The Intersectionality of Online Shitfests, Political Tribalism, Religion, Systemic Oppression, & Useful Idiocy

The Intersectionality of Online Shitfests, Political Tribalism, Religion, Systemic Oppression, & Useful Idiocy

December 19, 2018

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:


– Liberal democracy is antithetical to multiculturalism.

–  Z-man


Of course, Z-man’s quote above would cause a gaggle of snowflakes to scream in unison: “Racism!”.   And, if the past is any indicator, then the next exclamation out their collective mouths would be something like:   “America has always been a nation of immigrants!”  Yet what they fail to consider is how past generations of United States immigrants assimilated into American culture.  This is not happening today.  Indeed. It does appear liberal democracies the world over, have been sacrificed upon the altar of multiculturalism and via the thought-control mechanism enforced by the globalists:  Political Correctness.

In fact, Political Correctness, as a form of thought control, has become a pillar of the New World Order. This means, any idea or perspective which could undermine the foundation of the new global orthodoxies must be challenged without delay.  It’s because dangerous thinking tears at the fabric of the new religion.  In the opinion of this blogger, the non-climate controlled aspect the new religion is an outgrowth of the ever-expanding and evolving theory of Intersectionality; essentially, a conception enabling “those marginalized by society (i.e. victims) to identify the entire grid of systemic oppression called the Matrix of Domination.

In simpler terms, this aspect of the new religion is just another form of racism against so-called privileged Caucasians; although no one cares to admit that in the near-mainstream public forum except for Alex Jones and Ann Coulter.

It’s what was in mind while perusing an online shitfest between two other, near-mainstream, writers and intellectuals who would both likely view this blogger as an obscure and common street thug from the wrong side of the internet.

The two ideological warriors were New York Magazine’s Andrew Sullivan and Vox’s Ezra Klein presenting their opposing views on how people’s belief systems are manifesting currently in American politics; and both articles also brought to mind some of this blogger’s past writings describing the Persistence of Their Delusion, the new religion, The Tyranny of the Collective, and Dirty Deeds Done by the People of the Slough.

In Sullivan’s December 7, 2018 essay entitled “America’s New Religions”, he claimed liberal snowflakes were bringing about the extreme escalation of political rhetoric and engagement, in order to fill their empty souls with social justice; a new type of faith, as it were.

Days later, Klein responded with his very eloquently-written article entitled “The political tribalism of Andrew Sullivan”.  Therein, Klein contended extreme political escalation has always been an American fact-of-life and that Sullivan was blind to the “perspective of the groups he’s dismissing”.

Ironically, however, Klein, while very effectively addressing Sullivan’s “tribalism”, simultaneously challenged the privilege of those white and Christian, rural and male.

In other words, Ezra Klein engaged in hypocrisy to point out Andrew Sullivan’s hypocrisy.

But isn’t that how it always works with the Political Left?  They continually hold their conservative opponents to account by weaponizing the integrity of said conservatives.  It’s a neat trick and reminiscent of a quote I once heard the actor Jack Nicholson state in a movie. Therein, a woman asked Nicholson (playing an author):  “How do you write about women so well?”

In response, he said:  “First I think of a man. Then, I take away reason and accountability.”

Honestly, isn’t that way of it today?  If you think about it, it’s how Robert Mueller dismisses his own involvement with Uranium One while pursuing Russian collusion against Trump.

 ……the FBI was led by director Robert Mueller, who is now the special counsel investigating whether Trump colluded with Russia. The investigation was centered in Maryland… There, the U.S. attorney was Obama appointee Rod Rosenstein — now President Trump’s deputy attorney general, and the man who appointed Mueller as special counsel to investigate Trump.

– McCarthy, Andrew C., (2017, Oct 21).  “The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal”.

America today is like living in a contentious household with Trump and other Republicans attempting to make the household great again, but with lying, nagging, and accusatory hags bitching and moaning over his crude chauvinism, bad manners, and unproven infidelity – while at the same time, with the scurrilous harridans leaving the front door of the house wide-open; even as uninvited guests come in to raid the fridge and make their beds on the floor.

In the household allegory, the earlier-mentioned writer for New York Magazine, Andrew Sullivan, would epitomize the elder son questioning the strange new beliefs of both Dad and Mom, and pointing them back to the Christian Church where the family once attended:

Now look at our politics. We have the cult of Trump on the right, a demigod who, among his worshippers, can do no wrong. And we have the cult of social justice on the left, a religion whose followers show the same zeal as any born-again Evangelical. They are filling the void that Christianity once owned, without any of the wisdom and culture and restraint that Christianity once provided.

– Sullivan, Andrew. (2018, Dec 7).  “America’s New Religions” . New York Magazine.

