The Anecdotes of an American Nobody at the End of Things

The Anecdotes of an American Nobody at the End of Things

November 6, 2021

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:


No man has been shattered by the blows of Fortune unless he was first deceived by her favours. Those who loved her gifts as if they were their own forever, who wanted to be admired on account of them, are laid low and grieve when the false and transient pleasures desert their vain and childish minds, ignorant of every stable pleasure. But the man who is not puffed up in good times does not collapse either when they change. His fortitude is already tested and he maintains a mind unconquered in the face of either condition: for in the midst of prosperity he has tried his own strength against adversity.



You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

Revelation 3:17


There is no denying the Creature from Jekyll Island is a snake eating its own tail. Unfortunately, the tail is the entire world and it was devoured slow and sure:  banking, Wall Street, sovereign governments, international corporations, and, now, Main Street and entire populations around the globe.

It’s been a year and a few days since The Great Reset officially began on November 3, 2020. That was when a handful of Democrat Party controlled precincts, in Democrat Party controlled cities, in key electoral swing states, all stopped counting votes in the middle of the night.  Forgetting that Trump received more votes than any other president in history and Sleepy Joe was said to have received even more votes with the winning margins secured in those Democrat-controlled precincts – the unbelievable irony is now this: Those who believe Biden is a legitimate president consider those who disagree with that consensus as believers of “The Big Lie”.  

Quite a paradox, indeed.

Welcome to the end of things.

The degree of destruction we have experienced over the past 12 months was predictable. What has been astonishing, however, is how completely pervasive, and successful, the Covid deception has been in collapsing American society.  America’s precipitous fall resembles the implosion of Building 7 on September 11, 2001:  Slowly, then quickly.

The methodology is nothing new:  Government creates problems so government can solve problems; and to music played by Pied Pipers; as the Mockingbird Media sing to the Pied Piper’s tune:   “Inflation is caused by supply chain problems which were caused by Covid and this why people must receive free money from the government and ALL of these problems will disappear if EVERYONE would just get vaccinated so the economy can be fully reopened.”

Of course, fractional reserve banking is never discussed as Covid is to be blamed for the deflation of the Everything Bubble. The plandemic has conveniently shielded elite bankers who blew up the economic balloons in the first place; and, now, the nation is being foreclosed upon as the systemic blisters burst.

The Creature from Jekyll Island grew out of the banking system and swallowed Wall Street. Eventually, it consumed sovereign governments and international corporations. Until, finally, its Covid teeth are chewing up Main Street and entire U.S. states.

In the snake’s system, the tail is “everything” but the head, of course, will be digested last.

Until then, here are a few anecdotes from an American Nobody at the end of things:

John Deere and the Gilded Age of Dickens

Undoubtedly, a sea-change has occurred in the last few decades between the American middle class and Big Business.  For a while in America, corporations valued their employees and once competed for customers to buy their products. Success depended upon employee and customer satisfaction.

Through the years, though, it seems the power has shifted to the corporations.

It used to be when you bought your John Deere it was yours. Now, it’s like subscribing to a 3-D agricultural software service complete with GPS tracking and satellite feeds monitoring data that remains the sole property of The Company.

Farmers must sign license agreements for their new John Deere tractors and are even prevented from working on them via “pervasive software-based locks”.  This is because the corporation has decreed only certified factory-trained technicians are qualified to service the company’s state-of-the-art products.

It didn’t used to be that way. But it is now.

It’s also true that today’s line workers and assemblers at John Deere only make a few dollars more per hour than their predecessors did in the nineteen-eighties – except those hired after 1997 have far fewer benefits.

To be sure, the incredibly shrinking dollar is largely responsible for the new economy in accordance with the necessity of companies remaining globally competitive and profitable.  Even so, it appears big corporations are thriving in greater proportion than are the laborers at the bottom of the employment pile and who are suffocating beneath the weight of inflation.

I know a guy who’s been a metal worker for 30 years and has a union shop that contracts with John Deere. He’s shut down now because Deere is on strike. The workers in his union shop, of course, won’t get strike pay because they’re not employed by Deere but that’s just the way it works; the cascade of consequences, if you will.

