GUEST POST by Robert Bronsdon:  How We Can Fight Back

GUEST POST by Robert Bronsdon: How We Can Fight Back

(The following was written and submitted to the Toll Online by a fellow reader and online commenter 🙂

By Robert Bronsdon  – January 2021

You all got your clocks cleaned, didn’t you.  You stood by and let the communists steal the election; install an illegitimate president of dubious mental health and an avowed communist as a vice president.  You watched without comment as communist poll workers fed fraudulent ballots into the voting machines and you said nothing as they forced your own poll watchers to stand down.  And those poll workers didn’t even complain.  They stood outside in the cold or they stood behind the ropes like whipped dogs doing what they were told.  You were cowards.  They were cowards.  You wouldn’t stand up for your rights.  You wouldn’t fight for your freedoms and now you have literally no freedoms.

Well, let’s take as a given that none of you alleged patriots are likely to get up and do anything that requires that you place yourself in any danger.  You won’t go out in the cold or the heat.  You won’t go out at all because you might just catch the flu which has a 99.8% chance of recovery and which most people don’t even know that they caught.  Let’s accept that you have all become so fat, dumb, and happy that you will never sacrifice your comfort for your liberty, or your safety.

But you are still mad as hell and you want to express your righteous indignation at the unfair treatment that you have received.  Fair enough.  So let’s all see if there is anything that you might do.  If all you can contribute is your keyboard and your computer screen then let’s see if you will at least put in a minimal effort to regain your republic…which I can only assume that you consider to be lost.

So here is my plan.  Some of it you can’t do, but much of it you can.

OK so I will no longer use amazon.  That helps a bit.

Today I installed adb/fastboot on my pc so I could hack my old phone into an e foundation phone.  As long as I stay away from google apps on my phone google won’t be able to track me.  If they can’t track me they can’t sell me so they lose money.  That’s something too.

My old phone is supported by e os so all I have to do now is download the e os and install it.  I’m not saying that it will be easy, but I got through step one, which was the scariest, as you have to modify your pc to talk to your phone at the command prompt level, but so far it seems to be working.  My computer can now see my phone using adb devices.

Once the phone is de-googled I will carry it around in a Mission Darkness pouch that blocks all rf to the phone unless I take it out and use it.  You might think that that means that you won’t be able to receive calls and you would be right.  You won’t receive calls while the phone is in the pouch, but you will get your voice mails and you can get your texts – both after the phone is removed from the pouch.  So let’s say that your new de-googled phone is in your pouch and you get an emergency call (remember, you can take it out to make an emergency call if you need to.)  Well, you will miss it.  If that is likely to happen, that is, you get lots of emergency calls, then forgo the pouch.  A de-googled phone will not be tracked by google.

I don’t have a twitter nor a facebook account so I can’t delete my accounts but let’s face it, they don’t care about me anyway.  They have everybody else.  But what I can do is contact companies that support twitter and facebook and I can tell them that I won’t be using their products because of their relationship to google, twitter, or facebook.  If I see that stupid blue bird on an ad or on a website that gets a response.

So, you asked – What can we do?

Step one.  Don’t buy anything from them.

Step two.  Don’t let them track you so they can’t sell your data.  Get a de-googled phone or put it in a pouch so it can’t be tracked.  Don’t use google as a search engine.  Don’t use youtube.  Both feed into the great tracking system that gives them total situational awareness.  (Remember Dick Cheney?)

Step three.  Start contacting companies that sell things on amazon and tell them that you won’t be buying their products as long as they sell through amazon, or the NY Times, or the Washington Post.  If you don’t like what a company is saying then shun them and let them know it.

Even if you only do that once a day it will have an impact.  If 70 million people do these three steps then amazon, twitter, facebook, and google will fall.  These charlatans are only supporting the communists because they know (and they are right) that the next generation has been trained to be communist.  But this generation, the one that you are in, is not communist.  They are banking on the young to supply them with their income streams but it is you, the older generations, who are actually wealthy enough to supply them with their income streams.  Don’t do that.  Cut them off.  Let Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Dorsey sell their houses to fund their companies and you will see them step away from communism fast.

Buy things locally from your own community and if they don’t have what you want, let them get it for you from the supplier.  Not from Amazon.  Let them know that you are buying from them to avoid buying it from Amazon.  They will appreciate the business and they will be happy to support your efforts because it is in their best interests to not be put out of business by the globalists.

So, you are by no means the only one who is upset by the recent attacks on the republic.  There are many who are seeking to counter by many different means.  Some will be successful and some will fail, but in the end, it will be you who determines the ultimate outcome of this direct attack on our liberties.  You know the election was fraudulent.  You know the media supported the fraud.  Now it is up to you to step up and do something…but what?

If you are prepared to stand for your rights then run for local office.  Get on the local election board.  Confront the communists using their tactics.  They were able to corrupt the elections in five key states by controlling the election officials, placing communists at the counting tables, and then forcing anyone who was not a communist to stand away from the counting.  Don’t let them be successful.  Physically restrain them if they ever try that again.  Perform a citizen’s arrest and don’t take no for an answer.  If they apply force, be prepared to apply force back.  Don’t accede to their demands and don’t listen to their wailing and gnashing of teeth.


“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”

― Edmund Burke

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