Three (3) Reasons Why Elections Don’t Matter

Three (3) Reasons Why Elections Don’t Matter

November 8, 2018

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

In so many ways, elections in America have become just another manifestation of bread and circuses; like watching a reality TV show when your house is on fire.  It’s why this article was almost named:

“The Inevitableness of Reality Requires Honesty and Acceptance”

Of course, the 2018 Midterm Elections will be analyzed ad nauseam, with other writers and pundits parsing it better than this blogger.  However, suffice it to say:  There was no Blue Wave and Trump has now solidified leadership of his Republican Party; at least more so than during the last two years of his administration.

In a raucous press conference the day after, Trump claimed victory and said his party “defied history to expand our Senate majority”. The president also said his focus in the days prior to the election remained on the senate and pointed out that most of the candidates for whom he campaigned had won their respective races.

Now, with Never-Trump  Republican senators like Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), along with Democrats Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) all gone  – Trump has solidified the senate so as to be in a much better position to navigate any cabinet and court appointments.  Obviously, the bloodletting has already begun, starting with Mr. Magoo himself, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Again, there was no Democratic Party political tidal wave in spite of the non-stop and breathless Blue tsunami warnings of the Orwellian Media which, for a few short weeks, replaced their ceaseless fake-news reporting on Russian collusion.

During midterm elections of America’s past, it was quite common for the non-presidential party to gain fifty or sixty seats in the House of Representatives, yet the 2018 results yielded near half of that.  This, in spite of scores of Republican incumbents retiring this year.

Just like prior to the 2016 Presidential Election – the Orwellian Media, the pollsters, Obama, and Hollywood, all look like bumbling fools once again.  In fact, Trump even called the pollsters vote suppressors in his November 7, 2018 press conference and for good reason.  In the month’s preceding the election, the Democrats were said to have had double-digit leads.  And, in the Florida’s Governor’s race, Democrat Andrew Gillum was shown to have a 7 point lead the day before the election, before losing to Republican Ron DeSantis the next day.

Moreover, the senators who voted against Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court lost their races and the senators who voted for the slandered judge won; as the soon-to-be Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives will be divided between old and young; or aging liberal fossils versus amateur socialists, as Trump bangs them all like bongo-drums over the next two years.

Pass the popcorn.

No doubt the Crucifixion of Kavanaugh, the poor timing of the Honduran Mob, as well as the tireless tenacity of the campaigning Trump helped Republicans to win in some races, but the supposedly “strong economy” failed to impress many Democrats.  Perhaps, it’s because near half of the American Body Politic now receives socialist hand-outs of sort or fashion; and this, in turn, affords the aspiring socialists the daily sustenance required to pursue the politically correct orthodoxies of their Globalist Masters.

To be sure, the Orwellian Media and fascist online corporations also did their part to inflame the budding collectivists via propagandic narratives of Russian election-hacking, combined with the selective censorship of contravening facts and fact-tellers; even as fortuitously-timed conservative terrorism raged in the few days leading up to the election.

There will be those declaring the 2018 Midterms as a mandate for compromise; as long as any consensus and compromise consistently trends toward progressivism, of course.  At the same time, no one will question how, over the past four decades, America’s federal educational system has immunized previously fertile young minds against common sense and self-reliance.

Sadly, many, if not most, Americans have become immunized against reality, too.  This is because facing reality directly, requires honesty and acceptance.  Without these, were all on a fast train going nowhere good, and quickly.  Certainly, we are now like passengers choosing Uber drivers with no GPS capabilities, who instead follow their own directions while failing to even question why we’re so lost.

Anyone with any sense understands America, as founded under the United States Constitution, no longer exists. The decline, which began in earnest at the beginning of the twentieth-century, accelerated exponentially decade after decade as the seeds of fractional reserve banking and Cultural Marxism yielded their wicked fruit. In the new century it was the Patriot Act and political correctness that killed the Fourth and First Amendments, respectively.  And by the time Barack Obama and the political left were done fundamentally transforming America via the Cloward-Piven advancement of the welfare state, Norman Rockwell’s America, like Elvis, had exited the proverbial building.

