The Borg: A Zombie Nation of Confined Corpses Convulsing in a Matrix

The Borg: A Zombie Nation of Confined Corpses Convulsing in a Matrix

January 22, 2021

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

The decline of a superpower does not happen overnight. Nor was America’s fall a result of random chance. The nation was purposely dismantled and what we recently witnessed were the death convulsions. To be sure, nothing was left to chance – even in the throes of the U.S. Constitution’s final death rattle. The coup de grâce came as the result of a planned deception so large, it was fitting for the end of a superpower. The plan successfully led the last bastions of resistance to global tyranny as lambs to the slaughter. Just as Trump called his sheep to the nation’s capital to become scapegoats for a new war on terror, the Q-anon operation likely assisted in the collection of their IP addresses.

Certainly, the evidence of recent history proves Trump and Q-anon were counter-intelligence operations. In retrospect, we should NOT have been surprised because the Marxists have implemented similar methods before

Operation Trust (операция “Трест” was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, which was set up by GPU’s predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, “Monarchist Union of Central Russia”, MUCR (Монархическое объединение Центральной России, МОЦР), in order to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks.

And, yet, still, many of Trump’s supporters believe the United States military took command of the nation on January 20, 2021. This is because Biden had to be inaugurated before The Plan to Save America could be completed. They believe the stolen election scenario had to completely play out and that was what Trump meant when he said the next administration would take over at noon on the day of Biden’s inauguration.

There was a fear in the McCarthy era that the communists could take over our government, so provisions were put in place for the military to protect us should that happen. These provisions allow the military to take control while they remove the belligerent government and restore a legal civilian government (with the military running the elections to do that). Literally, the military was put in place as the last line of defense of the Constitution should an illegal government be installed.

… they know he [Biden] is not a legitimate President and, once he was sworn in, the government became illegitimate (belligerent) and the military is now responsible for restoring legitimate civilian government (otherwise foreign powers will gain control – see #1 above).

Q said the end wouldn’t be for everybody. We have been told by Trump. Flynn and other that America would soon get a lesson in the Constitution. Well folks, effective at noon today, when Biden illegally swore in with assistance of foreign nations he just made the government illegitimate and effectively put the military in control.

So, while like many, I thought it was over when Biden was sworn in today, I realized Q told us it NEEDED to happen for the military to assume control without it being a military coup. Q said it all had to be done by the book.

The dream ever remained, even as the nooses were gently placed around passive necks, hoping and waiting; always hoping and waiting. Until it was too late.

The military zone in D.C. on Inauguration Day 2021 was just another manifestation of the new normal. It was a message. The color revolution is over. The nation is gone; subsumed by the radical left. This is why the GOP, U.S. institutions, and the justice system have all completely collapsed. The Marxists won without a fight because Trump and Q-anon destroyed the only resistance to the new world order: Heritage America was demolished from within and according to a plan. The plan was a patriotic psychological operation and Trump was the red, white, and blue disco ball spinning over the dance floor.

As was speculated within my “Chaotic Considerations” article written on November 16, 2020:

We know the globalists have been planning America’s demise for decades. What if a negotiation began with Trump when Wilbur Ross (i.e. Rothschilds) bailed out all the failed Trump casinos? Trump’s Art of the Deal might have ensured the following; provided he agreed to play as their Judas Goat:

– Let me win as an underdog

– Let me have some moderate successes during my presidency

– I want it to look like I lived up to most of my campaign promises.

– I want it to look like I turned Obama’s economy around.

– And, when you start the reset and collapse the economy, I don’t want it to look like any of it was my fault.

– And, after I successfully drive the snowflakes nuts for 4 years, and after I provide you with the IP addresses of all those who oppose your new world order – when I lose in 2020, I want it to look like I really won.

– Then I want backing for a new media empire so I can take my brand to an entirely new level

Could Trump be that cold? Could the Dark Powers be that powerful?

I believe we now have the answers to those questions.  It matters because Trump will be lionized by many of his supporters as a failed hero who put himself on the line for the country and for those who wanted to make America great again.

