April Fools:  The Emperor’s Fine Apparel

April Fools: The Emperor’s Fine Apparel

April 1, 2017

by Uncola:

Whenever I fire up the internet on my desktop, my browser automatically defaults to MSN.com, because reviewing the headlines there is a perfect way to understand what Big Brother wants John Q. Public to believe.   According to Pew Research, MSN is the third most popular news website on the interwebs. Even when considering news aggregate sites like Drudge, MSN still obtains several times the page views, although as Politico has reported, the Drudge Report remains the leading source of referral traffic for many of the top news organizations in the country.

As most of you know, MSN (Microsoft Network) news stories, similar to Drudge, will link to an entire array of online media sources ranging from mainstream outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, NBC, ABC, et al; but Drudge will venture slightly more into the foreign press including websites such as The Daily Mail, which Wikipedia labels as a tabloid; and will point more often to the Alternative Media which the Mainstream Media has characterized as “fake news”. These “alternative” news sources would include websites such as Zero Hedge and Infowars.com.

According to the Mainstream Media’s original, and truly Orwellian, “fake news” source, PropOrNot, there exist Russian “Thinkfluencers” who manipulate U.S. public opinion through online propaganda via the Alternative Media’s “source” and “repeater” outlets:

Both source and repeater outlets target a wide range of audiences: US military veterans, Wall St. insiders and finance specialists, natural-food and health enthusiasts, goldbugs, African-Americans, white Americans, peace activists, religious people, 9/11-“truthers”, and politically-active Americans across and outside the political spectrum.

 Ironically, the Drudge Report actually made the original PropOrNot list of Russian controlled websites, so the original fake news story in the Jeff Bezos’ owned Washington Post had to be later appended.

Speaking of Bezos, according to his internet ranking resource, Alexa, the Drudge Report is currently ranked as the 709th most visited website globally and 154th in the United States.

Interestingly enough, another website by the name of Medium.com is ranked 387 and 202, globally and U.S., respectively.

Recently, an article was published via Medium.com entitled “Information Wars: A Window into the Alternative Media Ecosystem” which addressed “conspiracy theories”, “muddled thinking” and “political disinformation” written by one, Kate Starbird, an Assistant Professor of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In her article, Starbird “systematically” explored the “commonalities and connections” of the narratives of mass shooting events within the “Alternative Media Ecosystem”.   Her research utilized Twitter data to map the structure of the Alternative Media that drove the narratives which, in turn, created “information trajectories” that transitioned into public statements made by Donald Trump. Starbird claimed:

Other information trajectories from alternative media websites to public statements by the Trump administration have been identified (e.g. the recent wiretapping claims), and though this does not imply causation, it does indicate a connection between the alternative media ecosystem and the U.S. President.

 Another Medium.com article was written by Danah Boyd, who is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and the founder and president of Data & Society, a New York City based research institute. In her article, Boyd expresses her frustration that Google and Facebook Can’t Just Make Fake News Disappear. She states:

By and large, I mostly see “fake news” being deployed by folks as a new frame for pushing long-standing agendas and commitments. This is true for researchers who have long critiqued corporate power, and it’s true for conservative pundits who love using this frame to shore up their hatred for mainstream media.

So, what is it with female assistant professors, and womyn researchers, regarding their overwhelming discontent with what they perceive as “fake news” in the Alternative Media?

Of course, if these gals had any real credibility, they would have balanced their presentations with facts regarding the dissemination of actual fake news by the Mainstream Media. They did not. Neither did these “Thinkfluencers” allow for any balanced consideration of FACTUAL reporting throughout the Alternative Media “Ecosystem”.

Why not?

Possibly because their articles provide the perfect means for their well-intentioned readers, everywhere, to feel good about themselves as they advocate for media censorship in the forthcoming, and perhaps inevitable, future.

Again, although there may be some truth behind the information provided in this kind of Medium.com-linked techno-agitprop, the fact that the articles are not balanced by similar research into the “crippled epistemology” of the Mainstream Media, is very telling.

Information wars, indeed.

In a recent essay, I addressed the real collusion of the Mainstream Media with the secret plans of the globalists in light of today’s burgeoning civil war in the high offices of the U.S. government; specifically, the ongoing war between the opposing narratives of Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia versus the illegal “unmasking” of Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, by an outgoing presidential administration.

What has happened since I first posted that article?

The very next day, the U.S Senate Intelligence Committee announced they were expanding their investigation of Russia’s (false flag) interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. In addition, the entire mainstream media, including the girls over at the Huffington Post, are doubling down in their attacks on House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, in order to deflect from the fact that Trump was, indeed, surveilled and the documented truth of Michael Flynn’s illegal “unmasking” by intelligence agencies under the Obama Administration.



What we are witnessing now could be the greatest fraud in American history. That is the ongoing collusion between the Deep State and the Mainstream Media in order to perpetuate a false Russian election hacking narrative designed to cover-up actual misdeeds within the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

According to NBC, the story of Trump being surveilled has:

collapsed altogether after the New York Times and the Washington Post reported that Nunes received his information from White House officials, who found it on classified systems and shared it with the chairman outside the normal committee channels.

