The Deception Spinning in Your Head Simply Means They Want You Dead

The Deception Spinning in Your Head Simply Means They Want You Dead

August 11, 2021

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:


We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men

Leaning together

Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!

Our dried voices, when

We whisper together

Are quiet and meaningless

As wind in dry grass

– T.S. Eliot


And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll

– Led Zeppelin


Although most people are familiar with the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, many today may not realize the story was derived from actual events.  The account, which evolved through the years into a fairy tale, described a village that was overrun by rats until a flute-playing magician, of sorts, came along to lead the infestation from the town. The “Piper” was dressed in bright colorful clothes and he captured the imagination of the people. As a result, the townsfolk offered to pay him money… if only he would lead the rats away. But when the piper appeared to remove the rats from the town, the people reneged on their offer and, in turn, the Piper came for the children.

Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?

Today, however, we would substitute the rats with Coronavirus® and with the Piper manifesting as the magician Fauci arrayed in all of the media’s colorful, electric lights. The people agreed to the Piper’s solutions at first but, after a while, they refused to pay the Piper and, now, the Piper has changed its tune once again.  This time, he is coming to inject the children.

The Pied Piper story originated in the town of Hamelin, Lower Saxony, Germany in the year 1284 and the earliest historical records make no mention of rats. Nevertheless, a 1384 entry in the Hamelin town records marks the 100 year anniversary of the children’s deaths and a Lueneburg manuscript dated back to the mid-fifteenth century, stated:

In the year of 1284, on the day of Saints John and Paul on June 26, by a piper, clothed in many kinds of colours, 130 children born in Hamelin were seduced, and lost at the place of execution near the koppen.

Obviously, the more things change, the more they stay the same. And, certainly, madness has pervaded populations throughout history.

Last week, I was in a business owned by the son of one of my friends. I overheard the son talking to someone else and he recited, verbatim, the white house and mainstream media talking-points on The Delta Variant® being out of control in Florida and Texas.

This is a guy who has had both jabs and, yet, he was the only one there wearing a mask. He also had a persistent cough.  But, still, like a jingle stuck in his head, he hummed to the tune of the mainstream media’s music.

If Covid-19® has taught us anything, it has shown how psychological delusions are difficult to dispel with reasonable rebuttals. Logic is ineffective because we are dealing with belief systems deriving from (misplaced) faith.

So this is a pertinent question: Why do the dupes want to believe? Perhaps because of normalcy bias: Because it’s easier than believing their whole world is a lie. Or, correspondingly, like the townspeople from the Pied Piper tale, they desire to escape the chaos and return to their orderly, predictable lives.

In a previous article entitled “The Great Reset: An Ancient Faith Continuously Renamed”, this blogger described the “seduction of Covid-19” as follows:

1.) The believers get to be the saviors of humankind through masking, social distancing, and the reception of pharmaceuticals into their bloodstream.

2.) The believers get to believe they possess the power, through faith, to manage the unmanageable.

3.) And, finally, perhaps most importantly, the believers get to pretend their cowardice is virtue.

In the minds of the Covidians, the needs of the many surpass those of the few. Or, in the words of Karl Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs“. 

Since the rat-resembling coronavirus has threatened Grandma’s life, most Americans will now sing to any tune that will lead them away from the fear and chaos – even as the music plays on the road to tyranny.  In this regard, Covid greatly resembles 911.  From the Patriot Act to mandatory vaccinations – both materialized as the result of “sudden emergencies”.

History has demonstrated how the good intentions of the ill-informed are weaponized by Pied Pipers.  The 21-minute video below accurately explains the process; and in a manner by which even children can understand:

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL *

* Hat tip to Stephanie @

In the event the above video is censored by YouTube, just know it described how populations went mad, like what happened during the late seventeenth century Salem Witch Trials in colonial Massachusetts.  The tyrannical order of events play out as in a musical arrangement:  First, fear is utilized to create a panic. Next, a pathological way of seeing reality is constructed in order to explain the chaos and, thus, allowing the masses to find meaning in their reactions to the delusions.  Until, finally, tragedy ensues.

