The Pluses and Minuses of Perceived Slyness, Stuffed Sinuses, and Coronaviruses

The Pluses and Minuses of Perceived Slyness, Stuffed Sinuses, and Coronaviruses

February 19, 2020

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

First of all, I am no doctor. Nor have I played one on TV. But, let’s be honest, we’ve all seen movies like Contagion, World War Z, Outbreak, 12 Monkeys, I Am Legend, and 28 Days Later.  They all contain certain similarities. It starts slowly with Patient Zero, either man or animal, and then momentum builds until realization rolls over the globe like a wave. People drop like flies in a fumigated room, as chaos delivers anarchy until only a small remnant survives – usually scientists or sometimes the most attractive members of a U.N. contingency team or, at the very least, average Joes and Janes are left to repopulate the earth.

Occasionally in the stories, the global pandemic occurs in real-time.  But, in other instances, the destruction, decimation and depopulation are set to fast-forward during the opening credits and exclaimed by increasingly horrified news reporters terrified at their particular plague’s acceleration – or –  the tale is sometimes told via flashbacks in the narrative to explain what happened.

One of my personal favorites of the contagiously post-apocalyptical genre is a book written by horror author, Stephen King, called “The Stand”.  The now-classic novel of good versus evil was also made into a television and comic book series.  The narrative depicted the breakdown of American society following the inadvertent airborne dispensation of a mutant flu virus from a military laboratory in Texas.  In a short time, the virus killed 99.4% of the global population.

Although the near mass-extinction event in King’s book was told in flashbacks through the main characters, the main action occurred in its aftermath: a tribulation period prior to a new age that would manifest as tyranny, or polite society, depending upon who survived in the end.

Seems familiar, no?

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Revelation 6:8

I once read an article by a Biblical scholar who claimed the usage of the Greek word “beast” in the above Bible scripture was “therion” and that word could be interpreted as “tiny, uncontrolled, poisonous beasts” – like bacteria. Or a virus.

Strong’s Greek: 2342. θηρίον (thérion) — a wild beast

…Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
venomous, wild beast.

…Diminutive from the same as thera; a dangerous animal — (venomous, wild) beast.

So what about Coronavirus®? Is it the plague for the end of an age or a marketing gimmick?

At the close of my last article, I wrote the following:

….. all current global trends, including especially Coronavirus®, are about establishing control prior to the advent of a new order.  Although the immediate future will be anarchy, out of that chaos will come order administered by technological switches and gates. And the future will be cashless because slavery is rooted in economics.

Accordingly, a commenter by the name of “One Eyed Jack” posed the following question“…how long before that filthy cash has to be discarded to protect society?”

I responded by saying it was an excellent point because recent articles had claimed Coronavirus® survived on surfaces for two weeks.

The next thing ya know…, new headlines appeared out of the ether and, seemingly, right on schedule:

“China disinfects BANK NOTES and quarantines them for 14 days..”

“Chinese Banks Are Quarantining Cash, Destroying ‘Dirty’ Money”

“China, desperate to stop coronavirus spread, turns neighbor against neighbor”

“To Tame Coronavirus, Mao-Style Social Control Blankets China”

What if Americans, through various media, have been pre-programmed to embrace the deception and, furthermore, into forfeiting their freedoms in the name of safety?

What if Coronavirus® was the new Terrorism®?

Queue the U.N. special contingency team.

Coronaviruses are actually common and cause lots of conditions like pneumonia, respiratory infections, colds, and the flu. They are ordinary viruses and many people who test positive for coronavirus have no symptoms at all.

Of course, with the recent advent of Coronavirus®, there have been comparisons to the SARS scare several years ago:

The media are correct in saying the closest comparison here is SARS. It also was first reported in China and was what’s called a coronavirus. But while they want you to remember SARS as akin to the Black Death with cries of “Bring out your dead!,” fact is, there was a grand total of only 8,098 cases, of whom 774 died. Then the disease simply disappeared. More than 7,000 of those cases and about 650 of the deaths occurred just in mainland China and Hong Kong. The United States had just 75 cases and zero deaths.

