The Lies Of The Borg Are The Glue That Binds

The Lies Of The Borg Are The Glue That Binds

February 2, 2021

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

– The Borg are an alien group that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek franchise. The Borg are cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind called “the Collective”. The Borg co-opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species to the Collective through the process of “assimilation”: forcibly transforming individual beings into “drones” by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The Borg’s ultimate goal is “achieving perfection”…


You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile.

– The Borg

Ironically, this article begins with an epilogue.  It is because what began four years ago with a dream to Make America Great Again® has now become the nightmare of a collectivist coup and The New Domestic War on Terror®.

For years now, I have speculated on the presidency of Donald Trump as the “bleeding of the brake lines before the big stop”.  Unfortunately, it now appears that speculation has been answered in the affirmative, because it happened:  America has been assimilated into The Collective.

In my last article on The Borg, I took a very hard-line approach on Trump as a Judas Goat hired by The Borg to trick patriotic Americans into a trap.  After all, the only obstacles that remained in the way of The Borg’s “Great Reset” were the U.S. Constitution and those who would defend the nation as founded.  And, yet, a U.S. President who promised to make America great again and swore an oath on a Bible to uphold said Constitution has surrendered the country to a stolen election and foreign governance.

Regardless of anyone’s particular position on President Trump, it is good to have these discussions – especially prior to whatever Citizen Trump may do next. Before the former president begins a crusade on voting integrity, or forms the Trump Patriot Party® or a new Trump Media® Empire, it is wise to debate at least the possibility of him as a traitor to his base.

Certainly, online articles and comments can inform, but this writer views blog posts as a forum to primarily share perspectives and opinions. Although some of my articles are posted to provoke thought, or even persuade, I, mainly write to test ideas and, hopefully, generate comments and views that will enlarge my own perspectives on any given issue and, potentially, even change my mind.

Admittedly, the process often requires assuming a role and relentlessly hammering specific ideological positions.

So perhaps I am, or am not, the wild-eyed Trump hater as presented in my previous article. Either way, I wanted to force the conversation to the point of receiving push back from online commenters whom I respect. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in testing loyalties to Trump, I have mostly received feedback from those who are not yet willing to pronounce harsh judgment on the former president; perhaps out of residual love for his accomplishments and boldness, or because of how he has agitated the snowflakes in such gratifying ways, or a myriad of other reasons.

Yet, I’ve seen no unequivocal evidence that Trump is genuinely who he has presented himself to be; other than The Borg’s apparent oppression of the man, which could have been part of The Borg’s plan of distraction from the beginning. Moreover, as of this time, the outcome of Trump’s presidency has not been overly positive for his supporters; to say the least. Therefore, any remaining loyalty to Trump among his base seems to be visceral – in the same way, perhaps, we might make excuses and allowances for a beloved friend or family member.

When Trump didn’t fully release the Operation Hurricane documentation prior to the 2018 midterms, people said: “He is filling the courts with conservative judges first!” He was always playing 4-D chess or “he’s setting a trap” such as the “watermarked ballots”, etc. Then it was the executive order on foreign interference in elections, a brilliant plan for the “Stop the Steal” on January 6, 2021, and then the national guard in D.C. to arrest the Deep State cabal on January 20, 2021. Even now, some claim the country will be taken back by mid-March or sometime in April. And, yes, it appears Q-anon has played a role in some of the speculations.

But the feedback that gave me the most pause on my last article was as follows from a commenter called Thunderbird:

And speaking of the swamp did Trump not say he was going to expose the swamp creatures; or rather drain the swamp so everyone could see the creatures in it? Well he certainly exposed them. So what now?

Admittedly, Trump did do that. But does it mean Trump is real and still has the means to achieve effective political solutions? Or does it mean President Trump was installed by The Borg to facilitate specific outcomes, demoralize Deplorables, and to demonstrate the futility of resistance?

Perhaps Trump does have some more tricks up his sleeve. Anything is possible. Even so, after all we have witnessed so far, I fail to see how any next moves made by Trump will be anything more than Opposition Lite – just like his presidency over the last four years; and anyone refusing to acknowledge that contention may remain continually caught up in distractions and have difficulty facing the reality of America’s future.

It seems people always say “hindsight is 20/20” in sort of a disparaging, sardonic, or, even, self-deprecating way. However, hindsight can be a good thing if embraced as closure prior to making a new start. Because now we know:  The Borg has assimilated the entire government of the United States. And this is why the GOP, U.S. institutions, and the justice system have all completely collapsed.

The Latin term for this type of assimilation is solve et coagula which means to “dissolve and coagulate”.

Even so, there remain millions of Trump supporters who believe the Democrats have obtained power illegally through fraudulent elections.  It means a large segment of the American population will NOT be persuaded by the lies which bind The Borg. Obviously, this… shall we say… lack of acceptance represents a threat to The Borg in the same way an honest child might jeopardize the fashion show hosted by a naked emperor.  And, this is why Washington D.C. more resembles North Korea currently, as censorship now trends throughout all of The Borg’s media.

