where I would stand in the middle of the center ring, laughing, and enjoying the applause.

“Behold what is new and forego the old”, I would say.

“Marvel at my efficiencies of digital algorithms, and data sets, and my avant-garde system of credits under the twin tent-poles of global taxation and sustainable development.  See Gaia dance; bow before her now.  Isn’t she lovely?  Behold the beauty of the technological transhumanists, and the twirling transgendered, as the aliens from outer space explode from the cannons.”

“Am I man or beast?”, I would tease them with a grin before my boots would stamp upon their faces, forever.  For it was written into papyrus, paper, stone, and the stars; though most knew I was never here.

Would the tears in their eyes come from laughing, gratitude, fear, grief, or rage?

It would make no difference to me. That would be their choice.

6 thoughts on “Entertain a Clown and You Become Part of the Circus

  1. U forgot to mention how they GIFT each other of their CRONIES with AWARDS like FAKE Nobel prizes, oscars , ake gov no bid contracts,ect.
    you forgot to mention the IMPS they employ aka JEWS!


  2. Here is an article that suit the definition of the Beast System…it cannot being said better than this…..it all staged and many people have been deceived by the whistles and glittering of the show: luring the masses to lose their own identity and independence for sake of not being accepted and labeled as an outcast of the 666 community society. Well done, explicitly and fact base humorist prose: intelligently depicted to make you reconsider your choices…hopefully it can turn into an epiphany moment for all who read it.


  3. Odin, Satan and Jesus were sitting in a stripper bar. It should have been a strange sight but as with many things these days most all where oblivious to the sight. Most there mesmerized by the stupor of Shitty Draft and Fake Tits. I was there because I had decided to put an ad on Tinder and Craigslist.

    For Sale one soul To The Highest Bidder.

    Me being the nice guy had even brought the pen. Depending on the offers made there was even some thought of maybe buying a beer or two for these ingrates as well.

    So there they be over in the corner. Jesus and Satan playing with their Beer coasters practicing their pitch. At first disappointed that the third one who RSVP’ed me wasn’t there. Soon relieved. cuz in the din of lights was Odin. He had got tired of buying drinks for the other two when it was supposed to have been their turns. Now onstage with girls. It was quite the sight and even I had to admit to myself that the Old Guy he was working it pretty good.

    I had rented one of the rooms in the back. So finding my way thru the bar and past all the Ladies scantily clad I made it to the door of the room at back for the allotted time. I had to kicked out a couple that had stayed a bit too long and made a real mess of things. No time to waste I tidied up the room some and set about a table and a few chairs. It was hoped for that my plan was to play out like an episode of Shark Tank but skipping the unscripted bullshit. It would be my soul going to the highest bidder.

    So on go the lights. Soon after the Three Prospects march in. They hastily sat down knowing where to sit after having flipped coins in bar for the order of appearance.

    First up it was Jesus.

    Gotta admit Jesus was a nice guy. So he makes his pitch by splaining how his Daddy created everything in six days. Rested on the seventh. How he already loved me and all he wanted was love in return. Told me he really didn’t want my soul but rather instead was wanting to save it. I asked him if God loves without bounds then why the rush in the beginning. Wouldn’t it have been better to make sure everything was fixed right first place. Didn’t really have a good answer other than follow me and I will show you the light. I said I’d think about it.

    Next up the Devil.

    Gotta admit ole Satan wasn’t a nice guy. He didn’t smell all that great either. He pretended to apologize for that by explaining that he had just finished grilling 10,000 Muslims who had shown up in hell expecting their Virgins. Yep, wasn’t off to a great start but even I had to admit that he scored points for style with his late afternoon roast. I asked him why he had fall out with God. He told me that it was explained to him that God didn’t trust people with choice and freewill. That there needed to be consequences. And so he was given a poker and told to get to work. I almost felt sorry for the guy. He said give me your soul and come feel the burn. I pretended to say I’d think about it.

    So in comes Odin.

    Smelling of beer, whores and the cheap perfume of the Ladies of the stage. He said…

    “I don’t make offers”.
    “I don’t want your soul, it is yours to keep”.

    If you decide not live with honour that is your problem not mine. But remember be an asshole in this life and you spend an eternity being the same in the next. Ended saying I am thirsty, can someone buy me a beer.

    So I asked him.

    Will it be Lager or an Ale


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