Dear Peggy, Your Opinions Never Mattered and They Don’t Matter Now

Dear Peggy, Your Opinions Never Mattered and They Don’t Matter Now

May 1, 2019

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

At the end of last month, the political columnist and author, Peggy Noonan, published an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled:  “How Trump Lost Half of Washington”.   In the sub-heading of that piece, Noonan lamented how the “old ambassadors were willing to give him [Trump] a chance” but, instead, he “destabilized the whole town”.  Noonan furthermore quoted “Don Corleone” of Mario Puzo’s “Godfather” fame and she wrote the following about the self-titled “stable genius” in the White House:

Pretty quickly and to the entire edifice of Washington, it became clear Donald Trump was not a Jacksonian shock to the system, which is what his supporters think he was. He was a daily system overload, a one-man frying of the grid.

One by one the ambassadors shut down and turned away. Their objections were not about policy, they were about behavior. What they feared was not extreme conservatism or extreme liberalism. They didn’t fear originality or a new synthesis. They feared Madness of King George-ism. They’d come to think the president was, irredeemably, a screwball. In the nuclear age this is a dangerous thing.

… It was all this—the president’s disdain, his well-fed resentments—that not only left Washington thinking Mr. Trump was crazy. It made Washington itself a fertile field for crazy. It was in this atmosphere that the Steele dossier, with its whacked out third-rate spy fiction, became believable, that sober-minded officials reportedly wondered if they should wear wires when they met with the president.

He destabilized the entire town.

So Trump destabilized the Washington Establishment.  Are you surprised?

Noonan then advised the Democrats to forego impeachment proceedings against Trump but “not for reasons of merit”.  No. Instead, for the purposes of “national interest” and because Trump supporters might view impeachment as a “cynical attempt to achieve by other means what it could not achieve at the ballot box”:

They [Trump supporters] would see it as subverting democracy. And anything that damages faith in democracy at this point in our national life should be rejected. We need to build trust and faith, not lessen it.

At the close of her pronounced prostration before the Washington establishment, the ever-accommodating Noonan advised the Democrats on electing a candidate that will return “some level” of tranquility to the “certainly divided” nation that Trump has made “half mad”.

I swear I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

On the same day of Noonan’s public repining in the Wall Street Journal, Trump was interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity whereby the president recapitulated step-by-step the Washington establishment’s attempt to overturn his presidency; and recapped in a manner that, very likely, sent Noonan rushing for a fresh change of her Depends®.

Ironically, future historians may, indeed, judge Donald Trump as the emergency electric shock upon America’s atrial fibrillation.  At the same time, however, they’ll regard citizens like Peggy Noonan as proof the patient was too far gone to survive.  Certainly, Peggy is like a nurse in the operating room instructing doctors not to use the cardioverter’s paddles but, rather, to only give the subject morphine because of Peggy’s overwhelming desire for quietude and harmony.

And there are many Peggy’s out there, aren’t there.

Recently, Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah declared he was “sickened” by the Mueller Report’s findings.  Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman said the Mueller Report showed Trump’s “undermining of our Constitution” and that Trump’s actions were “the stuff of dictators and potentates”.   And mainstream media outlets, including Newsweek and The Washington Post, could not wait to report on the longest-serving GOP member of the Iowa Legislature, Andy McKean, changing parties to become a Democrat. Why? Because of Trump’s “unprecedented divisiveness”.

All in the wake of Robert Mueller’s political hit-job.

Of course, these Peggies never mattered and they don’t matter now.  After all, could any of them have stopped, or even slowed, America’s steady descent from the time Peggy Noonan was typing speeches for Ronald Reagan?  No.  Nevertheless, they remain representative of a wide swath of American citizens who currently believe Trump tweets too much while opining for a new leader who will act more “presidential”.

In the meantime, the despicable Dems continue their wild-eyed accusations against Trump for undermining the nation’s “distinguished” Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in spite of the bona fide corruption there; as these same hypocrites are currently undermining Attorney General William Barr for his redactions in the Mueller Report and while demanding Trump never declassify documentation of FISA-abuse because it will jeopardize national security.

Even so, in the opinion of this blogger, it’s not that any accusations can’t be made, it’s just that there are some who don’t get to make them for the same reasons why former President Bubba Clinton would have no credibility scolding Trump over his infidelities with Stormy Daniels.

Obviously, the Peggies in the Washington establishment are not completely stupid.  Because that’s a label they rightly assign to the American public.  At one time, in this blogger’s opinion, it appeared the self-deceptions of people like Peggy Noonan were brought about by misinterpreted perceptions.  But now it has become clear:  Their pretentiousness is purposeful prevarication perpetuated on the public and designed only to deceive and distract.