By contrast, the CDC estimates about 80,000 Americans died of flu two seasons ago.

And what is SARS exactly? Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.  Add up those words up and they mean…. pneumonia.

Therefore, if pneumonia could be compared to Acetaminophen, then it appears SARS and Coronavirus® been rebranded into the Tylenol® of respiratory illnesses.


It’s a good question. Especially since commonplace pneumonia and other generic respiratory illnesses are killing more people every day in China and around the world.

Consider the following statements about Coronavirus® in an article posted on Valentines Day by a “Board-Certified family physician” who is said to be “one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine”:

As of 2.14.20, the data indicates that 1,400 have died and over 64,000 are infected. Although those numbers are grim, I would like to put them in perspective. These numbers correlate to a 2% death rate (1,400/64,000). In other words, 98% of those infected survive. Keep in mind, those are the reported numbers. I am certain there are many more infected people who are staying home convalescing on their own.  Factoring those individuals in the total numbers would lower the death rate.

Don’t believe it?  Okay. The following link connects to a real-time map with stats:

 Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

And, as of this writing, the reported death rate remains under 3%.

Moreover, late last month, the New York Times reported that Coronavirus Deaths Are So Far Mostly Older Men, Many With Previous Health Issues”

Many had underlying conditions like cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Most spent more than a week in hospitals, with some undergoing treatment for a month or longer. But two died just four days after they were admitted.

Has anything changed?  Are the reported death rates accurate? Are younger people with healthy immune systems dying?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  And, as stated previously, I’m not a doctor; nor have I played one on TV.

Even so, let us, at this time, consider heart disease:  It kills 1.4 million people every month.

Over a million people.

Every month.

What about plain-old regular pneumonia?

Pneumonia affects approximately 450 million people globally (7% of the population) and results in about four million deaths per year…

Factors that predispose to pneumonia include smoking, immunodeficiency, alcoholism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, and old age.

And what is the death rate from pneumonia?

Most people do eventually recover from pneumonia. However, the 30-day mortality rate is 5 to 10 percent of hospitalized patients. It can be up to 30 percent in those admitted to intensive care.

Scary. Even more frightening than Coronavirus®, right?

Evidently not.

It appears Coronavirus® has all the makings of a media event; a post-impeachment just-in-time delivery to the people. Because, Dear Reader, we are hamsters in a cage and electronic media is the wheel.

Coronavirus® is about establishing control.

In the opinion of this blogger, propagandized pandemics are meant to prompt quarantine and vaccinations. And healthy immune systems have a better chance at fighting off any virus than perhaps people do surviving the likely depopulating measures of quarantines and vaccinations.

Fear engenders control and it seems hysteria has a higher transmission rate and longer sustainability in brain tissue, than coronaviruses.

Maybe some of you disagree and that’s fine.  What’s still great about America is how we get to choose our own conspiracy theories.

It could be Coronavirus® is as bad as it’s billed in the news.  At worst, it escaped from a Wuhan laboratory affiliated with China’s secret biological weapons program.  At the very least, it could be that many people are too eagerly anticipating the global end-game and have misplaced their enthusiasm.  And then there are those desiring to capitalize on the hype – ranging from media outlets seeking clickbait and ad revenue, to governments seeking control, to even Big Pharma seeking profit.

In all instances, understand this:  Advertising works.

Aids and Ebola are the real depopulators.  But Coronavirus®?  It’s likely a psyop, a test-run, or both; and by this summer, we’ll be asking each other to remember the name of that last flash outbreak. “What was that? Guinness virus? No! It was Heineken, flu. Remember?

Because, as a global plague, Coronavirus® seems … quite…. inadequate;  in spite of all the electronic claims to the contrary – and as reported from a tightly-controlled communist nation.

For the sake of argument, however, let’s say Coronavirus® really was mutating into a bona fide global pandemic:  Cui bono?  Because, as the panic exponentially expands, individual rights will, of course, greatly contract; and, seemingly, just in time.  It’s happening now.