I told him in an e-mail I was surprised that Deere’s first offer to the UAW was rejected because the cost of living increase offered by the company seemed fair. He said the older workers were okay with it but the younger generation wanted more money because they don’t have the same contract as the older laborers. The younger generation does the same work but receives a lot less benefits and with no pension from the company.

It seems we’ve come full circle: From indentured servitude and the Gilded Age of industrial exploitation, to the Norman Rockwell era of cushy pensions and a strong middle class and, now, back to the best of times and the worst of times straight out of a Dickens novel.

God bless us, everyone.

A Hospital Visit and Supply-Chain Speculations

Recently, I visited a friend who was hospitalized for a mysterious bleeding from the intestinal tract. The hospital was located in a U.S. city with a population less than 200,000. Since their arrival to the emergency room a few days before, I asked if the medical staff had inquired regarding their Covid vaccination status. They said no one had asked them. In the age of Covid, I considered the hospital’s lack of curiosity peculiar and wondered if it was the norm across the country.

The person I was visiting was not vaxxed.  Was it possible they were a victim of Covid vaccine “shedding?  And what about others who were presenting to emergency rooms with “mysterious” symptoms, potentially, the result of Covid vaccine reactions? What if no data was being compiled pursuant to instructions from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC)?

Or, perhaps the hospital already knew this person was not vaxxed. In that circumstance, it would imply data collection and storing into a universally accessible database the status of even those who remain unvaxxed.

I was informed there was a delay in getting my friend into a hospital room… not because of overcapacity but because there weren’t enough nurses. They were Covid tested before transfer from the emergency room to the hospital and the test was negative. But if the geniuses who mandated the Covid testing procedure in that facility truly believed vaccinations nuked the Covid virus, then wouldn’t they, in turn, demand to know whether or not their patients were vaccinated?

Moreover, why didn’t the medical staff try to “sell” the vaccine? Unless they understood the vaccinations made no difference when it came to acquiring and transmitting Covid. Which raised another question: Why the all-important need to test only for Covid with its meager .026% mortality rate? This person had bleeding issues in their digestive tract, so why not test for Ebola too? Nope. Just Covid; perhaps because Big Pharma has yet to develop an effective test for lightning strikes and incoming meteorites.

Those were my thoughts as I left the hospital.

The city was a liberal college town and one with which I wasn’t overly familiar, but I still wanted to visit the campus and speak to someone I knew.

It was a beautiful fall morning and the sun was shining.  Except for the slightly lower temperatures and falling leaves, it was still, practically, summer there. However, I noticed a lot of sick people on the campus. I heard several people coughing and sneezing and a guy with whom I rode in an elevator had watery eyes and was incessantly sniffling.

Later, we decided to go to a restaurant and have some lunch. The parking lot wasn’t very full but I just figured it was because it was after high noon. When I walked up to the entrance, there was a sign that said the dining room was closed due to staffing problems. So I went to two other places, and it was the same: the dining areas were closed for lack of staffing. On one of the establishment’s door there was another sign that addressed the “nationwide supply-chain problem” and that “all of our favorite items may not be available”.

At the time, I figured the supply chain problem and item shortages may have been the result of one or more of the following reasons:

1.) During the city’s Covid lockdowns, lower-wage employees may have grew accustomed to exorbitant unemployment benefits and no longer wished to work at lower-wage jobs.

2.) Perhaps the CDC rent moratorium and food bank offerings have made employment, for the most part, unnecessary.

3.) Maybe the lower-wage employees working at family businesses and small chains migrated to the security of the large “essential” corporate behemoths, like Walmart, Target, Amazon, et al.

4.) It could have been that people were actually still terrified of Covid and no longer wanted to undertake the risks of employment; and, primarily, due to the effectiveness of big media propaganda and fear-mongering.

5.) Maybe many more employees than has been reported, across the entire payscale spectrum, are protesting Creepy Joe’s vaccine mandates with their feet and middle fingers.