In response, Vox’s Ezra Klein, as the other son, rose to stand before the family and say to his elder brother:

This is a relentlessly ahistorical read of American politics. America’s political past was not more procedural and restrained than its present, and religion does not, in general, calm political divides. What Sullivan is missing in these sections is precisely the perspective of the groups he’s dismissing…

…..I am not here to judge anyone’s religion, and I’ve been moved many times in the past by how Sullivan writes of his faith. But as a matter of political analysis, Sullivan is trying to close a gaping hole in his argument by defining his Christian practice as true and competing interpretations, no matter how widespread they are, as aberrant. That’s a fine hobby, but it’s not a useful interpretive lens for understanding America’s past or guiding our future.

– Klein, Ezra. (2018, Dec 11).  “The Political Tribalism of Andrew Sullivan”.

A “fine hobby” but not “a useful interpretive lens for understanding America’s past or guiding our future”?  Really?

Regardless, Klein does make astute points which might have carried more weight had he not revealed his own prejudices in his article:

But if Sullivan’s sense of history is wrong, it’s not unusual. He looks back on American history and sees a politics of becalmed proceduralism, which was often — though certainly not always — true for white men. He looks around now and he sees identity politics everywhere, political cults warring over fundamental questions of dignity and belonging.

……Another way to put it is that social justice theory encourages the consideration of privilege in order to prevent people from being so blinded by their own perspective that they look at America’s political past and declaim this the era in which we departed from political proceduralism and collapsed into illiberalism.

– Klein, Ezra. (2018, Dec 11).  “The Political Tribalism of Andrew Sullivan”.

Of course, the “people” to whom Klein refers are white people and the “privilege” he laments is white privilege. In so doing, he has advocated the new religion of social justice theory and not Christianity, per se.  In the new religion, the Collective Left seeks to overcome white privilege via its own advocacy of privilege for people possessing more melanin.  This where Ezra Klein in his magnificent rebuttal, relegated his arguments to genitalia and skin pigmentation.

Obviously, this is not what Martin Luther King Jr. advocated when he dreamed of a world where people would be judged by the content of their character over the color of their skin.

Somewhere along the line the Secular Left purloined the American Civil Rights Movement when, it was, in fact, founded in the churches of Montgomery County, Alabama.  Before that, it was realized in the words and efforts of William Wilberforce, and his pastor, the reformed slave ship captain, John Newton, who penned the timeless Christian hymn “Amazing Grace”.

In his rebuttal, Ezra Klein, sought equality without justice and embraced his own version of tribalism against another tribal leader who, 2,000 years ago, washed the feet of others.

It was Andrew Sullivan, however, concerned over the escalation of politics in America, who argued Christianity soothed the savages above all things temporal, and that Christianity’s dismissal today, has allowed the devotees of the new religion to set aside political civility:

But, critically, it has long been complemented and supported in America by a religion distinctly separate from politics, a tamed Christianity that rests, in Jesus’ formulation, on a distinction between God and Caesar. And this separation is vital for liberalism, because if your ultimate meaning is derived from religion, you have less need of deriving it from politics or ideology or trusting entirely in a single, secular leader. It’s only when your meaning has been secured that you can allow politics to be merely procedural.

 So what happens when this religious rampart of the entire system is removed? I think what happens is illiberal politics. The need for meaning hasn’t gone away, but without Christianity, this yearning looks to politics for satisfaction. And religious impulses, once anchored in and tamed by Christianity, find expression in various political cults. These political manifestations of religion are new and crude, as all new cults have to be. They haven’t been experienced and refined and modeled by millennia of practice and thought. They are evolving in real time. And like almost all new cultish impulses, they demand a total and immediate commitment to save the world.

– Sullivan, Andrew. (2018, Dec 7).  “America’s New Religions”. New York Magazine.

To that, Klein claimed it is, in fact, the insertion of religion into politics which brings about political escalation:

To state the obvious: Christians were found among both the abolitionists and the secessionists, the segregationists and the Freedom Riders. Study the moments of maximum collision in America’s past and you will find them thick with godly rhetoric and devout believers. Political rhetoric in America is filled with signifiers of Christian identity, and it always has been. It is absurd to suggest that Christianity was somehow less of a social and political identity in the past.

….Polarization is rising, and to the extent that Sullivan senses a hardening of tribal lines, he’s not wrong. But the driving force here isn’t the waning of Christianity but the politicized sorting of it, and much else…

…..The two parties are now divided over race and religion — two deeply polarizing issues that tend to generate greater intolerance and hostility than traditional policy issues such as taxes and government spending,” write Levitsky and Ziblatt. Their work finds what seems obvious: Adding religious identity into political conflict often makes it worse, not better.

The particular pathologies of politics in an age of rapid demographic and cultural change are serious and worrying.  ….It demands humility of us all. That is not to say that all groups are equal, that all ideologies are the same, or that some actors are not worse than others. But if our explanation for political tribalism takes the form of “it’s everyone else’s fault,” more likely than not, we have gone awry.

– Klein, Ezra. (2018, Dec 11).  “The Political Tribalism of Andrew Sullivan”.

