Sharing War Stories While Playing Tag With Flashlights in the Dark

Sharing War Stories While Playing Tag With Flashlights in the Dark

October 20, 2020

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

A few weeks ago, I ran into an acquaintance who I’ve known less than a year: a 60-year-old liberal woman who started out by saying:  “I don’t know where you stand politically, but I just can’t believe the stupidity of Trump voters”.

I replied: “What do you mean?”

She answered: “Well, Trump acts one way when he’s being interviewed… then he dumbs down his speeches at his rallies and his supporters just eat that sh*t up ’cause their f*cking idiots.”

Intrigued, I wanted to hear more:  “Well,” I said, “Trump is a reality TV star, right?”

To her, that was like catnip to a feline: “He has 200,000 deaths on his hands because he won’t accept science. He’s responsible for letting the pandemic get out of control. All he cares about is himself. That’s why Biden is the only hope we have to save this country.”

A short time later, I was giving a ride to a friend of mine.  He is a 70-something liberal man.   While entering my rig in his driveway, he said: “My wife questioned me riding with you not wearing a mask”.

I said: “Would you rather not?”

He replied: “Nah, it’s OK. I’ll just take it off once we leave”.

I said: “You know, even the CDC and mask manufacturers agree that masks can’t protect us from getting Covid”.

He answered: “Yeah, but they protect other people around us.”

“Do they?” I asked, before following up with something like:  “Because the Covid virus is, supposedly, less than a micron in size and mask fibers are separated by hundreds of microns or so. That’s like using a chain-link fence to stop a mosquito, right?”

Many lives have been saved by wearing masks“, he said firmly.

So I responded: “Have you seen those online videos where they suck smoke through a mask and blow it right back out?”

Once again, he stated firmly: “Many lives have been saved by wearing masks.”

At this point, I would normally have replied: “No…, people’s immune systems save lives and masks weaken immune systems…” …but… truth is… I didn’t care anymore. Besides, would anything I’d have said changed his mind?

Or her mind for that matter?

And that’s the point. You can’t reason with people. Not anymore.

That, especially, goes for the younger generation.  They were raised on common core and political correctness; with closets stacked full of participation trophies.  These kids now believe President Trump is a literal dictator and supported by a political base populated entirely by KKK members.

Obviously, advertising works. The daily onslaught of propaganda in this country is unreal. And, sadly, for many, the bullsh*t is completely believable.

Then, if discussing politics and economics weren’t difficult enough, Covid® has made communicating with my fellow Americans damn near impossible.

At the same time, I personally know three people who have “tested positive” for COVID-19:  One fifty-something woman with persistent symptoms who fully recovered after self- quarantining. One very fit man in his fifties who had flu-like symptoms for three days. And, another man in his seventies, slightly overweight, who was hospitalized for extreme fatigue and difficulty breathing.

Surprisingly, all of their spouses have tested negative for the virus.

The older man had a fever of 100.6 degrees and was extremely tired for a week. His wife took him to the hospital after he went to bed one evening at 7 PM and did not wake up until 7 pm the next evening. He was never put on a ventilator and is on the mend now, but still had difficulty breathing for a time afterward when he talked.  In fact, his voice sounded different on the phone, similar to the way Covid-Positive President Trump® spoke during his public address from Walter Reed Hospital – vocal cords tight and slightly breathless.

The doctor told the older man that for every day of hospitalization, it takes about a week to recover at home. And, like Trump, my friend received small doses of Remdesivir® while hospitalized.  

Interestingly enough, the older man was one who took the entire pandemic very seriously from the start. He had limited his public exposure since March and was never without a mask on in public. When the test came back positive, he was flabbergasted because he had done everything by the book. He still has no idea, whatsoever, as to how he contracted the virus.

Yet, again, in all three aforementioned examples, the virus was not contagious enough to be transmitted to any of the spouses who were in close daily contact with the “positively diagnosed” – before, during, and after their diagnoses.

Confusing and challenging times, indeed.

But is the COVID-19 virus real? Probably, yes. Very likely designed and patented for the specific reasons as highlighted in my previous articles:

The Coronavirus® pinprick collapsed the Economic Everything Bubble and deflected blame away from the bankers who blew it up. At the same time, it turned martial law into self-quarantine and abolished the First Amendment rights of American citizens including the free exercise religion, the freedom of speech, and the right peaceably assemble… all under the arbitrary mandates of Social Distancing®.  Additionally, cash has been transitioned into a viral threat – thus paving the way to a new digital world order; and the end of privacy.

