The Grand Inevitability of Unavoidable Endings

The Grand Inevitability of Unavoidable Endings

December 3, 2020

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

It is true people are known by their actions. We are what we do. Or, more specifically, we are what we do and not what we say we’ll do. Actions speak louder than words.  It means if the swamp were to be truly drained, there would have been a steady progression of media revelations indicating genuine results during the Trump administration. Therefore, to quantify any progress of swamp draining, I collated headlines in a series of articles posted in the spring and summer of 2018. The objective at that time was to identify actual trends prior to the midterm elections based upon reported news, instead of political spin, empty promises, smoke and mirrors. 

The final compilation of the series of articles was posted on September 1, 2018 and was entitled “Destination in Sight”. It summarized specific trends in accordance with previous monthly postings and there were two prominent progressions identified: 1.) The advancement of Socialism and 2.) The technological ascendency of Orwell’s Big Brother.

Accordingly, over the past few years, we have witnessed corrupt manifestations of sheer political power, seemingly, crashing in waves – each one higher than the last as measured by historical consequence: Russiagate, the Mueller investigation, impeachment, Covid, and, now, a stolen election paired to a propagandic media narrative which has warped reality for millions of Americans.

At this point, it no longer matters whether President Trump is a real swamp fighter, a naïve dupe, or a symbol of (misplaced?) hope to his supporters. In truth, the tsunamis of trends were formed decades ago in America and have since grown larger than any campaign platform or presidential administration.

In an article from March of 2018 entitled “Destiny Looms: Choose Your Way or it Drags You”, three responses to the New World Order were explored which could be summarized as follows:

1.) Fight the empire

2.) Sell out

3.) Or choose one’s battles carefully and deliberately

At the end of that piece, these words were posted:

In any scenario, the civil divorce will be ugly and America’s children will suffer.

Looking back, could there have been any other outcome? Given human nature, perhaps it was always inevitable.  Maybe it’s just time.  Even if one wanted to fight, how can they know they’re not fighting against destiny or something bigger; battling against that which was unavoidable anyway?

What if America’s seemingly psychotic breakdown is more spiritual in nature?  Because, right now, it does seem as if the Perception Puppets are dreaming a new reality; like an incantation.

Another one of my articles considered the phrase “It is what it is” as representing either resignation or acceptance in the face of circumstances beyond one’s control; with acceptance defined NOT as surrender, per se, but, instead, as honest realism.  And, at the end of that piece, these words were posted:

Whether Trump wins another term or a convenient stock market crash installs a socialist president and secures a blue wave in 2020, the current administration will have served the bleeding of the nation’s brake lines before the Big Stop. And, undoubtedly, this blogger and those reading these words have defiantly distinct digital footprints.  So when the final votes are counted on the inevitable day, the new sheriffs will be in town.  They’re coming for us all and all we thought we ever had.

Like a flower, a nation was planted onto the fertile ground. It grew and blossomed under the midday sun but now wilts and dies. The seasons come and go. The sun rises and sets. We are born, we flourish and fade.  Everything turns.

The truth is, no matter who is president, vaccinations will be, at the very least, strongly encouraged by means of economic pressure; and, at most, submission to medical tyranny will be mandated in order to travel, work, shop, buy, or sell.

In his four act drama “Man and Superman”, the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw penned the following quote:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

And has that not been the Story of Man since the first campfire?

But what kind of progress? Isn’t that a most important consideration?

In the 1974 film “The Godfather Part II”, a conversation occurred between the mafia boss, Michael Corleone, and the Jewish gangster, Hyman Roth, amidst the backdrop of the Communist revolution in Cuba:

Michael Corleone:  I saw a strange thing today. A rebel was being arrested by the military police. And rather than be taken alive he exploded a grenade he had hidden in his jacket. He killed himself and took a captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t.

Hyman Roth: What does that tell you?

Michael Corleone: They could win.

That exchange adequately summarizes why fanatical revolutionaries have overturned societies throughout history: because they are true believers and fully committed to victory.

William Butler Yeats in his poem “The Second Coming”, wrote:

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere  

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst  

Are full of passionate intensity.

And so many other times throughout history has the road to hell been paved by utopian dreams as honest men with common sense succumbed to silent normalcy-bias while being restrained with unjust rules applied specifically on them.

The Covid pandemic was unleashed by psychopaths who now demand the plebeians to submit for reasons of safety. The irony is ridiculous.  And, now, an American presidential election is in the process of being illegally stolen by the same psychopaths who will soon issue despotic edicts on a citizenry expected to acquiesce and obey.