Certainly, The Borg fears facts because facts reveal the lies of The Borg. To The Borg, truth is resistance.  Therefore, The Borg now claims thoughtcrime may give rise to potential terrorism. It’s called “terrorism” because any sort of decentralized disruption would threaten The Borg’s very existence.  In fact, the War on Terror is a matter of survival to The Borg.  But, what The Borg now assigns as terror was once called free speech and freedom of association in America.

Why did this happen?  Because the billionaires own all of the biggest media bullhorns, and the lies they propagate are the means to gaslight the public.  This is merely The Borg’s method of manufacturing consent. The lies become narratives and the narratives form beliefs that people act upon in faith.

Honestly, it appears the lies of The Borg have become a new religion of sorts, complete with the accoutrements of faith that separate the believers from the terrorists. 

As written in my last article on The Borg:

What do you get when you mind-meld collectivists and useful idiots into The Technocracy?

The Borg.

It is an apt description because people must assimilate into The Borg system or be considered as dead to the system. You are either assimilated, or targeted to be assimilated, or you must die. We are forced to choose because it is their system. It is their grid. They are The Matrix.

In truth, however, that is their illusion and the key to their destruction.

In the precepts of Marxism, there is, undeniably, a fanatically religious aspect to “The Greater Good” complete with its own morality and law; The Greater Good of course, being the survival of The Collective.  But even that is a lie.  Look to all of the purges throughout history to see how The Greater Good has always been primarily about the survival of the Queen Bees in the hive.

Now substitute the word “Marxism” in the above paragraph with “Covid-19”. Do you see it now?

The Borg has assimilated America; and the reason The Borg has done this is to ensure its own survival.  But even more than that, The Borg desires perfection to point of achieving transhumanism through the merger of bio-technology, artificial intelligence, and the technological singularity.  It seems they wish to evolve into gods and, as some believe, fulfill a promise dating all the way back to the Garden of Eden and The Fall of Man.  And given the fact The Borg has now swallowed the entire U.S. Government, this provides an entirely new perspective on the separation of church and state, does it not?

Politics defines mankind’s relations with each other whereas theology addresses Man’s relations to what is perceived by Man as The Greater Construct. It seems throughout history a fundamental conflict has consistently reoccurred between brute survival and the… shall we say… Long View of the Greater Perception.

And what is the Greater Perception? Some would call it spiritual truth, or law, or reason, or accepting Jesus Christ as Savior, or eternal principles, or, even, unselfish love for others.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

– John 15:13

Except The Borg has twisted the Biblical standard of love into people sacrificing their lives for The Borg.  This is being done through deception and currently being administrated by the highest offices of American government, transnational corporations, and globalist organizations.  And, unfortunately, there appears to be little or no resistance at the national or global levels.

Therefore, in the vacuum of genuine leadership, the time has come for those who cherish the individual, and liberty, to abandon party politics and become the anti-borg.

Just as former presidential candidate Ron Paul once stated:  “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act“, so does maintaining one’s Higher Perception become revolutionary during times of lawless tyranny.

English philosopher John Locke claimed:   “The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of law, where there is no law, there is no freedom.”  This means, in a lawless nation, the governing authorities will always attempt to extinguish freedom.  It is happening now:  An illegal authority expects to enforce its own laws.  And that is the very definition of tyranny. 

Those who maintain a Higher Perception have an understanding of Natural Law and “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. And, certainly, none of these are bestowed by The Borg.  In fact, all The Borg has to offer are deception and political power growing from the barrels of guns.   Their guns, that is; and that is why The Borg must now have your guns.  Because no more political power for you.

It’s true The Borg now has the advantages of deception and technology but it’s also a fact the anti-borg has the modern perspective of history; including the insights of former Soviet dissident and historian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat.

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

In comparing the civil rights leaders Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, activist Malcolm X once claimed Gandhi was a big black elephant sitting on top of a little white mouse and King was a little black mouse sitting on top of a big white elephant.

The Borg knows it’s a little mouse riding an elephant harnessed by technology and this is why the new gulags have been digitally and robotically enhanced. It’s why the switches and gates are now being closed via the Covid lockdowns and the vaccine agenda. The Borg fully expects to inject all Americans with genetic software while licensing The People’s firearms and electronically billing their insurance companies for precautionary anal swabs.  And if American’s don’t cooperate, then forced mandates will soon occur under extreme duress in the wake of more false flags, or war, and martial law.

So what should be the response of the anti-borg?

The ideal would be to become the opposite of The Borg.

The anti-borg answers The Borg’s call for global centralization and digital cash, with local decentralization, barter, and genuine value.

Whatever The Borg seeks to bind, the anti-borg sets loose: 

The Borg believes its survival is paramount.

The Borg believes people must assimilate into its system because it is The Borg’s grid and they are The Matrix.

The Borg believes resistance is futile.

The Borg believes the entire earth belongs to them.