6.) Perhaps many more employees than has been reported, across the entire payscale spectrum, are sick and dying from the vaccines. (Personally, I am aware of several vaccinated people who have missed work due to sickness; and many of them were “diagnosed” as breakthrough “Covid” cases.)

In end though, I wonder if it’s not possible that all six (and possibly other) explanations are applicable, in varying percentages, across the entire (un)employment spectrum; and, perhaps, with # 1 and 2 carrying the largest percentage of those gone missing from the workforce.

Still, some things never change. Even at the end of things, governments create problems (lockdowns) so government can solve problems (stimulus) which, in turn, just creates more problems for the government to “solve”. Again, like a snake eating its own tail.

Little Girl Jabbed

As some readers may know, I help out driving with my local school bus garage. In that capacity, I met a girl in Kindergarten two years ago. She had big brown eyes and no front teeth and she would always wave at me when crossing the front of the bus while getting on in the morning and after I dropped her off at night.

Last year, during the Covid insanity, I never saw her once. I figured her single-parent mom lost her job during the lockdowns and they moved.

Then, this year, I was glad to see her again on the bus. It turns out her mom had her do remote learning last year to “stay safe”.  The little girl is now in second grade.

One afternoon, while exiting the bus, she said to me: “Please give me wishes because I am going to get my flu and Covid shots tonight” and, just like that, she was off the bus and waving at me as she crossed the road.

It put me in a foul mood. If ONLY I could have controlled that which I could not control. The mom doesn’t know me and I doubt she would have listened to anything I had to say – even if I had a chance to speak to her.

It also doesn’t help that “public service” ads are running locally instructing parents to get their kids jabbed because “even if their immune systems are strong, they must think of other kids who aren’t as healthy”.

So, the next day, I asked the little girl if she cried when she got the shots. She said “no” and that she “was brave” and then her mom took her out to get ice cream afterward. I asked if she got both shots and she said “no”, just the flu shot.

Even knowing what I knew, I felt some relief; like a bullet had been dodged.

Sadly, the next week, the little girl did tell me she received her Covid shot after all. Her mom had taken her the previous evening. And when she told me, a little boy sitting a few seats away yelled:  “I’m going to get my Covid shot, too! My mom is taking me tomorrow!”

Unfortunately, for many Americans, there will be no waking up until it’s too late.

Doubting the Demographics

People seeking “exempt” status from company-enforced Covid vaccinations, have parlayed the options they were presented.  In so doing, they were engaging in a veritable war whereby the offensive staged by the elite Covid power brokers had the momentum right up through November 6, 2021. This was when a federal judge issued a freeze on Biden’s workplace Covid vaccine mandate due to “grave statutory and constitutional issues.”

In any war, battles are won and lost right up until the final battle is definitively won. Just as the vaccine exemptions have served as a defensive strategy to forestall people from losing their income, the federal appeals court ruling has bought some more time for the remaining vaccine “holdouts”. But for how long? Given all we have seen over the previous year, and before, do you believe the Supreme Court will end up deciding in accordance with the U.S. Constitution?  

Regardless, a lot of damage has already been done. The majority of people remain deceived and a large percentage of the original “vaccine hesitants” have received their Covid shots under immense economic and social pressure.  Many of those people who reluctantly gave in simply wanted to provide for their families and didn’t believe they had a choice.

What do they think now?

In any event, this goes to the heart of forced Covid vaccinations: Although the will to resist the Great Reset is there, the majority of Americans do not have the means to resist.

Perhaps Biden’s OSHA-regulated, large-company vaccine mandates will end up as just a bad dream.  Or, maybe the Supreme Court will end up siding with the Great Reset tyrants once again.

If all those resisting the jab had made their stand simultaneously, the Covid offensive would have crumbled immediately.  But now it’s up to the courts and if the legal battle goes down the way of the 2020 Election Fraud fight, than those who have filed for vaccine exemptions are on a list for future targeting – especially given the commitment, organization, and political power of the Covid policymakers.