Here are three reasons why elections don’t matter anymore:

1.) The Swamp Will Never Be Drained

Internet search “Clinton Body Count”, or “Gandy Baugh”, or “Arkancide” and the results will yield scores of links listing friends, co-conspirators, acquaintances, and body guards of Bill and Hillary Clinton who all died in apparent defiance of normal actuarial tables. It seems the lists and sites accrue faster on the net than the so-called “fact-checkers” can effectively debunk.  Yet nothing ever quite fits into the Overton Window, for some reason. Therefore, it must be false conspiracies, right?  Yeah, and Seth Rich died of natural causes.

Will anyone ever be prosecuted for Uranium One, FISA Abuse, Spygate, bleach-bitted servers, smashed blackberry phones, or missing e-mails? Will James Comey, John Brennan, Bruce Orr, James Clapper, and so many others ever see the inside of a jail cell?  Will the Clinton Foundation, and the Federal Reserve, ever be audited?

Not even close.

But now that Adam Schiff  (D-CA) will soon take command of the House Intelligence Committee, maybe we’ll get to the bottom of FISA Abuse and Spygate, right?  Don’t hold your breath, because he seems more interested in Trump’s tax returns, treason with Russia, and money laundering schemes than pursuing any real justice.

In the meantime, and for the near future, factual reporting will still surface on the free internet regarding past corruption – like, for example, Hillary Clinton’s previous conversion of the U.S. State Department into her private arbitrage firm:

Hillary Clinton’s emails as secretary of state have revealed that her longtime friend, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, lobbied her heavily on behalf of Symbion Power.

Soon after Wilson began contacting Clinton about Symbion, a foreign aid agency chaired by Clinton awarded the company $47 million in contracts to build a power plant in Tanzania.

Of course there will be no investigation or prosecution. It’s always the same.

There are those who would argue that Trump has made a difference over the last two years, even if, in the end, it only amounted to exposing the hypocrisy of Snowflakedom.  Others would argue that Trump has made real progress, and has at the very least stalled the inevitable – and, therefore, has gifted the nation with the precious commodity of a little more time.

But the truth is this:  The national tree has rotted from above and below simultaneously.  Just as the highest offices of the U.S. Government has been wrought with corruption for decades, a fine example of the lower rot was more recently witnessed in the recent Arizona senate race between Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally.  Seventy outside groups spent $55 million to “influence Arizona voter opinions” and the outcome, at the time of this writing, is still too close to call.

The Sinema / McSally contest is a snapshot of everything wrong with the country.  There is absolutely no comparison regarding the character and integrity of these candidates. McSally is an amazingly accomplished and formidable contender. Sinema, on the other hand, is the quintessential representation of the modern Democratic Party: A featherweight, lying globalist scumbag; complete with thick-rimmed glasses and a snotty attitude.

The fact that this Arizona race was even close is a sign of the times. A flashing neon sign, actually, with bright red letters screaming: THE END IS NEAR.

2.) The Inflating Debt Bubble & the Imploding Financial System

Nobody can fix the current global financial system.  Not even Trump.   The next ten years will be insane. Forget about Blue Waves and, instead, focus on economic Grand Supercycle Waves. Interest rates will rise, unemployment will increase, and we will see large defaults on public and private debt. As recession becomes depression, there will be slowing consumer demand, inventory oversupplies, and decreasing production. After the global debt balloon pops, corporate bankruptcies will propagate around the globe like dominoes falling.

Just as the race to 2020 began after the final 2018 Midterm polls closed, economic cataclysms, war, and societal upheavals will soon cross time’s horizon right on schedule.  The global economy is a mile-high sand-castle on a beach, in the path of a Category 5 Hurricane.

The horizontal line-graphs showing debt to equity ratios of nations all around the world, over the last three decades, now appear as colorful ski-ramps before the edge of a dark abyss; and, so far, Trump has only drawn America’s debt-ramp taller and steeper:

As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to get rid of the entire national debt “over a period of eight years.” When this promise was made, the national debt stood at $19 trillion; it has since risen to $21.7 trillion. In the fiscal year ending September 30, it grew by $779 billion, up 17 percent from $666 billion in fiscal 2017. This year, after the Trump tax cuts take full effect, another $1 trillion worth of government IOUs will be issued.

Once again, when sovereign defaults turn the economic San Andreas into the Grand Canyon –  into the breach will flow printed money like a raging river.  As the ground shifts, hyper-inflation will deliver political and social unrest as societal structures collapse faster than the Twin Towers on that fateful Tuesday morning.  Although it will more likely be on a Friday afternoon; but, hopefully, not this Friday.

