I’ll Be Back When There’s More To Say In Other Ways

I’ll Be Back When There’s More To Say In Other Ways

June 4, 2022

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

First of all, let me say this:  I’m not going anywhere. I plan to be here corresponding with the contacts through my blog while reading and commenting on websites like Zero Hedge and the Burning Platform.  And I MIGHT be posting articles as I can this summer, but definitely not as long or detailed as most of my previous writings. I am actually only three posts away from 200 original articles written since September of 2016 and I hope to complete that milestone as soon as possible.

But, to explain my situation, I’ll repeat what I’ve written before

I’m somewhat comfortable from an asset standpoint, but having gone Galt in 2011 with no pension and being too young to draw social security, I am often cash poor personally – especially getting pups through college debt free, taking risks, occasional business setbacks, and unexpected brush fires.

Although I am fortunate to have lived a great life with few regrets… if I could have one do-over… I may not have went Galt quite so soon. I also missed out on a decade of stock market returns because I never dreamed the bubble could have been sustained for this long. Even so, from a Dow Jones perspective, I still believe 11 years early is better than one minute late.

But now I have a kid getting married this fall so I’ve agreed to help out a former vendor of mine by driving a 10-speed triaxle dump truck (6AM to 6PM) two to three days a week this summer for ten weeks.   I’ll be fairly compensated and it will be a fun way to help pay for some of the wedding expenses on behalf of the young couple.

Additionally, this favor will help me to barter towards a material possession I want from my friend who promised me a steal on the item because he is short on drivers and needs the help this summer.

It’s honest work, for the right reasons, and I’m glad to do it.

The downside, however, is that I’m busy enough during the summer months as it is, let alone working two to three (twelve-hour) days a week on a side gig. This means I will not be able to post the kinds of articles I might have, otherwise, posted over these next few months.

Of course, in the great scheme of things, my temporary pause of posting will be no big deal because not one thing I ever wrote since the start of my blog in 2016 has even remotely slowed the now-apparent tide of inevitability.  As an American Nobody who writes for personal reasons, my articles rarely go viral, anyway. Still, I remain grateful to Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform for his support and inspiration.

I will add that pingbacks to my blog did reveal that my last two articles were translated into Russian and, although that is pretty cool, it probably just put me on another “list” somewhere.  

This is because America won’t be saved.  It’s a numbers game and the demographics aren’t there. Besides, there isn’t much left to save. And it doesn’t matter whether the nation died by accident or design. It’s a half-rotted whale on the beach and fighting to get it back into the water does nothing. You might as well plant a dead tree in good soil or a dying flower in contaminated dirt.

Or, using another metaphor, the U.S. could be compared to a luxury recreational vehicle driving down a dead-end highway. It was stolen long ago with Americans, as the passengers, still inside mostly asleep and blinded (i.e. deceived).

And when speeding down a road, the windshield is larger than the rearview mirror because more focus must be applied toward the destination in lieu of where the journey began.  However, the rearview mirror and windshield can be used to determine trajectory, speed, and distance; especially as time passes.

Now the cliff approaches.

In the final moments, one of the last crashed gates was the COVID-facilitated stolen election that began in the morning hours of November 4, 2020, when five Democratic-Party-controlled precincts, in five swing states, all stopped counting the votes.

The next crashed gate is the Russia/Ukraine War that began on February 24, 2022. It is currently providing cover for further supply chain degradation, inflationary pressures and rising bank rates, as the food supply chain and healthcare system are simultaneously dismantled and centralized.

Holodomor Ukraine Part Two is almost here, but, this time, it will occur on a global scale.  Ironic how history rhymes, no?

The next gates to be crashed through will likely involve gun buybacks and confiscation, economic collapse, expanded regional and global warfare, rising authoritarianism amid never-ending pandemics, ever-accelerating societal implosion, and, if you can believe it, likely deception involving outer-space aliens.

Every Fourth Turning has been larger and more destructive than the one preceding and it seems this Turning will involve the entire world in ways not seen before.  

These are sobering trajectories.

Moreover, the increasing magnitude of each ensuing Fourth Turning seemingly correlated with advancing technology; and, given the modern technology existing today, it makes for truly frightening prospects indeed.

Russia and China are now allies. China owns Biden. Biden does the bidding of the World Economic Forum and the extreme Political Left. And all of the above embrace radical Covidism, Climate Change, and the end goal of global Communism.  In the U.S. everything has been politicized: The legal system, law enforcement, the military, the educational system, Big Business, Big Pharma, the healthcare system, gender, race, et al. Even the victims of mass shootings are exploited by politicians in order to infringe upon the Second Amendment right of law-abiding Americans to “keep and bear arms”.

Obviously, it won’t end well.

In the meantime, I will be out here on the fringe where good things still get done. Where homes are built and roads are paved by serious people; the kind of folks with whom I will be honored to enter into the fray; the kind of men and women who say what they mean and do what they say. They wake up with the sun and try to make it home to their small towns before dinner.  Their eyes are clear and open as the boundless bright sky and their wills are harder than the stone of any quarry.

I plan to be back because I’m not going anywhere.

14 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back When There’s More To Say In Other Ways

  1. Good luck and best wishes to you, Doug. I’ve enjoyed reading your articles because you see what I see and you have the heart to write about it. That is a kind of rare set of qualities these days. In fact, that’s rare in any age. Enjoy the trucking. I’ll be watching for your return.



  2. For fifty years I thought the apocalypse would be incidental. I woke up this year, to realize it would be, is, soon was, intentional. The four horsemen are riding, faster and faster, down that same dead end highway. It is indeed A Great Reset, but, not the one that Satan’s Klaus imagined. Indeed, Yahweh has sent, Yahshua to clean up this mess, and, that he will do. And you, sir, are giving the play by play broadcast two steps ahead of the players. Thanks!


  3. Sounds like time well wasted. All the best Doug from the convict colony of Australia.
    PS stay out of the cities and aim small miss small.


    1. Hi Mark,

      lol I suppose “out west” depends upon where we start 🙂 Thanks for the kind offer, but it’s a small outfit and with me on board, all the available trucks are now covered


  4. It never ceases to amaze me how Uncola can take the thoughts in my head and write them so prosaically and yet so poetically as well. I wish I could put things in words as eloquently as you do.

    All predictions you made in this post I know are coming to pass before the end of this decade. There are certain things I can “see” but not all (or I would have won the lotto by now). Certain things I can “see” in my head – and I can fully appreciate the predicament of the mythical Cassandra.

    It is time for people to get their spiritual house in order! Luke 21:28

    Good to know you aren’t going anywhere. Have fun on your journey . . .


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