And if they know enough to deceive on purpose, then all of what they say, or write, is theater.  Whatever their motivation – whether it be political pandering, licking the shoes of their bosses for promotions or praise, or even if they are somehow compromised by the surveillance state – their demurs and remonstrances are dramatic scenes in the really big show.

For example, in the Mueller Report, there was a noticeable lack of forensic evidence regarding Russian election hacking during the 2016 Presidential Election; and the Hillary Clinton campaign’s Dirty Dossier on Trump appeared to receive extra-special “kid-glove” treatment by Team Mueller.

In the aftermath of the report’s release, we next saw Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein condemn the Obama Administration for not publicizing the “full story about Russian computer hackers and social media trolls” and how they related to a “broader strategy to undermine America”.

Additionally, in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, the star Watergate reporter Bob  Woodward said the dossier was “a garbage document” without ever mentioning the sources of the garbage and, then, spewing forth this little gem:

And I think if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we’ve had, who were terrific and have done great work, made a mistake here. And when people make mistakes, they should apologize.

No harm, no foul. Right, Bob?  Because even the New York Times has reported on the dossier  as being “the result of a high-stakes game of telephone, in which rumors and hearsay were passed from source to source” and, perhaps, even as the product of “Russian disinformation”.

See how that works?

Does anyone even half-awake believe Peggy Noonan, Rod Rosenstein, Bob Woodward, and the writers at the New York Times don’t actually realize what occurred during the 2016 Presidential Election?  How could they not? Therefore, it’s all a show; an exercise in theatrics and plausible deniability.  They know exactly what they are doing.  Moreover, they all understand, especially, what they are trying to conceal.

His name was Seth Rich.

We in the audience, on the other hand, know that veteran intelligence whistleblowers have reported to Trump on how the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers were not hacked by Guccifer 2.0 and released to WikiLeaks but, instead, the data actually originated via an external storage device. In the same July 24, 2017 memorandum, Trump was advised on how U.S. intelligence very likely coordinated with the DNC contractor Crowdstrike and the mysterious Guccifer 2.0 in June 2016 – to set forth the false Russian hacking narrative used by Robert Mueller as “evidence” in his dubious report.

Ironically, if it wasn’t for WikiLeaks’s “Vault 7” document dumps, the public would never have learned of the CIA’s secret anti-forensic “Marble Framework” used to disguise malware source code as deriving from foreign agents, including Russians.

Is that why the coup against Trump appears to have failed so far? Because of the efforts of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

Perhaps that is why the same group of veteran intelligence whistleblowers sent another memorandum  to Trump on April 16, 2019 criticizing Robert Mueller’s reluctance to interview Assange.  In that memo, it was reiterated how Trump had ordered his then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo to interview William Binney in October 2017. Binney was one of the former NSA Technical Directors who had signed the earlier memo dated July 24, 2017.

It means Trump, literally, got the memo on Russian election hacking.

Still, on April 11, 2019 when Trump was asked about Julian Assange’s arrest at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – the president replied:  “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing.”

What was especially strange about Trump’s denial was that it was so completely obvious in its ridiculousness; like when someone is fabricating and they want you to know they are fabricating.

But even more peculiar was the timing of Assange’s arrest.

During an April 10, 2019 hearing on Capitol Hill, the U.S Attorney General, William Barr, acknowledged domestic spying on a presidential campaign.  Americans know the spying was originated over claims that Trump colluded with the Russians, election hacking, and, in part, WikiLeaks serving as an agency of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Or, rather, that was the narrative spun for John Q’s consumption.  Then, the very next day after Barr’s bombshell, Julian Assange was arrested on international television.

Was Assange’s arrest a last minute, hail mary maneuver by the Shadow State now cornered by Barr’s public acknowledgement of spying? Because everyone knows that rabbit hole leads to FISA-abuse and much more.  Is Assange now being held hostage to help derail that train?

Or, does Team Trump plan on using Assange to red-pill the world regarding Seth Rich and more?

Again, Trump’s claiming he had nothing to do with WikiLeaks seemed like it was also for John Q’s consumption. Furthermore, Trump said all things Assange were under the purview of Attorney General Barr and the news media has reported the Justice Department is actively seeking Assange’s extradition to the United States.

Reality? Or reality TV? In any scenario, the wool is being pulled over someone’s eyes.  But whose?

