It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is

July 12, 2019

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

I was in a gathering of folks when a dispute escalated between a husband and wife over what has now become the title of this article.  During our discussion someone recited those words and the wife divulged how much she hated that statement.  After quietly listening to the exchange for a few moments, the husband spoke up and said:  “Well that must be more proof of how opposites attract, because I LOVE that phrase and I say it all the time!

Which may have been part of the reason why the wife disliked the expression, but I wasn’t about to go there.

Instead, I mentioned how that particular shibboleth of sorts was surely defined in the minds of the beholders.  On the one hand, its utterance could be an excuse – even a fatalistic expression derived from laziness or defeatism.  Or, like the purveyor of produce in Ayn Rand’s epic tome, “Atlas Shrugged” – when Dagny Taggart asked the grocery vendor why she didn’t move her product from out of the sun and into the shade and her reply was:  “Because it’s always been that way”.

Oh, the world sucks?  Of course it does.  Why bother.

It is what is.

On the other hand, this aphorism could be construed as serene acceptance in the face of circumstances beyond our control.   Obviously, that specific utilization requires a fair amount of humility and common sense.  Which is another way of saying discernment is required to understand the things we can change and the things we can’t.  Otherwise, we are forever naively tilting at windmills, wasting our energy and our time.  To be sure, trying to control unmanageable events and circumstances is a foolhardy endeavor and definitely demands a measure of nonsensical arrogance as we try.

This blogger once viewed “acceptance” as losing, or surrender, or waving the white flag. I’ve since learned it simply means being a realist.  An honest person sees a situation and knows what can be done and what can’t be done.  Realists do what they can while acknowledging the outcome is beyond their control.  Having the right scale of ourselves helps us to understand where we end and where the universe begins.

It’s been said “faith is the evidence of things unseen” and that “faith without works is dead”.  Indeed, our faith is defined by what we do and this explains why heroes try with all their might even when knowing they are ultimately doomed.

“Hey!  Let’s just do our best and keep our fingers crossed. Okay?”

It is what is.

The hours of our lives are divided by a digital matrix and daylight, between electric flashes of neon and blue light under moonbeams and starlight, annoying ads and rain, the Cloud and clouds; and by those in the blogosphere as opposed to our families, friends, and acquaintances here in the flesh.

Watching the news and the coverage of the Democratic candidates is even more nauseating than the primary debates, if that were possible; the frothy emotional appeals and virtue signaling as the clown show blatantly panders to dimwitted dunces.  The fools have disingenuously weaponized The Children in their open borders and gun control narratives and it is a national disgrace how they simultaneously advocate for lawlessness and diminished freedoms in the name of democracy.

It is what is.

Stepping outside into the lushly emerald summer: Mowing lawn in the afternoon, then heading over to an absent neighbor’s place to gather mail, water plants, and clean out his pond filters before sunset.  Amidst the hushed whispers of water roiling onto rock, it was quite fun peering into another’s little world, admiring their quirkiness and humor, even while furtively snapping a few photos for this article.

And every year, it seems, the men in their magic flying machines return from beyond the horizon.

The modus operandi of the dark powers is to prosecute their opponents for crimes they, the black hats themselves, have previously committed. It’s what they did with Russiagate, for example.  But now, the Borg is using the infamous pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein as a way to tarnish Trump – or, at least, as another circus-like reality TV distraction.

This latest rendition of the Epstein affair is somewhat reminiscent of when Robert Mueller was first appointed special prosecutor. People were speculating at that time: “Hey, this could be a good thing. It might even end up helping Trump when all is said and done.”

But, now, every time the Corporate Media mentions Epstein, they conflate the captain of the Lolita Express with POTUS. Even as the perverted pedophile is prosecuted by Trump’s arch enemies in the Southern District New York (SDNY) and, especially, with James Comey’s daughter on the team – history repeats.  Unsurprisingly, just after the Deep State’s All-Stars were scrubbed from Epstein’s Wikipedia page, Trump’s Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigned amid pressure from Epstein’s sex trafficking case – while the ever untouchable Hillary Clinton danced the night away at an Earth, Wind & Fire concert.

Honestly, could the bullshit be any more in your face?

Fortunately, however, the nation’s Attorney General, Bob Barr, has recused himself from the Epstein prosecution.  Yes.  Another attorney general’s recusal.  Again.

It all seems so familiar, no?

It is what is.

Driving on the Fourth of July and seeing a lady standing on a highway overpass waving an American flag. Her arms were held up high over her head as she gripped the bottom of the flagpole; and the wind was rippling Old Glory perfectly. Speeding under the overpass, I honked my horn and waved.  She was defiant but with a smile on her face.  It was a moment to remember.

That same day, my pond-possessing neighbor showed me a video of him burning his Nike footwear.  It was his act of protest as the Betsy Ross flag was assailed by corporate cowards and a football has-been.