 And, according to the New York Times, they say:

…television news programs have been dominated by arguments about whether the incidental intelligence gathering of Mr. Trump and his associates was the real issue, or simply a distraction from the Russia investigations.

 Whoa. Wait just one minute there. Did you catch that?

The New York Times speculates on: “whether the incidental intelligence gathering of Mr. Trump and his associates was the real issue, or simply a distraction from the Russia investigations.

Talk about Orwellian-style fake news! Here is the real truth:

The FALSE RUSSIAN INVESTIGATIONS which began in earnest after Trump won the election in November 2016 are SIMPLY A DISTRACTION from the REAL ISSUE of INCIDENTIAL INTELLIGENCE GATHERING OF MR. TRUMP.

Remember, just eight days beforeTrump’s presidential inauguration, the New York Times reported on an unprecedented action taken by President Obama:

In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.

The new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the N.S.A. may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations, which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. These include collecting satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails that cross network switches abroad, and messages between people abroad that cross domestic network switches

Why would President Obama have done this if not to undermine the Trump Administration? And yes, the Trump Administration was, indeed, undermined in accordance to an admission by a former Obama administration official named, Evelyn Farkas, who told MSNBC:

I was urging my former colleagues and, frankly speaking, the people on the Hill… get as much information as you can

Furthermore, it is now being reported the actual intelligence official who did the “unmasking” of Trump’s associates is “very senior” and “very well-known”.

But this raises another point entirely. Let’s say the Intelligence community or someone in the media, does actually find a “smoking gun” of Russian connections to President Trump; how will we know for sure if the information isn’t “fake”?

Recently, Wikileaks has disclosed how the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has programs entitled UMBRAGE and, most recently, MARBLE, which can fake digital “fingerprints” from countries including Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

I wonder why the femme-savants at Medium.com and the Huffington Post never write about these high-tech topics? Maybe it’s because they are so busy being tools for the Deep State they fail to see how they have become “little sisters” to Big Brother, and newly baptized followers of the recently Russophobic war-hawk, Dick Cheney; as they all spin to stupefy John Q. Public.

Yes, life does imitate art. Orwell’s 1984 perennial war between Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia may just come to pass; albeit 33 years late.

On Friday, March 31, 2017, a spokesman for Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said US-Russia relations may be worse now than during the Cold War.

According to the Hill.com, Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s top spokesman, cited:

a decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S. in December, which was made under former President Obama and not President Trump.

And that,

The relationship between Trump and Russia has been the subject of intense scrutiny since before the real estate mogul took office in January. The U.S. intelligence committee unanimously concluded late last year that the Kremlin meddled in the 2016 election to help Trump, and he has spoken warmly of Putin, expressing a desire to improve U.S.-Russian relations.

A new cold war has, indeed, arrived thanks to the “fake news” from the Deep State and their sycophantic servants throughout the five corporations comprising the Mainstream Media.

Fortunately, however, many can still see these emperors and their lack of clothing.

These fools stand naked for all to see because, in the Alternative Media “ecosystem”, the Russian election hacking narrative has fallen apart like a “cheap sweater”.

One thought on “April Fools: The Emperor’s Fine Apparel

  1. G. Edward Griffin and his Freedom Force International put on the “RED PILL EXPO” at The Commons, in Bozeman, Montana, on 23-24 June 2017. As its name suggests, the goal is “Reality”: “Our highly-acclaimed speakers will help you to break free from the avalanche of propaganda, fake news and outright deception, and to embrace reality for a better life.” The scope of the gathering covers many of the battle-fronts in what I personally call the prevailing, pervasive, merciless War Against Humanity: “You will hear from leading experts in health care, finance, climate science, globalization and politics… in one of the most beautiful, clear-headed areas in the nation.” More at the web site created to promote the event:
    http://dev.freedomforceinternational.org/red-pill-expo/ & https://redpillexpo.org/
    [Full disclosure: I was a member of FFI and served on its Leadership Council.]

    Notably, Jon Rappoport will speak at the Red Pill Expo. JR works tirelessly — his website NoMoreFakeNews predated the “fake news” meme by years! — stressing the value and power of the individual versus “the state”. For example, one of his recent posts:
    http://www.nomorefakenews.com/, 4/1/2-17: The Free Individual vs. The Deep State
    JR offers a triptych of compilations of worthy products — for example, the one he promoted in the post above, “EXIT FROM THE MATRIX”. I have purchased all three, material that constitutes a Master’s level course of study!

    Uncola articulates clearly and succinctly the rationale for rolling up our pair of individual sleeves — unlike Putin, I wear a shirt when I go riding bears and the occasional horse. We do have to (a) get off our arses; (b) start networking more earnestly and conscientiously; (c) free ourselves from the hypnotizing din of mass media, wherein we barely (!) discern the nude husks of those who would completely subjugate us; and (d) celebrate our inherently powerful individuality and light-filled being. For those who can travel far and have the opportunity, I bet the RED PILL EXPO, analogous to the Woodstock festival eons ago, will prove delightful, inspiring, and worthy of time and money INVESTED in one’s future as an individual newly exited from The Matrix.

    Postscript: Twelve years ago on this very day, I left a company, ceased playing the role of “corporate man”, and became an “independent consultant” — a happy anniversary, indeed! May each and all of us have that cause for celebration sooner than later!


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