…for the time being.

…for the time being.

December 19, 2022

Dear Readers,

Since the fall of 2016, I have posted at least one article a month.

Certainly, this was a self-imposed goal and my main objective was to offer my personal perspectives on a regular basis to anyone who might care.

However, lately, in lieu of internet writing and posting, I have been otherwise engaged with all good and positive things in my locality.  In so doing, I’ve only been briefly scanning the internet each day and, as a result, have fallen away from the cutting edge of the Daily Doom.

With that in mind, I am going to take a break for now and TRY to get back to blogging “sooner or later” in the New Year.

No matter what, though, in the meantime, I hope all who read these words will enjoy their family, friends, and loved ones to the fullest extent… today… and in the days ahead.  And may we all face the manifestation of events and circumstances in 2023, and beyond, with courage and hope.

With much gratitude and appreciation,

Doug / Uncola


6 thoughts on “…for the time being.

  1. ” have fallen away from the cutting edge of the Daily Doom.”

    If You never post again, Thank You. Educational and informative is an understatement. Always looked forward to seeing Your WORK @ TBP, can’t remember if that is where i ‘discovered’ You or not.

    Merry Christmas to You And Yours, God blessed You.


      1. Can’t wait hearing from you very soon… Hope you manged your finances and on the loose once again…. I have been reading American bloggers for a long time but you are just amazing, a class apart… I am not only enjoy your ideas but your rich language as well…. Wish you best luck!


  2. Merry Christmas, and wishing you all the best in the New Year. I will miss your engaging missives, and do hope you will feel the urge to share your thoughts from time to time.


  3. Good luck with your good and positive local engagements. It looks like any further postings to this blog are going to be LATER.

    I’ll remove it from my reading list and perhaps come back sooner or later and see if you are posting again.


    1. Hello Mr. Ed Frey!

      Under where You fill in Your info: Email address, Screen name that shows, etc?

      1) 2 boxes: “Notify”
      a) “new Comments”
      b) “new posts”
      2) via email.

      ✔️ both. you will get a confirmation email separately, IIRC.

      i’ll know momentarily 🤣

      Can’t remember where i ‘discovered’ Mr. Uncola, prolly The Burning Platform. Exceptional Site, & Highly recommended as well. Read ONLY the Articles (@TBP) for Years, noteworthy in Their Own Right, eclectic to say the least.

      Mr. Uncola a Legendary, Highly anticipated poster, has even been commenting sporadically of late, and i’m SURE that all there wish him The BEST in His present endeavors. ‘UNIVERSAL’ Appeal, @ least IMHO, and eagerly anticipate hope & pray* for his return.

      ‘Replies/Comments’ Section @ TBP? Where the action can be…TONS of ???

      Neck-n-Neck @ this point in my life, ‘most Fun You can have”…just don’t tell anyone You’re naked.

      Mr. Uncola’s writings/musings ? EXCEPTIONAL. Worth reading ANYTHING He’s written, stop by to read older material when i remember/have time.

      Good Luck & hope ya see this and my memory was correct.

      * unsure if WordPress© ‘Strike through’ functions ‘Here’ or not.


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