Accordingly, there have been “whistleblower” reports of COVID-19 as an “Unrestricted Bioweapon”;  even as world-renowned doctors and scientists have cited evidence of Covid-19® being a “fake story all over the world”.

So, once again:  Is the virus real?  If so, then perhaps masks do help to (somewhat) limit respiratory droplets for those with symptoms. But are people contagious before they become symptomatic?  Maybe. Maybe not. Any sort of incubation period could definitely have been part of the design of the virus. But still, as in the previously-mentioned examples of my friends, it was not contagious enough to infect any of the spouses living in their respective households.

That was, also, very likely, part of the design: A virus just problematic enough to lockdown society, but not so threatening as to maim or kill too many people. Surely, all the Covid® confusion must have been part of the plan, too, from the start.

In any event, there’s no reason to judge people who wear masks.  Many remain deceived. They’re also scared.  And others are just trying to get on with their lives. Besides, everyone, sooner or later, will choose their line in the sand eventually– or, rather, what hill they wish to die upon.

In April of this year, I wrote an article about receiving an illegal haircut from my female barber/friend who I’ve known since the nineteen-eighties. This occurred during the height of The Covid Lockdown® and, in that post, I identified the two primary ingredients of dystopian societies (and in literature and film):  The two main components being lies and fear. 

Now, the rest of the story:  When I went back recently to get another haircut from the same woman, she and her partner were both wearing masks. When I told her I didn’t have one, her partner exclaimed to me, in no uncertain terms, that I had to wear one because there was now a city-wide mask mandate in place.   I replied:  “Yeah, but if you read the newspaper article, it said the city would not be enforcing the mandate”.   At that point, my barber, my friend with smiling eyes, said from behind her mask: “Fine! Sit down.  It’s your life”.

Certainly, last spring, no average person could have predicted that, in just a few mere months, Americans would soon be policing each other in ways which would make the post-war, East German Stasi proud. But consider that for a moment:  What is Marxism if not the subordination of the individual to the collective which, in turn, capitulates to the whims of a powerful few?

Now do this, Dear Reader: Replace the word “Marxism” in that last question with the term(s) “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19”.

See how that works?

Covid® has provided political correctness and virtue signaling with real teeth: If you comply, you can work and eat. And get a haircut. If you don’t, the mob Karens will eat you.

Like Communism, Covid® is another economic and political system by which citizens must work, consume, and obey; and “Essential Workers” personify success today. But who decides who/what is essential? That is the question, isn’t it?  Under Capitalism, the free markets decided what was essential. But, under Covid®, any Essentialism® is defined by the powerful few – in fact, the very same pimps behind every war and fiat bank note.

And, now, they’ve decreed that masks are essential.

When one of President Trump’s coronavirus advisors recently tweeted that masks were ineffective in slowing the spread of the Coronavirus®, Twitter censored the tweet flagging it as “false and harmful information”. Perhaps unsurprisingly, another member of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force® actually expressed relief  for the social media company’s suppression of free speech.  

Fortunately, though, there are others who are still utilizing the (somewhat free) internet to bravely speak out regarding the futility, and even the harmful effects, of continually wearing face coverings.  

No doubt the planners behind this plandemic are fully aware of the unhealthy consequences of mask-wearing and are expecting more people to become sick this winter as a result of wearing them.  The Spring 2020 Covid Offensive® was launched with great fanfare and success – primarily due to the element of surprise and the manipulation of people’s fear around the globe.

The fear was successfully sustained through the summer months when the Captured & Compliant Orwellian Media switched their focus from Flatten the Curve® (i.e. hospitalizations & deaths) to Positive Cases® which, of course, increased as a result of more and more people being tested.  Mission accomplished – because, now, the public has been primed to submit to nasal swabbing upon the early onset of every first sniffle as winter arrives.

To be sure, the Media Terrorists have relentlessly “informed” the public about Covid-19® – and how its “transmission has not slowed down during the warm months”.  Furthermore, in order to continually manage those who have recovered and to ensure enthusiasm and compliance for the forthcoming Vaccination Offensive®, the Cult of Covid has now also negated any perceived benefit of immunity against future infections:

Implications for vaccination

 …Vaccines can be designed to induce much higher levels of antibody and much longer-lasting immunity…  Just because the natural infection doesn’t give you protection doesn’t mean the vaccines cannot. It’s a separate issue…

….The protection provided by infection or vaccination isn’t 100% perfect until the day it disappears completely, …. Instead, protection fades gradually, so someone exposed to a huge dose of the virus might get reinfected within months, while others could be protected for years….

even people who already have been sick with COVID-19 need to protect themselves by wearing a mask, avoiding large gatherings, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distance…

To the Cult of Power, Covid® is a gift that will never stop giving, and, to them, face coverings serve as an accelerant to their agenda.