Indeed.  Suffering occurs when ignorance meets reality. It is the evidence of history. Consider the quote at the beginning of the above video presentation:

The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.

― Gustave Le Bon

Maybe advertising works so well because people would rather believe in illusions. Except, in advertising, the products and services being promoted are not, typically, a matter of life and death; because that is what propaganda is for. As demonstrated at length in the video, we are now in an information war which is, essentially, another term for psychological warfare.  And, war, ultimately, means death. Accordingly, the Covid psychological warfare is currently manifesting in religion, health, economics, law and politics.

Certainly, the Covid-19 deception is a brilliantly diabolical scheme that could not have progressed as it has, in lockstep, without having been planned.

In less than 18 months, and to the tune of elite Pied Pipers, the world has steadily progressed from 15 Days to Flatten the Curve®, to forced vaccinations. Americans are now being “allowed” to travel, work, and, even, purchase goods and services… subject to their vaccination status.

The odds of this progression occurring so flawlessly was not likely due to random chance, or as the result of an opportunistic  coup performed by inept government bureaucrats.  On the contrary, it appears to have unwound as prearranged music played by elite Pied Pipers.

Regardless, should Americans be blamed for losing the republic?  Perhaps. Or, as stated in the above-referenced Gustave Le Bon quote, it might merely be a numbers game and predictable as the Pareto Principle – also known as the “80/20 rule”.  Although primarily observational, the Pareto Principle appears to manifest in economics, throughout populations, and, even, in nature.  For example, in economics, roughly 20% of the world’s population controls about 80% of its wealth.  And, in the average business, approximately 80% of its revenue comes from 20% of its customers and 80% of its productivity from 20% of its employees.

Now consider the Pareto Principle in terms of Covid vaccinations in America, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, may directly align with political percentages as follows:  50% Liberal, 40% “Conservative”, and 10% Politically Independent.  With those percentages separated into equal 80/20 segmented breakdowns, the Covid vaccination rates could be occurring in the United States like this:  

TAKING THE JAB(s) = 80% :

40% = Liberal Americans who took the jab(s) immediately, in the first round

20% = American conservatives ranging from neocon to moderate – all of whom trusting Trump enough to accept Operation Warp Speed® into their bloodstream in the first round

12% = American conservatives who will take the jabs in later rounds in order to keep their jobs, fly, and go on cruises

8% = Politically Independents to take the jab in the first rounds, or latter rounds, under economic and societal pressure


10% = liberals refusing to take the jab out fear, health issues, natural immunity, or principle

2% = political independents refusing to take the jab out of fear, health issues, natural immunity, or principle

8% of American conservatives refusing to take the jab based upon fear, health issues, natural immunity, common sense, and/or principle

Now, as mentioned above, the Pareto Principle is mainly an observational construct, and not a scientific “law”, per se.  Therefore, it is also approximate and not 100% accurate.  Moreover, the above estimations are, admittedly, being posted here in order to generate thought and discussion.  There are some who may believe the vaccine resistance currently stands above 30% and others who might think it is less than 10%. At this point, and given the widespread deception in the media, all we can do is speculate and that’s what I’m doing.

Now consider the recent example of San Francisco sheriff’s deputies who threatened to quit over the Covid vaccine mandate:

The majority of Deputy Sheriffs are vaccinated. Approximately 160 out 700 Deputy Sheriffs are not vaccinated prefer to mask and test weekly instead of being vaccinated due to religious and other beliefs.

If one does the math, they will realize that 160 is pretty darn close to 20% of 700.

Nonetheless, my point is this: Perhaps the Covid deception is just a numbers game to the Pied Pipers and, if that is the case, how does one stand in the way without getting run over by the mob?