Everything about the Coronavirus® outbreak smells rotten; even as the stench penetrates the stuffed sinuses of the newly infected.

Here’s a question:  Why would any rational person trust government officials, “experts” and the Orwellian Media? Especially, when past history has proven their predisposition towards subversive slyness.  Or maybe this blogger has witnessed too many of their misdiagnoses before.  And, at least for now, the death rate from healthy skepticism remains low.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  We’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, the Wall Street Journal has reported the following:

There are signs that Chinese authorities are still trying to conceal the true scale of the problem, but at this point the virus appears to be more contagious but considerably less deadly than the pathogens behind diseases such as Ebola or SARS—though some experts say SARS and coronavirus are about equally contagious.

That is some masterful equivocation right there – even as the Chinese actively engage in said “cover-up” by expelling three Wall Street Journal Reporters for “racism”.

The headlines! Oh, the headlines! They’ll keep on a comin’…

US Firms In China Suffering “Severe Shortages Of Workers,” Warn Virus Impact Hitting Supply Chains

Chip stocks dive after Apple’s coronavirus warning, led by iPhone suppliers

Senior Wuhan doctor dies from coronavirus as authorities start to ’round up’ patients

Chinese villager is tied to a post and scolded by a hazmat-clad inspector for refusing to wear a face mask during coronavirus outbreak

China puts 58million people in lockdown indefinitely as towns and villages ‘sealed shut’ to stop epidemic

Russia Becomes First Country To Ban All Chinese From Entering

Is Coronavirus® the real deal? A made-for-TV psyop?  A marketing gimmick? A man-made bioweapon or a Biblical plague?

At this point, what difference does it make?

18 thoughts on “The Pluses and Minuses of Perceived Slyness, Stuffed Sinuses, and Coronaviruses

  1. Dear Doug,
    I’ve been waiting with bated breath for your evocative and curiously unpredictable analysis of this snowball-shaped Corona V cannonball bounding our way and accelerating like some bad batch of heroin on skid row. Dr. Wholistic stands guard with his crude weapons (nice eating and vitamins)…meanwhile…all manner of desperate measures unfold in the empty streets of China. I think the excuse to confiscate fiat toilet paper is just an unintended consequence of letting escape the rabid horse. And it does matter my mentor and friend!


  2. Coincidence or part of a bigger plan? With all due temperance, my mind goes “uhm?”, when finding among all the speculations on the web this one noteworthy article:

    The Rothschild magazine predicted the coronavirus more than a year ago.

    February 18, 2020

    Take a look at this cover at the link (since copy/paste doesn’t work here)

    “It’s hard to believe that two months ago this virus, which absorbed all the attention of the media, financial markets and politicians, was absolutely unknown to us,” said the Director General of the World Health Organization. The appearance of the killer virus was predicted a year ago.

    While the normal flu annually kills over half a million people on the planet, there are no vaccines or effective medicines for the Chinese adversity. The WHO Secretary-General responsibly stated that it would take about a year and a half to develop a vaccine and specialized treatments.

    The first version on the coronavirus source was through bats and snakes. On February 7, they announced that they had found a potential intermediate host for the infection. This is an ancient pangolin that appeared on Earth 60 million years ago. The strain found in its body is 99% identical to that found in infected people.

    At the top of the cover there is a panda (China). From the East (where China is located) four “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” leave – Pestilence (coronavirus epidemic), War (Syria, Libya, Afghanistan), Hunger (food shortages due to epidemics and border closures), Death (from epidemics and wars) . But the most interesting detail on the cover is the image of a strange animal, which many be taken for an anteater. And only now it became clear that this is a pangolin. Given that the epidemic in China began in December 2019, the encrypted cover was prophetic. The main argument of this prophecy is the pangolin, whose appearance on the cover did not find any interpretation until February 7, 2020, when it was announced that the metagenomes of the pangolin, coronavirus and infected people are almost identical.