No matter what happens, however, vaccinated or not within any job – the elites, so far, have either have obtained the employee’s permission, or have granted the employee permission. So does that make the employees who received the vax, or the exemption, victims of this war or not?

Consider the following circumstances:

1.) I know a manager in a health facility who applied for a religious exemption and it was awarded. Some of his employees asked his advice on getting the jabs. The employees were against it, initially, and sought advice from their boss. The manager, not wanting to reveal his vaccination status, or jeopardize his recently awarded exemption with his superiors, simply advised the employees to follow their conscience and do what they feel is best for them. The employees, with resentment, caved in and took their first shots in order to keep their jobs.

2.) At the school bus garage, I was snagging some coffee in the cafeteria. The TV was on and two coworkers were sitting at a table discussing the October 2021 Southwest Airlines “sick-out”. One guy, who was quite obese, had both Pfizer shots last spring. The skinny guy was in his upper 60s and smokes. I didn’t know if he was jabbed, but I do know he was hospitalized with Covid back in August. Now, if he was jabbed he was STILL hospitalized with Covid. And, even if he WASN’T jabbed, he is a life-long chain-smoker once hospitalized with Covid and just then casually drinking coffee and shooting the bull with his very obese coworker.

The obese guy said: “Southwest is claiming the flights were canceled because of the worker shortage but others are staying the pilots won’t get vaccinated”. He added: “I don’t see what the problem is. It’s not like vaccines haven’t been mandated before and the mRNA drugs have been studied for 20 years”.

Certainly, I could have jumped into the conversation and shared some facts… but, would he have changed his mind? Also, in so doing, he would have surely asked me if I was jabbed. So what did I do? I grabbed my coffee and out the door I went. I didn’t have the time anyway.

Did I do the right thing? Probably not. But these guys don’t even know my last name and I don’t really consider them my priority currently.

Paradoxically, however, these are the same two guys who…. if they left their engines idling while filling at the fuel pump and I told them to shut them off, they would look at me at say: “Get f*cked”. I could say it could start a fire and I could die. There’s always that chance.

I could also tell the obese guy to diet and the old smoker to give up the cancer sticks. But would they? No way. They’d just have more colorful replies for me. Yet, at the same time, they believe the Southwest pilots should take the jabs because vaccines have been “mandated before and the mRNA drugs have been studied for 20 years”.

Now tell me, honestly:  Regardless of any legal decisions in the court system, are the demographics there to win the war against the Great Reset?

The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset

Although not all people can be awakened and most are beyond reach, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been trying to wake up people in my locality.

There’s no denying folks have been deceived and, as a result, have allowed their good intentions to become weaponized for the benefit of the elite architects behind the real Big Lie.

Most of you reading these words understand the Covid deception is about control. Therefore, the key to breaking Covid’s spell is to cause the dupes to doubt in those whom they have trusted. In this sense, the truth acts as a “David” to propaganda’s “Goliath”; or as an honest boy ridiculing the emperor’s nudity.

I am known in my community and I’ve been fortunate to access public, online, and print platforms that reach important people in my area – including business and civic leaders, educators, law enforcement, and health authoritarians.

The last several years of online writing and discussion has consolidated my core beliefs and solidified my perspectives. I now stand ever ready for any type of public, or private, debate. Although my opponents may kill me one day, they will have to first admit what they are doing and suffer the ensuing consequences beforehand and afterward.

This will remain their choice but I will not allow their ignorance to be an excuse and those who say “they are just following orders” will, especially, be held to account.

Here, at the end of things, many, if not most, people sense something is not right with the world. That said, however, they are NOT ready to understand public agendas as mandated by Luciferian pedophiles. As such, arguing thusly would cause their collective heads to explode and make it easier for them to label me a paranoid contrarian and conspiracy theorist.

This is why my tactics, so far, have taken four approaches predicated upon the following underlying premise: Covid mandates are NOT about health but, rather, establishing the Global “Great Reset”.

I’m very careful that my contentions cannot be convincingly denied – even upon researching them via Google and the various, nefarious, online “fact-checkers”.