Coronavirus® guru, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has warned “the world” that we’re “not on the road to ending” the pandemic yet; as the writers at The Washington Post tell “how the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus  across the Upper Midwest”.

Because liberty, after all, is inimical to good health, right?

Wrong. And, now, one wonders if this is what Trump really meant when he said he was a “wartime president” and “fighting an invisible enemy”.  That would also add some clarification to the COVID-19 attacks on the White House earlier this month:

A leaked memo has revealed that the White House coronavirus outbreak is more serious than was feared, with 34 White House staffers confirmed infected…

The battle against Covid has become a political demarcation line, so to speak, with Trump, seemingly, advocating (for what 6,000 doctors and scientists have termed)  “focused protection” and with the Harris-Biden ticket supporting a nationwide lockdown and mask mandate.  It seems the Democrats favor Communist China’s approach to Covid-19® and there can be no denying that Marxism will soon get under everyone’s skin, should Biden win.

Of course, we understand now that was the plan behind the plandemic from the beginning.  We’ve been inundated with misinformation, outright deception, and Orwellian terminologies such as Flatten the Curve®, Social Distancing®, Stronger Apart®, and Contact Tracing®.

Certainly, it’s about time they eat our words instead, and “Focused Protection” is a good start. Regardless of who wins the election, however, I say we launch and promote other new catchphrases like “Legal Medicine” and “Constitutionally Applied Healthcare”.  After all, Alinsky tactics are a two-edged sword.

The next few weeks will be fascinating because the 2020 Presidential Election could go either way. The demographics look good for Biden. But the fundamentals are strong for Trump. And it’s quite possible that many pollsters, political commenters and pundits have vastly underestimated the silent majority who view Trump as an old-school hero trying to save America, almost single-handedly.

To be sure, the Rabid Leftists have escaped Pandora’s Box and are now attempting to hide inside of a rickety old Trojan Horse’s presidential campaign. And, should they win, any previous social contract in this country will be shredded faster than Trump’s State the Union speech by Comrade Pelosi.

But if Trump wins, cities will burn, of course. Except, this time, the lame-duck “law and order president” may decide to go full Rambo.

Nevertheless, no matter which team emerges victorious, the entire Hegelian Ballgame may still be Covid-19® playing as a live TV infomercial targeted to all demographics in the global market.  I say this because, according to their previous public statements, both Biden and Trump favor vaccines in the fight against Covid.  So perhaps the real question, then, is this: Who would you rather have as U.S President while you and your family are vaccinated under extreme duress?

Sure, it’s true there are hundreds of millions of guns existing in that breach. But it also means someone’s going to have to do something about that, no?

What will it be?

Along these…shall we say… pessimisticskeptical…. realistic… lines of thinking:  I, personally, have this overwhelming sense of déjà vu during this election cycle.  Admittedly, this may, or may not, be the result of the Orwellian Media consistently churning out recycled plot themes more resembling murder-mystery television episodes than real-life culminations.

Allow me to explain:

Whether it’s an Agatha Christie-type “Murder She Wrote” series, or any CSI season, every 60-minute show unfolds in a similar manner and divided into four (approximately) 12-minute segments:

1. Introduction of characters & description of crime.

2. Gathering of the clues / facts

3. Rising tension / conflict

4. Climax, falling action, resolution

The 2016 and 2020 Presidential Elections have manifested as Decrepit Establishment Criminals versus a Fearlessly Media Savvy Establishment Threat.