    The influential British weekly The Economist is considered the global mouthpiece of the Rothschilds, the planet’s oldest financial clan. They are also called the secret rulers of the world, the top of the “golden billion.” According to cheap conspiracy theories, there are enough resources on Earth only for the world elite and the personnel serving it – the “golden billion”. The rest of the people of the world behind the scenes allegedly decided to counteract with the help of wars, hunger, epidemics. It turns out that the Rothschilds sent a message on a new epidemic by warning their supporters with an encrypted cover. Seemingly, everything converges – horsemen of the Apocalypse from the East, including the first, on a white horse – Death and the mysterious pangolin being the source of a terrible unknown infection. The vast majority of world residents have not even heard about these animals until the last days.

    In that issue of forecasts, there was an alarming article on the trade in many billions of rare and endangered animals. Even elephants, tigers, lions and rhinos remain in danger.

    In 2019, a lot of attention will be paid to the problem, the magazine wrote. Colombo will host a summit to protect these animals. There is a curious passage there. “One of the biggest breakthroughs is China’s ban on the sale of ivory and its products in 2018. But some ivory merchants have moved into a new market: pangolins. “These anteaters, valued for their meat and the alleged healing properties of the scales, are currently the best-selling endangered species in the world.”

    According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, pangolins are on the list of the most protected animals. Catching them is prohibited in China. But this does not save them from poachers. In Chinese folk medicine, pangolin scales are used to increase potency, treat many diseases, from asthma to cancer. Meat is considered a delicacy. In restaurants, they go for 60 – 70 dollars per kg, illegally of course.

    According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, over the past ten years, poachers have caught more than 1 million pangolins in Asian and African forests and transported them to China and Vietnam. The meat was also illegally sold in the famous market in Wuhan. Employees of this market became the first patients with COVID-19 at the end of December.

    So the appearance of the most popular animal among international smugglers on the cover of the Economist’s forecasts is justified but is the fact that the pangolin has become the alleged source of a new epidemic in the world a pure coincidence?

    Time will tell…

    Coronavirus Was Eerily Predicted in a 1981 Novel

    The 1981 novel “The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz talks about a deadly virus used as a biological weapon named Wuhan-400. The epicenter of real-life Coronavirus is … Wuhan, China. And the eerie similarities do not end there.

    February 18, 2020
    (again, look at the cover on the above mentioned page)

    Dean Koontz is a prolific author who wrote 105 novels, including several NY Times Best Sellers. He sold over 450 million copies worldwide and 17 books were adapted for cinema.

    Throughout his career, Koontz wrote under several pen names including David Axton, Deanna Dwyer, K.R Dwyer, Brian Coffey, and Leigh Nichols. It is with this last pen name that Koontz wrote the novel The Eyes of Darkness in 1981 – a “suspense thriller” that is causing even more “suspense thriller” nearly 40 years after its original publication

    Coronavirus Was Eerily Predicted in a 1981 Novel

    The first edition of The Eyes of Darkness.

    The reason for the resurgence in popularity for this forgotten novel? It appears to have predicted with chilling accuracy the outbreak of Coronavirus from Wuhan, China.

    The plot revolves around a mother who attempts to find out what happened to her son after he mysteriously disappeared on a camping trip. It turns out that the boy is held in China – more specifically in Wuhan, the site of a deadly virus outbreak. Here is the passage that is raising eyebrows across the web.

    In this book, the virus is called Wuhan-400 because it was developed at their “RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan”. As you might know, the epicenter of the actual Coronavirus outbreak is in Wuhan.

    Another strange fact: The actual Wuhan Institute of Virology, which houses China’s only level four biosafety laboratory (the highest-level classification of labs that study the deadliest viruses) is just 32km from Wuhan. The science journal Nature covered the opening of his lab in 2017 warned of safety risks in a culture where “hierarchy trumps an open culture”.

    Therefore, it doesn’t take a widely imaginative mind to speculate that the virus could have “escaped” from this facility the same way it did in the novel.

    While some believe this is all a strange coincidence, others see it as a classic case of “predictive programming”. The entire situation is reminiscent of the 1898 novella Futility which was about a huge ocean liner called Titan which sank in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg. Fourteen years later, a huge ocean liner called Titanic sank in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg.


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