But even on the day these words were typed, I drove by a children’s swim meet at a local aquatic center and noticed someone had staked an American flag on the facility’s tallest slide.  Why?  Wasn’t the Fourth of July more than a week ago?

It is what is.

Ancient aliens, man-caused global warming, election hacking, identity politics, Wall Street, et al, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera – ad nauseam.  Virtually everything we see, or read, is a lie of Orwellian proportions.  Today, we are plugged into the grid via routers, control boxes, and “smartphones” and just as schools now indoctrinate instead of educate, our devices tell us what to believe.  The wickedly warped global power elite desires a fractured America; if only because divided we fall. And what better way to tear asunder a nation’s identity and culture than by electronic programming? The manufactured stink rises to repeatedly illuminate our screens:

As the nation celebrated the national holiday that symbolizes all men being created equal, a small minority of mistreated Americans cranked up the Caucasian outrage machine to address an egregious injustice that threatened the happiness and well-being of people everywhere. But this time, the righteous indignation was not about Nikes, coffeemakers or even reality. This time, conservatives were concerned about a fictional fish-girl

Oh yes, the whites are at it again…


Just as television subscription services like Netflix and Hulu terrorize minorities and frighten women over sadistic white privilege and Caucasian religious patriarchies with shows like “Get Out” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” – so do they now villainize evil Anglo-Saxon American patriotism; while promoting preposterously progressive views on immigration and feminism:

TRAILER:  “Into the Dark: Culture Shock”

It is what is.

Of course, in the real world, we all have our troubles.  Sick loved ones and lives interrupted. Brain tumors and blood clots. Complications.  Tracheotomies, induced comas, tears, and fears.  Learning to talk again and knowing things won’t be the same.  Will we be the same? How could we?

Another kid, another summer internship and the moving van. Awkwardly transporting furniture from here to there and up and down flights of stairs.  Humidity and sweat, tempers flare.  Cold pizza for breakfast and pretzels in the car. Hugs and goodbyes then texting from afar.

Spygate and FISA abuse and daily political eruptions.  Flooded grounds and earthquake shakes.  The earth groaning in labor like the pains of stillbirth before worldly irrelevance and oblivion.

Whether Trump wins another term or a convenient stock market crash installs a socialist president and secures a blue wave in 2020, the current administration will have served the bleeding of the nation’s brake lines before the Big Stop. And, undoubtedly, this blogger and those reading these words have defiantly distinct digital footprints.  So when the final votes are counted on the inevitable day, the new sheriffs will be in town. They’re coming for us all and all we thought we ever had.

Like a flower, a nation was planted onto the fertile ground. It grew and blossomed under the midday sun but now wilts and dies. The seasons come and go. The sun rises and sets. We are born, we flourish and fade.  Everything turns.

It is what is.

9 thoughts on “It Is What It Is

    1. It is what it is. A handy apothegm.
      But let’s turn it up a notch:

      “The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.”

      ― V. S. Naipaul, A Bend in the River


  1. maybe it is just watching far to many Chicago PD reruns ?
    Sgt Voit’s favorite “It is what it is”
    In a shit hole like Chicago who can blame him for a defeatist take on HIS life ?
    When insurgent aliens flood into your neighborhood and take your life and property “WHO YA GOIN TA CALL?”
    the moving van obviously.
    Whittie has NO SECURE homes or homeland, and even sheep will fight if cornered and harassed enough.

    “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.” — Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D

    “One outstanding characteristic of the Jewish race is its persistence. What it cannot attain this generation, it will attain next. Defeat it today, it does not remain defeated; its conquerors die, but Jewry goes on, never forgetting, never deviating from its ancient aim of world control in one form or another.”[1]

    So wrote Henry Ford in The International Jew. Indeed, no other people has been capable of such perseverance toward an unwavering goal, pursued step by step over many generations—a hundred generations if we trace the Zionist project back to the period of the Babylonian Exile. Jews often find themselves divided on crucial issues and involved in radically opposed movements; yet in the end, even their antagonisms seem to synergically advance their common higher purpose. Many illustrations can be found of the extraordinary capacity of the Jewish elites to separate like a school of fish and then reunite.

    here is a new, way forward for the poor USA:
    sort of a socialism deal we all can love.

    What could be done to ensure a more just allocation of national wealth? In the old days, circa 100 AD, Roman authorities instituted a fiscus Judaicus, a ‘Jew tax,’ precisely to offset the extra cost burden placed on society by Jews. Dare we suggest reinstating such a thing? A few trillion dollars could go a long way to right the wrongs of modern society.

    it is what it is.


  2. The man Is a thinker. the man is speaks a clarion call. the man has true insight. the man is well read and thoughtful.


  3. Am working on new computer setup. Interesting ideas from my old SysAdmin retired US Navy chick. I have asked her to comment on TBP in defense of all Masters. Big. Cheesy. Grin.


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