In Trump’s April 25, 2019 interview with Sean Hannity, he made it very clear he was not going to pull any punches in the days ahead and, prior to that, the President’s tweets have been sending all of the Peggies into spasms; while others claimed “Trump’s thirst for Mueller revenge could land him in trouble”. According to Politico:

Team Trump’s bellicose tweets and public statements in the last few days are potentially exposing Trump to fresh charges of witness intimidation, obstruction of justice and impeding a congressional investigation — not to mention giving lawmakers more fodder for their presidential probes — according to Democrats and legal experts.

 But Politico never allowed their readers to know what Trump’s tweets actually said.

Isn’t that interesting?

Also interesting is this:  On pages 82 and 192 of the Mueller Report, regarding Former Trump aide George Papadopoulos, the Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud is painted as a Russian spy.

Perhaps Team Mueller googled Mifsud and read that Wikipedia identifies him as a:

…Maltese academic, with reportedly high level connections to the Russian government.

Interestingly enough, the Wikipedia reference for that statement on Mifsud cites a November 4, 2017 article in the Guardian addressing the Maltese Falcon’s professor’s connections to “three senior past and present Foreign Office ministers” in the UK. Two days after that article was published, Mifsud went missing on November 6, 2017.

Paradoxically, in September 2018, attorneys for the Democratic National Committee said Mifsudmay have died during the course of being sought in connection with Moscow’s alleged meddling in the 2016 race“.

Sure.  Not because Mifsud was an asset of Western intelligence agencies or anything like that, nor “his links to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the FBI, CIA and the private cyber-security firm Crowdstrike“; all “issues” which were, additionally, raised by Wikileak’s Julian Assange.

If you were President of the United States, don’t you think you would want to get to the bottom of that particular rabbit hole? With all of the assets of western intelligence communities at your disposal, how hard would it be to find out what happened to Mifsud?

Just like the Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan said in her aforementioned column, it really does present as “whacked out third-rate spy fiction”.  And perhaps Trump is, in fact, an accelerator of sorts toward predetermined outcomes of which most folks haven’t a clue.

But, just like on “The Apprentice”, it doesn’t mean the reality we’re seeing on TV isn’t actually happening. It’s like cascading dominoes or bulls in china shops. Inevitable. And just like during sportsball, or on “Survivor” or “American Idol”, we root for our favorites and so identify ourselves in the process.

We don’t know what’s going to happen next. We’re captivated, or caught, really; like in a web of intrigue. Or the plot of a really good show.

We know it’s real. But is it genuine? That depends upon the outcome and the team for which we are rooting.

In the meantime, The Producers divide, conquer, measure, and identify, as trust in American institutions is laid waste after being revealed for what they’re about to become: cancelled before the next programs begin; which will probably be dystopian, about war, or both.

And that’s when things will get really real.

In the meantime, we’ll go to work, hang out on the weekends, surf the net, change the channels, turn off the lights, and whisper to ourselves in an artificial electronic glow before falling back to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.

In closing, I’ll just say this:  I was once in a contract with a company who was trying to hold my feet to the fire, so to speak, except my attorney told me they were trying to do so after they had first breached said contract.  It meant they could NOT hold me to account in a contract they themselves had violated.

I feel the same way about America.  Whether by accident or design, the election of Donald Trump has torn away the proverbial curtain to reveal the wizards in the swamp.  And it is clear they do not represent the interests of patriotic Americans.

If Trump is real, then let justice be done.  If our president is merely a reality TV star, and if the bad guys win in the end, then I am, hereby, putting them on notice:  Our contract has been declared null and void.

Maybe that’s what they wanted all along.

Regardless, we’ll see what happens next.

In the meantime, Peggy, good luck in your search for tranquility.  You’ll need it.

3 thoughts on “Dear Peggy, Your Opinions Never Mattered and They Don’t Matter Now

  1. Peggy Noonan is, obviously, an overmedicated bliss bunny whose time passed a few decades ago. What she writes has no connection to reality. Trump, on the other hand, has been overplaying his role just as he did for the WWE. This is all poorly scripted theater for TV addicts. I just can’t get into the story and won’t be tuning in for the next episode….


  2. Peggy Noonan, self-immolation is never pretty. For some reason, some people have become so emotionally unstable that they bring themselves to think self-immolation is making an important statement … and then they’re gone and forgotten for eternity. Not even pitied. Even if they survive, these unfortunate creatures are disfigured for what remains of life. Peggy, I hope you understand what you’ve doing to yourself is not so dissimilar. P.S. Once upon a time, long, long ago, we corresponded regarding the folly of closing many of America’s military bases, which spawned an excellent article from you once you understood the long term implications. Wake up my friend. Please.


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