April 30, 2023

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

Obviously, there will be no article for April.  I had to give an hour-long speech and that took up much of my writing time this month. And it’s also been hectic getting machinery tuned and running this spring. 

While replacing a battery and securing the ground on an ancient International Harvester, I metaphorically considered how understanding both positive and negative forces require a grounded connection in truth.  And, yet, no understanding can prevent the societal chain reactions currently at play: These are political, economic, and metaphysical. 

Upon the recommendation of a blog commenter, I’ve been reading “The Crisis of Modernity” by Augusto Del Noce (1910 – 1989).  The book was published a decade ago and is a brilliant compilation of essays and speeches by Del Noce.  His philosophical insights are profound and his conclusions and societal predictions (especially regarding Scientism and the Technocracy) are very similar to those of C.S. Lewis (see my previous 3 blog posts).

So far, my favorite quote is found on page 146 under a sub-heading entitled “AGGRESSIVENESS UNFOLDS”:

“Uncritical trust in paradoxes is one of the symptoms of irrationalist decadentism.”

At some point, I may include some more quotes by Del Noce in future posts.  At this point, however, I believe the die is cast and no blog insights will stop what is almost here.  Therefore, I am merely engaging in an ideological postmortem, currently, and attempting to understand how we arrived here in history from a philosophical and religious perspective. 

And, thus, concludes April 2023. I hope to be back in May.  In the meantime, please stay aware and take care.


2 thoughts on “…maybe?

  1. Only the Redeemer can emancipate. (Augusto Del Noce)

    It is true, it happened by rereading His Word with great spiritual strength.

    New blood flowing in my veins and more perseverance in the tribulation.

    It was also thanks to the courageous dissemination of your thought through your blog.

    Never stopped following you even if, for various reasons, no longer through the newsletter.



  2. Thank You,

    Always look forward to Your posts.

    Personally? Waaay past voting.

    ‘democrat’? ‘republican’?

    EVIL. & Evil-Lite™

    ‘Current Events’?

    Relative Newbie. Been reading, to the best of my ability, ONE particular Book. ‘Bout 3 yrs, intensely.

    Seems the most ‘Logical’ to me, based on what i’m ‘seeing’ & ‘hearing’.

    Purty much laugh @ everything else. No choice/say in the matters @ Hand, So may as well laugh. Until i can’t.

    Take Care, & Thanks Again for Your efforts over time.


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