Trump said he loved his supporters and his nation.  In truth, he had the keys to the deep state’s safe and chose to keep the contents hidden in order to lose both the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. The former, in turn, allowed the impeachment debacle to run through February of 2020 – just in time for Covid to take hold. Trump then facilitated the Covid agenda, activated Operation Warp Speed, and called his sheep to the nation’s capital in order to now be sheared by the new war on terror.

On January 12, 2021 Trump gave a speech at the newly constructed border wall in Alamo, Texas.  He spoke like he was a tamed puppy with his tail between his legs and said he hoped the Biden Administration wouldn’t take down the wall, bragged about Operation Warp Speed®, called for peace, and claimed we are a nation of laws.

Walls. Borders. The Alamo. The lost battle.

Surely, Trump’s subdued, even deferential, speech in Alamo was given at the behest of his Deep State controllers. It was meant to be understood symbolically: The Trump Administration was overwhelmed and overran. The battle was over.  Correspondingly, just days later, the president surrendered the nation to a stolen election and foreign governance.

The United States was lost under Trump. We must never forget this. He destroyed the last resistance to tyranny. Like the Tea Party, it was dismantled from within and according to a plan.

This is all we need to know about Trump:  Actions and outcomes mean more than words and promises.

On January 6, 2021 Trump had this to say regarding his vice-president:

Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!

But on January 19, 2021 Trump “thanked” Pence in his farewell speech to the nation.

On January 6, 2021 a female Trump supporter in Washington D.C. was summarily executed by Capitol Police. Her name was Ashli Babbitt. She was at the nation’s capital, along with thousands of other Americans, because her president asked for support on that day.  Now, however, it is Trump’s supporters who are called “terrorists” and targeted in the new war on terror; all as the result of a false flag operation staged by a presidential Judas Goat and political leftist infiltrators.

As stated in many of my past articles, I have speculated on Trump as one of three possibilities:

1.) He was a genuine swamp fighter

2.) He was an unwitting dupe who vastly underestimated the swamp

3.) He was a Judas Goat leading his supporters like lambs to the slaughter

What has now become clear is this:  Trump was # 3 all along, who first pretended to be a #1 and now pretends to be #2.

Trump was a traitor of the highest order. He was given the keys to the kingdom but it was all for show. If he were real, instead of a hired Reality TV actor, he would have been the true grey champion of this Fourth Turning.

Now comes another. And we are all that remain between the U.S. Constitution and the guillotine.

Dementia Joe’s handlers are planning to extend Trump’s Operation Warp Speed® and vaccinate 100-million Americans during the first 100 days of the new administration. Yet there are those claiming the vaccination agenda is an actual attempt to make “every human into a digital node on the control grid:

We are fast moving into the world of transhumanism, where our natural biological bodies are hijacked and infiltrated with synthetic parts, starting at the nanoparticle level. The NWO controllers want to download some kind of Microsoft office system or software into your body and brain, and hook you up to the JEDI and/or Amazon-CIA cloud, so they can have direct access to your brain. Then, they can roll out “vaccines” which are not vaccines to continually update you, just like computer software gets regular updates. Viruses, real or not, and vaccines, real or not, are just means to achieve this goal.

Turning Humans into Commodities via Social Credit Currency

… the current transhumanistic NWO path of highest probability …  involves social credit, 5G, the Smart Grid and AI to induce planetary-wide compliance….

War was declared a long time ago, but many fail to understand the consequences. Even now. Trump was a shiny object, a diversion, when the war was between the individual and the collective all along – between the globalists installing their Great Reset and the U.S. Constitution.

What do you get when you mind-meld collectivists and useful idiots into The Technocracy?

The Borg.

It is an apt description because people must assimilate into The Borg system or be considered as dead to the system. You are either assimilated, or targeted to be assimilated, or you must die.

We are forced to choose because it is their system. It is their grid. They are The Matrix.

In truth, however, that is their illusion and the key to their destruction.


5 thoughts on “The Borg: A Zombie Nation of Confined Corpses Convulsing in a Matrix

  1. Doug,

    The events of the Donald Trump presidency parallel too closely the events of Brexit, the conspiracy must be global involving numerous ‘Judas Goats’. The complexity of the conspiracy is like a Star Trek 3D-chess game, with certain levels hidden from sight.