Ironically, I never mention political parties or Illegal Joe. People already have a low opinion of these clowns and they understand that government corruption exists. As far as we are all concerned, let’s just assume the politicians, for the most part, are ignorant puppets wielding misappropriated power and causing much destruction.

That is my modus operandi and my four ideological and psychological offensives are as follows:

A.) Covid has surreptitiously subsumed individual rights, and the U.S. Constitution, via Collectivist ideology; all due to a virus with a 99.8% survival rate. It originated in communist China and the director of the WHO is a communist. The Covid mandates are NOT about health – they are about establishing a new political and economic system via the Great Reset.

B.) The Event 201 / Gates, WEF, John Hopkins Covid collusion and in the pursuit of The Great Reset. The Covid mandates are NOT about health – they are about establishing a new political and economic system via the Great Reset.

C.) The CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, Fauci, NIH, FDA greed and corruption, the patent trail, as well as vaccine injuries and death. I have cited (the PCR test creator) Dr. Kary Mullis’ assessment of Fauci as a “liar” and how PCR testing was utilized to inflate false positives in people without symptoms. Also (inventor of the mRNA vaccine) Dr. Robert Malone’s data revealing increased Covid cases in the most vaxxed nations – possibly due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement. The Covid mandates are NOT about health – they are about greed and the Malthusian depopulation schemes of those behind the Great Reset.

D.) The Associated Press and Reuters monopoly of news and being used by governments to feed specific narratives and how the online “fact-checkers” merely cite the same government-sourced spin. How Big Pharma sponsors the Big Five corporations that comprise the majority of the mainstream media – and while referencing history as proof of governments which have surveilled and forced mandates on citizens had a much higher mortality rate than Covid-19.

Although the cognitive dissonance has been fun to watch, there is no denying the insularity of the Hive Mind. The Hive protects itself by believing what it wants to believe and it is fueled by false binaries such as Republican against Democrat, the Mainstream Media versus Fox (i. e. “fake”) News, and the “science” versus the” science deniers”.

Simply put, the people need a larger perspective:  It’s called the “big picture”.

Will my strategy of engagement help to repel The Borg from my tiny corner of the world? It’s doubtful.  But, either way, I will not comply.  My position, my “stand”, has been made both online and publicly in my community.

And so it goes.


The vaccines of skepticism, curiosity, and open-mindedness, have inoculated many against the Covid deception. Even so, the elite architects behind the real Big Lie have held the offensive momentum so far.  A time of war is upon us and another four-step plan has been proposed to fight back:

We organize, we stand, we resist, we fight. We have no other choice, and the time is getting late. As was once said, it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

It does appear people throughout Western civilization are standing and resisting, but it remains to be seen if they will now organize and fight.

But, no matter the outcome, know this:  Something is stirring in America and the crosscurrents seem eerily reminiscent of the fiery rebellion by which the nation was forged.

Last month a U.S. Marine veteran was being interviewed by Fox News for stopping an armed robbery and, before going off air, he casually stated:  “And remember, Epstein didn’t kill himself”.  Moreover, “Let’s go Brandon” has taken over social media and public arenas around the country to the point of constitutionally-minded mainstream media pundits now identifying the phrase as the new “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.

Additionally, many doctors and scientists have signed the Global Covid Summit’s Physicians Declaration at  and there have been celebrities speaking out against the Covid propaganda as well, like podcaster Joe Rogan and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

People are waking up, and they are standing up, and the elites are being ridiculed. But it’s difficult to predict if this current resistance will amount to any genuine and long-lasting impedance to the Great Reset.

United we stand. Together we resist. Let us organize and fight before the false flags rain down like drips into Alzheimer Joe’s diaper.

May the Great Awakening roll like a tide and into a tsunami.

It could happen. Is it happening now?

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  1. Great read Doug. “ What do they think now?” unfortunately due to the shot being a neurological weapon that will manifest over time “they” don’t think at all, “they” have been assimilated.


  2. I have not been a subscriber of your newsletter for all that long, …. but every new addition gets instantly read, then feverishly distributed to my close friends and family to also read. Always a written form of decadent dessert to digest.


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