And right there is where the readers witnessed the “political tribalism of Ezra Klein”.  He blamed Andrew Sullivan for saying “it’s everyone else’s fault” (i.e. non-whites) when Klein, himself, has also “gone awry” by indicting whites and their privilege.  Seriously, why does the rainbow coalition now forget that former U.S. President Barack Obama was elected to two terms?

It appears Andrew Sullivan advocates a form of Christianity manifesting as “my kingdom is not of this world” whereby Klein seems to be promoting the interests of those he wants to inherit the earth.

This, again, calls to mind “equality of opportunity under the law” as opposed to “equality of outcomes guaranteed under social justice”.  The former is actual justice, the latter is not.  In truth, social justice is an Orwellian-style misnomer and, therefore, a false premise of the new religion.

When considering truth and falsehood, honor, morality, and law, there are those identified as acting in service to themselves and those identified as acting in the interest of others.

And what is “Tribalism” if not identity?

It is a fact the multifarious tribes of the rainbow coalition perceive themselves as victims suffering under systemic oppression.  Furthermore, some of the groups even claim to be more victimized than the others.

As in the aforementioned theory of “intersectionality”, the woman who first coined that term, Kimberlé Crenshaw, did so in a discussion of both feminism and race in her 1989 paper entitled: “Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of Antidiscrimination Doctrine, Feminist Theory and Antiracist Politics”.  Certainly, there are differences between white feminists and those who are black.  But which of those two groups is more victimized by the system?

In Ezra Klien’s take down of Andrew Sullivan, he referenced a political scientist by the name of Lilliana Mason as an expert in explaining “rising political tribalism”.  Interestingly enough, in August of this year, Mason was quoted in Salon magazine where she said:

Our party identities have been moving into alignment with other social identities. As a result race, religion, culture, geography and to some extent gender and other identities align with political parties. This means we become much more focused on the party winning. For Republicans this means white and Christian, rural and male. What Trump did was to activate a particular type of white identity. Then he made it clear to the Republican electorate that they should be paying attention to their white identities and voting based on it.  Trump was also telling these voters what they had in their heads already.

He really pointed to a group of people who were feeling vulnerable and condescended to and made fun of and said, “You guys are losers, right? We’re all losers, we are losing all the time.” Then he said, “But I’m going to make you winners, I’m going to make us win again.” So it was this almost perfect message delivered to a group of people who were ready to hear a message like that, and were committed to defeating the Democrats because the other party is so socially “other” from them.

– DeVega, Chauncey. (2018, Dec 11).  “Scholar Lilliana Mason: “I’m worried about violent conflict between Democrats and Republicans”.

Indeed. The capacity of the Political Left for psychological projection is beyond belief.  It is the likes of Klein and Mason who, perhaps disingenuously, now accuse those “white and Christian, rural and male” as victims gathering around Donald Trump as their savior.  Maybe so.  Yet, even more so, it is The Collective, via Identity Politics, that has formed their respective identities around their perceived oppression; even to the point of wearing their victim status as red badges of courage in their march against the Man. The White Man, of course.

They are wrong on all accounts.  The threat is not from Trump, Christians, Caucasians, or those rural and male.  On the contrary, the threat to all Americans consist of the corrupt transnational power brokers who seek dismantle constitutional law in the United States.

As I’ve written of before, there is a real beast rising, a Creature from Jekyll Island that grew by the magic of fractional reserve banking. Its tentacles have captured America, enslaving the citizens on the land of their ancestors:

At the same time while the beast was decimating the once free nation’s manufacturing capacities while funding wars around the globe, it was also dumbing down the country’s populace, expanding governmental welfare programs, and lulling the majority of the nation’s citizens into a contented slumber via the financial acquisition and consolidation of the nation’s media outlets and entertainment venues.  Through a steady barrage of consistent and hypnotic electronic programming, the beast persuaded the inhabitants of the once free nation to abandon their vigilance to the founding principles which made the nation great originally. These principles included the affirmation of rights derived from natural law, honesty, morality, self-reliance, equality of opportunity as opposed to equality of outcomes, fiscal responsibility, and limited government.  But in so doing, what was the overall objective of the beast?  It was global dominion, of course; and nothing less.  However, in order for the beast to achieve its goal of world domination, it first had to completely subjugate the once free nation, its constitution, and citizens, forever.

– Lynn, Doug (Uncola). (2017, Oct 27). “Stabbing With Their Steely Knives, They Just Can’t Kill the Beast”.

Certainly, the end-goal of the beast is depopulation as the eight stages of genocide continue right on schedule.  Be assured it won’t be Christians overseeing the great purge, but rather, Marxist secularists battling on behalf of their global elite masters.

Therefore, in spite of all the eloquence and perceived intelligence of those advocating for the new religion today, and no matter how victimized they perceive themselves or others to be – they are misled, or engaging in deception, or both.  This means, one way or another, they are useful idiots. Nothing less. Nothing more.

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  1. Have only had a moment to skim it, but think you’ve woven a masterpiece with what seemed to be a very awkwardly titled piece. Nice style.

    Aside: I just realized you always refer to yourself in the third person.


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