    In May 2001, for the first (and last) time in my life, I joined a political party here in the UK; the United Kingdom Independence Party known as UKIP. UKIP’s overriding policy was to withdraw the UK from the European Union (EU). My main motivation to join UKIP was the sheer scale of corruption within the EU which had become a ‘gravy train’ for the European elite but not for the peoples of Europe.

    In June 2016 the UK held a referendum on whether to leave or remain as a member of the EU, of course I voted to leave and so did the majority of people in the UK. It was the first signal to the ruling elite that the unwashed masses, the ‘deplorables’, were unhappy. Of course, Russian intelligence and even Russian President Vladimir Putin were alleged to have interfered in the Brexit referendum, a pattern that was to become all too familiar over the following years.

    What immediately followed was completely mystifying, the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron who had campaigned to remain, announced his resignation. What for? I thought. I was expecting some sort of Churchillian motivational speech explaining that he got it wrong but would now carry out the wishes of the people- but Cameron departed with a whimper.

    Even more puzzlingly the then leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage announced his resignation claiming that his work was done! But even I realised the real work was just getting started. As for UKIP the party seemingly followed a pre-planned auto-destruct sequence and like David Cameron before- faded from view. I left the party in 2020.

    The period following the 2016 EU referendum can only be described as a four year long psyop against the UK population led by the Conservative Government of Theresa May and later by Alexander Boris Johnson, British intelligence services are and were instrumental in this psyop.

    Indeed, it was a former MI6 operative, Christopher Steele, who provided the Trump-Russia ‘dodgy dossier’ thus sparking the whole Russiagate fiasco; British ‘intelligence’ has a track record of providing convenient dossiers, just such dossiers justifying military action in Afghanistan and Iraq were provided by the UK Labour Government of Tony Blair.

    One thing about Donald Trump I could never figure out was candidate Trump was different to President Trump. Candidate Trump obviously appealed to many American voters and his initial cabinet looked promising, as if he genuinely intended to drain the swamp. Over time in what appeared to be somewhat chaotic appointments, resignations and sackings- swamp creatures featured more and more- so in the end the Trump cabinet looked no different to prior RINO Republican administrations.

    The psyop went global in 2020, was this by design or accident? What is known is that something went wrong in the repo market in September 2019 forcing the US Federal Reserve to shift course from tightening to easing, the month prior had seen the death of the inventor of the PCR process, Kary Mullis, while the virus war-gaming ‘Event 201’ followed in October 2019. Coincidence?

    It seems that the global elite decided 2020 was “all or nothing”. There was to be a general election in the US and the UK was scheduled to ‘leave’ the EU in December 2020, the temptation was just too great for chaos and a great reset.

    I always thought it strange that despite the ‘virus’ supposedly originating in bats, in a meat market or in a laboratory in China it was the countries of NATO and SEATO that, according to the media feeding-frenzy, allegedly suffered most from the effects of the ‘virus’, certainly their economies have been deliberately destroyed and populations terrorised.

    The late Anthony Sutton wrote extensively on how the Wall Street Bankers, i.e. the global elite, played an active role the formation of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and engineered the Cold War. Sutton went on to predict that China would be the next target of the global elite and it does appear that China has been purposely developed as the model the elite wish to roll out to the rest of the world, certainly that is their wish for the countries of NATO and SEATO.

    The presidency of Donald Trump and the Brexit referendum seem to have been a tipping point for the global elite. The chaos of the past four years possibly suggest a struggle of priorities between the elites of the ‘Anglosphere’- the Deep State wishing a return of the ‘good old’ never ending ‘War on …’ days and those of the true global elites using ‘climate change’ to bring in their long-dreamed of New World Order. I have notice how the ‘green’ agenda is now raising its ugly head again.

    As noted by Ernest Hemingway: “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists”.

    The elite have been forced to show their hand, they are now in a race to implement their New World Order, hyperinflation is inevitable but will they choose war? Either way unless the peoples of the NATO and SEATO countries resist ruin is guaranteed; will they succeed? Only time will tell.


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