The Borg believes its illegitimate laws will be enforced and obeyed by human drones willing to trade their souls for status and security in an ersatz empire.

The Borg believes its destiny is secured through technology.

The Borg believes its army of drones and robots are superior to human dignity.

Of course, these are just a few of the lies that glue The Borg together. Yet the illusions are far more fragile than The Borg can comprehend.

If the Borg binds The Collective through fear and lies, the anti-borg responds with random dismantling, on an individual basis, with courage and truth. When areas of vulnerability are identified, the anti-borg questions what can be won, separately, and in the right places at the right times. The anti-borg is a randomly accidental array of anonymous glitches in the system.

What can be won?

The anti-borg acts individually to defeat deception with truth while esteeming courage above cowardice, and faith over fear. Unlike The Borg’s beastly concern for dominance as its means to survive, the anti-borg enjoys the Long Perspective of Eternal Principles; as these transcend death.

The anti-borg values fundamentals like constitutional law, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness over political correctness and political party dialectics. The anti-borg appreciates the grand inevitability of historical and generational transitions with clarity and humility.

The anti-borg prepares and decides. It is cautious, and will not cast its pearls before swine. It chooses its options carefully, deliberately, and has identified which hill to die upon. The anti-borg sets realistic priorities and realizes what it does now and next are all that matter. 

The anti-borg understands the divisions in the military and law enforcement and identifies them by their actions:

….. as long as Mr. Security Agent remembers that he swore the same oath that millions of Americans swore, to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, he will certainly not permit himself to take part in gun confiscation raids. But if he does, well, let’s be frank: tens of millions of Americans would then consider him to be the very domestic enemy that they swore to defend the Constitution against.

The anti-borg has an understanding of the Long View of the Greater Perception and knows what is at stake at all times:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

– Mark 8:36

Cities, counties, and entire regions can be secured when constitutionally-committed law enforcement agents coordinate with current civil administrations.  But the heads of select institutions and agencies must collaborate quickly and decisively to achieve self-sufficiency before The Borg assimilates them all.

Disbanding the glue that binds The Borg requires its illusions be shattered by surprise solutions – applied at the right time in the right locations.

What can be won?

The answers to that question are what the Borg fears most and this is why challenging The Borg’s illegitimacy has been labeled as “terror”. It fears “Irish Democracy” because no “conspicuous rebels” mean there are none for The Borg to “crucify for the edification of the public”.

So turn off the television, ignore the news, and courageously challenge the lies which bind The Borg.  Splinter and split the illusions from within, or out on the walls, in the shadows, just ahead, or around the corner: at times anonymous and apart, while making a stand or on the run.  In the words of musical artist Lou Reed:  “break up into a million pieces and fly into the sun”.

8 thoughts on “The Lies Of The Borg Are The Glue That Binds

  1. Aa one of your biggest fans, this missive deserves special Congratulations for it’s perception and clarity to reveal the totality of the catastrophe we are in now. The dangers to our way of life are mega huge, and just beginning.
    What will be the action with he cumulation of all the other actions to start the revolution??
    Tucker Carlson’s latest reveals more of the INSANITY we are in. More troops in D.C.?
    Clipped with omissions to 30 minutes


  2. “So turn off the television, ignore the news, and courageously challenge the lies which bind The Borg.”

    My sentiments, exactly. Turning off the TV, including Tucker Carlson, is the most important first step. I remember, back in the ’80s, before the internet, when subliminal programming was being discussed and some self improvement programming was based upon the idea. I strongly suspect that subliminal messaging is included in TV footage, whether it’s opinion shows, fictional stories or advertising spots.

    I stopped watching TV during the big 911 show, when all the networks were using the same footage and even repeating the same words as if from a single script. After being out of the loop, so to speak, I began to notice that people on discussion sites began to disagree about what was said on TV news shows. Some would say that what’s his name said this and others would say that he didn’t say any such thing.

    I remembered what was said years ago about subliminal messaging, that some were more apt to “get it” than others. Whatever the truth turns out to be, I’ve seen some bizarre behavior exhibited by TV watchers of my own acquaintance concerning the talking points that have been pushed on TV news. One really bizarre thing I’ve noticed is that people who otherwise agree that masking is useless or even harmful, will submit to wearing a mask even in places where masking orders aren’t enforced.

    People have posted comments online in agreement with a point made by an author, but will couch their responses in the words of the propagandists, such as referring to “the deadly Capitol riot” or “the violent mob”. This is very strange to me, and seems like subliminally implanted ideas in people who don’t actually agree with the words that they are using.

    If there’s a possibility of subliminal propaganda on TV news, that alone is reason enough to avoid watching TV. Anyway, I think that watching Foxnews in order to see Tucker’s show is like eating a bowl of shit because you were told that there was a spoonful of ice cream in the bottom of the bowl.


  3. Anti borg suggestions are just common sense responses…listeniing to opinion makers of any cloth opens door to being programmed…individuality (freedom) of any kind comes from deep reading and connection to the great truths revealed thru the great books and life experiences.


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