Regardless, be confident of this fact: The Global Debt Bubble will pop and the paper pyramid will fall, revealing a high-tech monster smiling in the chaos.

3.) Technocracy Rises: Big Brother Cometh

Beginning in the spring of this year, this blogger conducted an online experiment whereby internet headlines from various link-aggregating websites were recorded and arranged into catalogued anthologies.  The categories consisted of “The American Experiment”, “Capitalism & Marxism”, “Global Geopolitics”,  “Sex Crimes”, “The President & the Porn Star”, “The President, Lawyers, Spies, & Media Lies”, “Guns R Us”, and “Big Brother Cometh”;  with the final installment posted on September 1, 2018.

The idea was to track real trends, instead of political spin and empty promises.  Perhaps unsurprisingly,  the most chilling and comprehensive revelations occurred under the category of “Big Brother Cometh”.   The headlines included topics such as social media censorship, Mainstream Media cover-ups (i.e. memory-holing), biometric fingerprint scanners in sports stadiums, facial recognition software, the Surveillance State, authoritarian government proposals for regulating digital platforms, and so much more.

And the hits just keep on coming.  For example, on the day before this week’s midterm elections, the reporter Sharyl Attkisson again revealed the CIA’s “surveillance state spying on us all”, specifically involving newly declassified documents from 2014”

The March 2014 intercepts, conducted under the leadership of CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, happened amid what’s widely referred to as the Obama administration’s war on whistleblowers and mass surveillance scandals.

Oh, did you think the CIA was still limited to only collecting intelligence in defense against espionage or international terrorist activities?

Don’t be so old-fashioned.

Big Brother now runs unencumbered, and with ever-accelerating speed, in an obvious race to the inevitable finish-line at the end of nowhere good.  Voting changes nothing.  Not anymore.


On the day this article is posted, a Christian, Caucasian, veteran massacred 12 people at a country music bar in southern California.  It was another perfect hat-trick for the Surveillance State who now desires your guns.  Once again, whether the shooter was on psychotropic drugs, under psychiatric care, or an MK Ultra asset who answered his phone at just the right time – it won’t matter. The event will be politicized as a means to an end.

We’ve seen it all happen before in Europe more than two decades ago:

In 1996, Thomas Hamilton walked into an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, and shot and killed sixteen small children…and their teacher in the gym before killing himself. He brought two rifles and four handguns to carry out the attack. All six guns were legally owned: Hamilton had fully complied with gun control statutes.

The Firearm Act of 1997 was passed while emotions ran high. Gun control proponents push for an all-out ban on private gun ownership, in the much the same way that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) reacted to the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary by trying to ban approximately 150 different guns.

Now, today, it’s a crime to criticize Islam in Europe.  Do you know why?  Because Islam is a perfect political system to establish Orwellian controls on any society.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Like Eddie Murphy, it’s coming to America; and voting makes no difference.

In the month before the 2018 midterms, the Orwellian Media broadcast 92% negative coverage of Trump  while, simultaneously, memory-holing political ads against illegal immigration.

Now the Democrats have won control of the House.  See how that works?

This is, obviously, election tampering. Yet Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team is looking for Russians while blaming Trump for colluding to conspire and illegally affect the outcome of a U.S. election.

The Orwellian Establishment’s capacity for projection never ceases to amaze. They always accuse and vilify others for what they themselves do.

Acceptance of reality requires honesty and this requires humility.  So now ask yourself this question:  Can America be made great again by voting?

In my own circle, even when progress is made with friends and family alike – after a short while, their rubber brains bounce back to stasis, and the next week they’re back to quoting me excerpts from the New York Times and praying for Blue Waves.

But can they really be blamed? They believe what they see, and disregard that which the Orwellian Media won’t show them.

Advertising really does work.


8 thoughts on “Three (3) Reasons Why Elections Don’t Matter

  1. Even though it may seem you are a voice crying in the wilderness, the effects are and will be seen. Unfortunately, I have seen all these far-reaching changes in my four score and five. As a retired teacher (not “educator”) I personally witnessed the tide of educational ignorance that was planned and well-implicated in our school systems and when I finally cashed in after forty years, my finger was swollen and sore from plugging up the dike. Buckle up, as we are in for quite a ride before sanity reigns again.


  2. THANK YOU for the truth on our poor nation.
    perhaps the real fight starts here/now in the streets, certainly NOT in the courts.


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