It’s a good question because, as I have heretofore mentioned, and as demonstrated in the above “Mass Psychosis” video, we are in an information war that is, essentially, psychological warfare. And any one with common sense understands the Covid War is a matter of life and death.  This is a fact: If the vaccinated don’t die from Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), the Marxism will surely kill them; one way or another. And for the unprepared and the unvaxxed, the corporate mandates demonstrate how the road to tyranny could lead to another Holodomor.

Undeniably, Marxists have targeted specific populations throughout history. This time is no different. Divide and conquer. The Pied Pipers, typically, make a list of their enemies before starving them to death, marching them away to their certain demise, or both. And, unfortunately, as employee vaccine mandates become the corporate standard in America, every unvaccinated person, and all who apply for either medical or religious exemptions may have just added themselves to the list.

The people believe what they want to believe as they hear the Pied Pipers’ tune.

As a response, there is a tactic that might be effective when attempting to fight back in this war.  It works by turning the fear and negative emotions of people against themselves as follows: When medical authorities are being used to push a narrative, utilize technology to show other medical authorities saying the opposite.  The same goes with media narratives: respond with contravening information, immediately. And, whenever possible, try to target people anonymously and in a way that will reach as many as possible.

The idea, here, is to utilize different music, if you will, to turn the “numbers game” strategy against the Pied Pipers. Because, after all, the dupes are NOT people who frequent our side of the internet.

In my area I have taken stands against masks as well as vaccination restrictions, passes, and mandates – both publicly and via anonymous warfare. I have found that memes, resourced information, and other electronic media can soften opposition in order to facilitate the advancement of truth; at least for now and prior to things going hot.

The information battlefield can, at times, be social media. But, as we all know, mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter will flag, or even censor, posts and users. These platforms also surely report back to the Neo-Stasi Authoritarians in power. Instead, as an alternative, we can engage people directly as Covid will often come up in daily conversation.  Personally, I like to ask questions without revealing too much of my own perspectives (until I know they can be trusted).  Questions like:  “Did you read that Fauci may be behind the development of Covid at the Wuhan lab?” Or…. “How can we be sure mandatory vaccination isn’t about Big Pharma profits?” 

On other occasions, e-mail will provide a stable platform and, particularly, in response to Covid misinformation being reported by government and corporate canaries singing to the Pied Pipers’ tune. E-mail addresses are often available on publicly accessed websites; they can be sent in group distributions, delivered anonymously by using any number of free platforms, and are an effective way to transmit media.

This sort of fighting back, in effect, can generate a cognitive dissonance in the deluded that, in turn, creates a sort of neutralizing effect within them. Keep in mind that most people are completely asleep and in a dreamlike trance.  It means shock therapy is necessary. When they engage, I engage back harder… because this is war.

For instance, last year, when someone I knew sent me an e-mail castigating those against vaccination and citing medical sources, I sent him back a Washington Post article revealing that 66% of healthcare workers in Los Angeles were planning to delay or skip the vaccine. His dismissive response at that time was simply:  “That can’t be good”. He had no defense.

Since that time, I have employed the same tactic on countless occasions. Another example might include my friend’s son, the business owner, who, as previously mentioned, currently sings the mainstream media’s tune on The Delta Variant® running rampant in Florida. For this guy, I could send him the Florida Governor’s blistering video response to the Pied Piper in the White House:

Joe Biden is taken to himself to try to single out Florida, over COVID. This is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to, quote, ‘shut down the virus.’ And what is he done? He’s imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border, you have hundreds of thousands of people pouring across every month. And it’s not just from Mexico. In fact, it’s rarely from Mexico, you have over 100 different countries where people are pouring through, not only are they letting them through, they’re then farming them out all across our communities across this country, putting them on planes, putting them on buses. Do you think they’re being worried about COVID for that? Of course not. So he’s facilitating, who knows what new variants are out there, but I can tell you, whatever variants around the world, they’re coming across that southern border, and so he’s not shutting down the virus, he’s helping to facilitate it in our country

.…Biden, he rejects science, because he denies the fact that people that recover from COVID have long lasting immunity. And that’s been proven time and time again, and the data is very clear. So his vision is, just like in New York City, restaurants should ban young kids from being able to go in because they’re not eligible for vaccination. And law abiding citizens have to produce proof of their medical records, just to go to the gym, or attend an event, or just to participate in everyday society. He wants that. But yet, if you want to vote, he thinks it’s too much of a burden to show a picture ID when you’re voting, so no voter ID, but have to show your medical papers just to be able to live in everyday life. Give me a break.

– Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, August 4, 2021

In some cases, contravening information CAN cause the dupes to begin doubting in their belief and this may be, additionally, be fueled by their internal sense of discomfort in The Great Reset®. Especially, as the blatant deception becomes more and more obvious every day.

The direct response tactic may be used against any of the mainstream media’s videos, testimonies, charts, and graphs. If visuals are being used to push a narrative, I will use other visuals and memes to fight back. When it comes to video… YouTube and social media, obviously, flag and censor information but other platforms like Bitchute and Rumble are still effective. And seeing is believing.  

Then, as people begin to wake up from their delusions, they might begin to recognize the current widespread manifestations of Covid propaganda and censorship as evidence of the false premises underlying Covid.

Of course, that is the “optimistic” view.

Regardless, if I don’t take a stand, who will? And if I do fight back, maybe others will too.

6 thoughts on “The Deception Spinning in Your Head Simply Means They Want You Dead

  1. I’ve been fighting back for a long time Doug. I’ve been emailing my subscriber list for years, and even though many of them have had the jab and are pro-vaccine, only just one of them has unsubscribed – and that was my brother! At any rate, I am sending this to my entire list, and as always Doug, thank you for writing.


  2. DeSantis stabs his own argument in the back by stipulating that there is a killer plague virus on the loose, and by bowing to the ridiculous “variants” tale. Everyone I know who believes that an imaginary virus is causing a protracted pandemic, is a TV news addict.

    It’s obvious to me that there is no such thing as a covid19 virus. If there was, a vaccine could have been made from it, but instead a gene therapy is being substituted, because no specimen of the virus was available.

    It also seems likely to me that the reason that “cases” are multiplying most where the gene jab has been given to a larger percentage of the population, is that vaccine injuries and deaths are being tagged as “covid cases”.

    Until enough people stop watching TV news, if not all TV programming, you’ll see the masktards wandering around cursing at everyone who refuses the jab.


    1. Hi Ed,

      As I replied to this concern over at The Burning Platform:

      I can’t prove that it is real. But I can’t prove that it isn’t real either.

      I thought about writing an article about the events and circumstances since the very beginning, that have caused me to believe that it is a real, albeit minor, threat (except, perhaps, for those with certain comorbidities and/or in the last two age groups) – but, even if I wrote that article, it would still be speculative, circumstantial evidence.

      One time, at the very beginning, in March 2020 I was staying in a hotel within a large US city. It was one of those many slightly upscale haunts positioned on an access road that circles around and under an overpass with a near empty parking lot that seemed to be about half the size of what the place needed.

      Anyway, while walking out of the lobby to my rig that evening, my wife and I heard coughing and I looked over across the parking lot and there was a guy standing there that looked like a visual representation of Stephen King’s”Captain Trips”. The guy, literally looked like death warmed over; a barely walking coughing snot factory.

      Let’s just say I was glad I was upwind. It’s one of those moments, like many others, that I haven’t forgotten.

      Proof? Of course not. But most often, I go with my gut.

      (Doug / Uncola)


  3. the germ theory of disease has been disproved by there own tests trying to prove it…lol
    no virus has ever been isolated or purified and shown to cause anyone or anything to get sick…end of story
    when we get sick with cold or flu its a natural bodies way of detoxing itself from some type of poisoning…
    my two cents…


    1. Thank you, Dakota. In this article, and past articles, I wrote that whether covid is an illusion or a bioweapon is beside the point.

      In this article, I identified one reason why germs, or the illusion of germs, don’t matter but there are more reasons too.

      (Doug / Uncola)


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