During the 2016 election, the plot unfurled as follows:

1. Frail and Corrupt Old Hag, deeply entrenched in putrid swamp, deletes 30,000 e-mails containing evidence of cash for play / quid-quo-pro grift schemes with foreign nations

2. Jim the FBI Director [Comey] discovers missing e-mails on corrupt pedophile’s [Anthony Weiner’s] laptop

3. Attempts by The Establishment to conceal crime(s) meets resistance from Orange-Haired Hero

4. Hero prevails

Now, the 2020 election denouement that is currently in progress:

1. Frail and Corrupt Old Bum, deeply entrenched in putrid swamp, commits cash for play / quid-quo-pro grift schemes with foreign nations

2. Rudy America’s Mayor [Giuliani] discovers missing e-mails on corrupt pedophile’s [Hunter Biden’s] laptop

3. Attempts by The Establishment to conceal crime(s) meets resistance from Orange-Haired Hero

4. Hero prevails?

Will justice be served? Don’t you DARE touch that dial! Stay tuned and enjoy the show.

But seriously, I’ve written before that recorded history is akin to children sharing war-stories after playing tag with flashlights in the dark.

This also calls to mind the timeless axiom of history being written by the victors.

We can only understand that which we think we see.

Tell me what I’m missing.

5 thoughts on “Sharing War Stories While Playing Tag With Flashlights in the Dark

  1. It doesn’t seem that you’re missing much, if anything, unless we count a few more items of evidence. My view is that the idea of “a fake pandemic but a real virus” is incorrect. There doesn’t seem to be any one virus at work here, as is usual in any flu season. There are patients with different sets of symptoms. There are apparently several different flu viruses that have mutated over the course of the past flu season, as has been the case year after year for flu season.

    In the past, the vaccine industry has usually attempted to claim that there is a single, identifiable killer virus sweeping the planet, also claiming that a vaccine that they invented based on a past seasonal virus is the answer. Those claims have always turned out to be false. It’s no different this time except for the fact that most governments have joined in the push to impress upon their citizens that the old story that has proven false over and over, is now real.

    Jon Rappaport has been writing articles from the beginning of this hype campaign, pointing out that no single virus has been isolated and identified as the doomsday COVID19 plague virus. This imaginary virus features the widest range of symptoms of any flu virus ever. The pandemic features an absence of large numbers of deaths, empty hospitals, and the cancellation of classes for nurses and doctors in training due to the sweeping shutdowns.

    These features make it easy to see that the pandemic itself is contrived, and the fact that the CDC has admitted that they have no sample of the actual plague virus to use in the design of tests and the production of vaccines. To me, it looks more to me as though there is a fake virus as well as a fake pandemic at work here, both being used to advance an agenda that has nothing to do with the health of the victims of the agenda.

    What am I missing?


    1. Hi Edd,

      Thank you for the comment. I’m definitely familiar with Rappaport and have cited his posts in my past articles on Covid.

      You wrote:

      There doesn’t seem to be any one virus at work here, as is usual in any flu season.

      And, this is one of the reasons why I placed quotation marks around the word “tested positive” and “positively diagnosed” all throughout the above article.

      Someone who I trust knows of a family in our area who was in Florida this past March during spring break. On the way home, the teenaged son got a headache and was extremely tired. The next day, he felt fine. Next, the mother felt very nauseous and tired enough to stay home from work for three days. Then, the daughter was sick vomiting for a few days. She is in her early twenties, had no appetite, and whatever she ate or drank, she could not keep down. Finally, the middle-aged father got sick. He first lost his sense of taste and smell and he had no appetite. He then had a headache and a 100+ degree fever with aches and pains and was very, very tired – no energy whatsoever.

      Because it was the beginning of the “pandemic”, the medical facilities had very strict protocols as to who could be tested. After a week of sickness, the miserable father called the hospital and after a few qualifying questions, they coached him into providing a reason/justification so they could test him (I think it was because his work required out-of-state travel or something like that?). In any case, the test came back (I’m told) faster than was normal at that time and it was “positive” for Covid.

      Four family members sick after returning home from spring break at the onset of “pandemic” – all with illnesses manifesting with diverse symptoms.

      Is it merely propagandized flu? Or, a lab-created subtle monster?

      At this point in time, does it matter?

      Good questions, indeed.

      Thank you again for taking the time to post your perspectives.

      (Doug / Uncola)


    1. THANK YOU, Doug. That naggingly persistent sense of deja vu about the “similarities” between the 2016 and 2020 selection processes has bugged me for months. You have made it abundantly clear why, and as far as I am concerned you have proved conclusively that not only are we living a predetermined script of an existence ( I refuse to call this BS “living”), but T.H.E.Y. have ONLY ONE SCRIPT. It would seem that all the minor variations have been used up already, also……


  2. Another excellent article Doug. I enjoyed reading it so much that I sent it on (with attribution of course) to my entire patriot list.


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