This is tyranny.

There is a reason why America floundered as the neo-Bolshevists rose. It was because half the country tried to play by the rules in order to save the country while the other half had long-desired the nation to dissolve so a One World Order could coagulate as a phoenix rising from the ashes.

It’s like that old story where two women were fighting over a baby and the judge told them to cut it in two so each woman could keep half. The evil woman was fine with that proposition because she would rather the child die than lose custody to the other woman. But when the good woman chose to rescind her claim so the baby could live, the judge knew then who was the real mother.

America was the baby, Dear Reader, but now the republic is dead; torn in half by bad actors.

The result will be a war with many fronts turning neighbor against neighbor, friend into foe, and as families are irredeemably divided. The line has been crossed so there’s no going back. And, sadly, the momentum is on the wrong side. For those who understand that battles cannot be won simply by playing defense, a question remains: What can be won?

The nation was lulled to sleep through prosperity; and those waking up now will soon realize it is far too late to save the republic.  The people have perished by the wrong vision as faux-conservative leaders have surrendered to the enemies gathered at the gate. 

All politics are, indeed, truly local – now more than ever. And much can still be done as the sun sets.

For some, relocating to a red state may be a priority. For others, it may be to seek out like-minded dissidents in their area. And, still, for others, it may be to close the circle on their preps including acquisitions of food as well as supplies for energy/power, first-aid, and defense.

Entire red regions, and counties possessing constitutionally-committed law enforcement agents, could, potentially, be fortified in a balkanized America, and primarily through the coordination and cooperation of existing civil administrations.  But the heads of select institutions and agencies will need to work together quickly and decisively for any micro-constitutional republics to achieve self-sufficiency before Mordor swallows all.

The answers are not in the problem. The answers are in the answer.  It means compromise is a strategy for failure. Now is the time to rise; to shine like stars at midnight.

9 thoughts on “The Grand Inevitability of Unavoidable Endings

  1. You’re right that compromise is a strategy for failure. The time to resist is before they get the cuffs on you. That’s what we’re facing right now.


  2. As always thought provoking you pack so much in a small space. Much can be done as the sun sets. It seems the elite are not getting the response they had anticipated from this false flag. diminishing returns is all they can expect from our side from here on out.

    Looking at this thing from the cabalist perspective of heads I win tails you lose my guess is Trump will remain as President. Since unfettered police state power is the goal and the fake flu is failing I ask myself which outcome gains the goal of world government the fastest. By their desperate actions it would seem they are out of patience.

    If lying Joe is installed they still won’t get the massive social violence they long for. Most of us want to be left alone and won’t fire until we see the whites of their eyes. i think they have finally figured this out. All politics being local is their soft underbelly and I’m sure I;m not alone figuring this out and planing accordingly. My only real reason to take the fight to them in a kinetic aggressive fashion will be changing of the goalposts on firearm ownership. I won’t jump through any more hoops than I already have. Many of my neighbors I talk to are coming to the conclusion that if you feel the need to bury your firearms it might be getting close to time to use them.

    If Trump stays selected a whole army of woke monsters can be raised to throw themselves onto the gears of the machinery. This would provide the spectacle and drama needed to unleash the harshest version of the controllers fevered wet dreams. After all there is history with these types of revolutions. They generally kill their own useful idiots after consolidating power. That would further the ultimate goal. Trumptards would cheer as the noose became tighter with most not even noticing.

    As you say now is the time to rise. I watched Johny get your gun by the by, thanks for that. Poking my head in that rabbit hole was very thought provoking. As an American raised on war I have come full circle to hate the utter ruin and destruction it causes. Every war is a banker war, civil or otherwise and as Axel asks whats so civil about war anyway?


    1. Thank you, Van. I gotta tell ya… comments like yours above (from readers like you) are why I post these articles.

      A quote for the ages right here:

      if you feel the need to bury your firearms it might be getting close to time to use them.

      (Doug / Uncola)




  3. Yet another outstanding essay Doug. I’m forwarding your link to my entire subscriber list (with attribution of course). Thank you for this excellent article.


  4. Fantastic essay. “Compromise is a strategy for failure” rings true in times like these. The oligarchs have already compromised the sanctity of the republic and have sold out her people for their own benefit. I would hope decent men with common sense won’t compromise the freedoms we have left for a sense of “normalcy”. In my opinion the time to rise up was yesterday, but it’s never too late in the pursuit of liberty. Looking forward to the next essay and am going to share this with my friends and family!


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