Lords of the Locker Room

Lords of the Locker Room

October 17, 2016,

by Uncola:

Fall is here and the Locker Room Brigades have taken the field. The preseason game is already underway. The stadium is slightly less than two-thirds full yet the fans are cheering their respective teams with vigor and the entire world is watching the game on television or at least periodically checking the score on TV, radio or online.

It is the Deplorables in red versus the Hypocrites in blue with Pepe the Mascot, a green frog with brown lips, running up and down the sidelines whipping the red team’s crowd into a frenzy. Yet the game is rigged because the referees and announcers are all corrupt and are coordinating an illegitimate victory on behalf of the Blue Hypocrites. In fact, the bias against the red team is so obvious, even the fans can see the blatant unfairness and undeniable prejudice.

This is why the red team’s quarterback now stands as an accused misogynist before the fans. It seems the referees heard a tape from a live microphone in the locker room, whereby the red team’s quarterback stated his desire to grab a cheerleader by her genitals. This is completely unacceptable in the view of the referees especially, when considering how the blue team’s quarterback is a girl who is unafraid to try and beat the boys at their own game. Even more interesting is that her boyfriend, a previous quarterback for the Blue Hypocrites, has also been accused of harassing, and even raping, some cheerleaders years ago and once had sex with a water-girl in the press box.   In spite of this, certain members of the Red Deplorable team have chosen to defect and now cheer for those on the other side. It is no surprise, especially considering the other cheerleaders who have come forward for the first time to accuse the Red Deplorable quarterback of unproven, sexual improprieties.

And so it goes, the politics of personal destruction playing out on national television and even inciting some fans to commit crimes of arson and property damage. Or, is this merely a strategy adopted by those supporting the Blue Hypocrites in order to level the playing field? After all, the blue ones have never cared for honesty, rules or fairness. They are, indeed, lawbreakers who burn cities during violent riots and even shoot their guns at the stadium security. They recently blew up the red team’s locker room and claim they deserved it because those supporting the red team are, after all, deplorable. But never mind, according to the referees, the Red Team started it anyway.

Furthermore, as it stands today, forty-one percent of the fans believe the big game win could be illegally stolen by the Blue Hypocrites from the Red Deplorables. And where are the referees? They remain silent because the Blue Team’s playbook has recently been found and it proves inappropriate relations between the biased referees with key players on the Blue Team. And now, get this: The drug addled and frumpily fallacious female quarterback for the Blue Team is blaming Russia!

And why shouldn’t she blame another country? This way the referees and fans won’t hold her accountable for anything described in the recently found playbook of the Blue Hypocrites which describes their quarterback as actually hating her fans. Even worse, this recently released playbook proves how her team coordinated with the referees behind the scenes, how she allowed those on her team to support terrorism abroad, that she accepted team funding from questionable sources, embedded undercover rats to tattle on teammates vying for her position, received secretive endorsements from those who oppose the interests of her fan base and how she desires to open up the stadium to all of those not holding tickets and who hate football. Worse yet, the blue team’s quarterback has proposed winning strategies to those on her team while simultaneously providing her coaches separate strategies that are completely the opposite.

So, yes, it is obvious the Blue Hypocrites and the disreputable and recklessly repulsive referees are feigning righteous indignation regarding the locker room comments made by the quarterback of the Red Deplorable team. This also means that rules have become optional at this stage of the game and that a whole new level of play has been introduced. Yes, in the final quarter of the game, a competition has emerged quite unlike we have ever seen before. Instead of political teams, the players now seem to more resemble rival gangs similar to those described in the book: “Lord of the Flies”.

Stay with me here. William Golding’s classic tale demonstrates the consequences of mob mentality and the importance of individual courage and integrity in resisting mankind’s natural tendency to descend towards lawlessness and violence. The story describes a group of boys who were trapped on an island after an airplane crash. In time, a few of the boys find a conch shell on the beach and use it to call the other boys to meet which, in turn, establishes their small society. Whoever holds the conch shell has the right to speak and be heard prior to any course of action being voted upon. Sadly, the conch shell is soon destroyed and the boys eventually divide into two separate groups. The leader of one group strives to maintain civilization whereas the leader of the other group ultimately guides them down a steady slope into savagery. The more civilization diminishes, the more the barbarians gain control and after a certain point, the boys must choose. It is either kill or be killed: Join the herd, and obey their fierce ways or, at the very least, suffer isolation in the form of banishment. As each child surrenders to the mob, they abandon their own individuality and rationality. This allows them to embrace the increased hostilities and violence until, finally, anarchy reigns.

The pattern is always the same. Mobs assemble after an act of perceived unfairness and then descend into uncontrollable behavior. Initially, their desire for justice while engaging in riotous acts allows them to feel honorable. But as their inhibitions are destroyed, so is personal property as injury and death await those attempting to keep the peace. Ironically, in “Lord of the Flies”, the one who is destroyed along with the conch shell, while attempting to call the wicked into account, is called “Piggy”.  Even more ironic is how, just like the leader of the savages on the island, the Blue Hypocrites also utilize “welfare bribes” such as food, loot and unaccountable freedom to create their tribe. Eventually, when the time comes, it is enforcement, however, that is used to keep everyone in line.  Without order and authority, civilization ceases to exist. Sadly, this aligns with other stories told all throughout history demonstrating how it is those holding positions of unchecked power who ultimately become the savages.

Therefore, as we watch the players on the field, perhaps we might consider what type of game, or civilization, we desire. We do have some time because it is still only the preseason game. The big game won’t take place until Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Although some oddsmakers claim it could be close, others say it will be a blowout. No matter what the outcome, the winner takes all.

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